Single Manifold Gauge
Single Manifold Gauge

All types of single manifold gauges provided to meet the refrigerant filling for refrigerator, air conditioner, auto AC, etc.

Single Manifold Gauge Video Cover

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With 20 years of experience in manufacturing a single manifold gauge, a single manifold gauge is manufactured on the new Industry 4.0 platform, with exquisite technology and reliable quality.

The whole series of single manifold gauges can meet a variety of products refrigerant filling, including fixed frequency air conditioners, inverter air conditioners, refrigerators, etc.

The single manifold gauge has passed the EU CE product quality and safety certification, China CCC product quality and safety certification, ISO9001 quality system certification.


MRC01 Single Manifold Gauge

MRC01 single manifold gauge knob adopts C type. Single manifold gauge interface to 1/4SAE manifold gauge hose, suitable for R410A, R32 refrigerant. Single Manifold Gauge and sight glass are integrated together so that the refrigerant charging status can be observed more clearly in the process of use.

MRC03 Single Manifold Gauge

Miracle digital single manifold gauge is controlled by the most advanced microprocessor. Miracle digital single manifold gauge uses a 24-bit analog-to-digital converter and a high-precision pressure sensor to replace the old spool, which can measure both gas and liquid pressures. It is more sensitive and less complicated to use.

MRC04 Single Manifold Gauge

MRC04 single manifold gauge knob adopts A type and D type. MRC04 single manifold gauge connector adopts 1/4SAE, suitable for R410A, R32 refrigerant. Ergonomic handwheel design. MRC04 single manifold gauge rubber protective can be replaced according to demand, single manifold gauge rubber protective is available in M1, M4, M5.

MRC466 Single Manifold Gauge

MRC466 single manifold gauge knob optional B type, E type, F type, and G type. MRC466 single manifold gauge body adapt high quality C3771BD copper alloy valve body, Miracle single manifold gauge is suitable for R410A R22 R134a R404A refrigerant. Miracle Single manifold gauge readings chart and rubber protective can be replaced on request.

MRC467 Single Manifold Gauge

MRC467 single manifold gauge knob optional B type, E type, F type, and G type. Miracle single manifold gauge can meet the refrigerant charging of different refrigerant systems, suitable for R410A R22 R134a R407c refrigerant, 1/4SAE connector. MRC467 single manifold gauge body with pure copper and sight glass, presenting perfect use, rubber protective, readings chart, and manifold gauge hose is available on request.

MRC467A Single Manifold Gauge

MRC467A single manifold gauge accuracy class 1.6, use more accurate. MRC467A single manifold gauge is composed of the aluminum alloy valve body, pure copper connector, and plastic handwheel, stylish and beautiful appearance, MRC467A single manifold gauge low-pressure gauge range is -30~250psi, and high-pressure gauge range is 0~500psi. MRC467A single manifold gauge is suitable for R12, R22, R134a, R404A, and other refrigerants.

MRC471A Single Manifold Gauge

The MRC471A single manifold gauge has a pressure accuracy of 1% and two temperature units: °C and °F. The MRC471A single manifold gauge has four pressure units: MPA/BAR/PSI/KPA, so you can choose your preferred pressure unit according to your usage habits. The MRC471A single manifold gauge is suitable for a variety of refrigerants R22/R134a/R404A/R407c/R410A/R32/R1234yf. It can meet the needs of different refrigerant products.

MRC488A Single Manifold Gauge

MRC488A single manifold gauge readings chart can be customized according to your requirements, MRC488A single manifold gauge has 1.5MPA, 2.4MPA, 5.5MPA options. The MRC488A single manifold gauge rubber protective is made of special soft rubber, which makes it a durable and high-quality product with a better feel.

Single Manifold Gauge Set

If you need a single manifold gauge for a refrigerator, air conditioner, car air conditioner, please contact us directly. Miracle matches multiple single manifold gauge sets for different refrigerants and different usage scenarios according to actual needs, which can help you make a quicker choice and save your time.

Single Manifold Gauge Customized

In order to better help your business and to match your single manifold gauge reading habits, Miracle can customize your single manifold gauge to meet your needs, including single manifold gauge rubber protective, single manifold gauge readings chart, single manifold gauge Knob, and single manifold gauge set.

You can contact us directly and tell us your single manifold gauge requirements, or check out the related single manifold gauge customization services at the bottom of the page.

If you are an HVAC distributor or have a need for HVAC parts, you can contact us directly, or click on the link to see single manifold gauge and HVAC parts, HVAC parts including air conditioning parts, central air conditioning parts, auto air conditioning parts, pressure vessels, refrigeration parts, refrigeration valves, etc.

Single Manifold Gauge and HVAC Parts

We will help you solve your single manifold gauge problem in the shortest time, Miracle saves you as much time as possible in purchasing refrigeration parts in bulk.

If you have a need for refrigeration parts, please submit your order to us, we will do our best to help you.
Miracle is willing to be and will be the best supplier of your single manifold gauge and refrigeration parts!

Single Manifold Gauge and Refrigeration Parts

We offer you the best ac gauges and single manifold gauges, please contact us now and get the best ac gauges and single manifold gauges for you!AC Gauges and Single Manifold Gauge

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Miracle firmly believes that the quality of single manifold gauges is produced, not inspected.

Miracle takes process control, strives for excellence, does a good job once, defects for zero as the purpose. Never forget the original intention to adhere to the single manifold gauge quality.

For single manifold gauge quality, either 100 points or 0 points, we always use facts to speak.

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Single Manifold Gauge Readings Chart

There are some of our current single manifold gauge reading charts showing here, you can choose anyone if they attract you. For more single manifold gauge reading chart, or you have other ideas for the chart, please do not hesitate to contact us to customized right now!

Single Manifold Gauge Rubber Protective

Pick one or some of the following rubber protective for your single manifold gauge and make the wonderful match according to the description of the above single manifold gauge, or contact our technical sales to get a quick choice!

Single Manifold Gauge Knob

There are many matches and possibilities between the single manifold gauge and knob, you can pick the type as you like and contact us to match, or pick the popular match that showing in every single manifold gauge’s specifications by yourself. We welcome you to contact us directly and let us service or you, that would be quicker and easier. Call to action now!

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