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Siberia Refrigerator Compressor Supplier In China!

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Siberia Refrigerator Compressor Supplier

Miracle can offer you an R134a Siberia refrigerator compressor, R600a Siberia refrigerator compressor, and R290 Siberia refrigerator compressor.

It includes the F series, Y series, AT series, V series, and S series,

Siberia refrigerator compressors’ COP ranging is 1.0~2.0, and cooling capacity is 59~300W.

Siberia refrigerator compressors are characterized by energy saving, wide voltage range, and strong adaptability.

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Siberia Refrigerator Compressor F Series

The Siberia refrigerator F series compressor can be designed for low, medium, or high backpressure depending on the requirements. It has a range of exhaust volumes from 3.6 to 12 CM³. Contact us now.

Siberia Refrigerator Compressor L Series

The Siberia refrigerator L series compressor is available with R600a and R134a refrigerants. This compressor is a low-back pressure compressor. the Siberia L compressor has a small discharge volume, it has a discharge range of 3.0-6.0 cm³.

Siberia Refrigerator Compressor AT Series

The Siberia refrigerator AT series compressor can be designed for R600a, R134a, and R290 refrigerants. In addition, it can also be produced as L/M/HBP compressors. For more information on the Siberia AT compressor parameters, contact us now.

Siberia Refrigerator Compressor S Series

The Siberia refrigerator S series compressor uses the ST refrigeration method with RSIR and RSCR motor forms. It has a cooling capacity range of 100 W to 165 W. For more details, please contact us now.

Siberia Refrigerator Compressor V Series

The Siberia refrigerator V series compressor can be produced for both DC power and AC power. It can be used for AC voltages from 200V~240V/50Hz~60Hz and for DC voltages of 12V/24V.

Siberia refrigerator compressors are certified with ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001.

In addition, Siberia refrigerator compressors are CCC, CE, CB, VDE, and UL certified.

It also meets the requirements of the ROHS Directive.

Siberia Compressor Certification

Siberia refrigerator compressors are designed with wide voltage, they can meet the voltage requirements of multiple markets such as 220-240V ~50Hz; 115V~60Hz; 220-240V~60Hz; 220-240V~50/60Hz.

Siberia refrigerator compressors can start at voltages as low as 135V, which can meet the market demand for low voltage starting and voltage instability.

Siberia Compressor Voltage

The Siberia refrigerator compressors factory has introduced advanced automated production equipment and automatic robots to enhance production efficiency.

As a result, Siberia compressors can provide you with customized services to meet the growing market demand.

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Siberia Compressor Customization

A wider variety of refrigerator compressor brands are available to you, such as Secop, Embraco, Donper, Huayi, JIAXIPERA, Panasonic, SAMSUNG, LG, etc. Send Your Inquiry Now!

Other Brands Refrigerator Compressor

These refrigerator compressor tools will help you better install and repair your compressor.

They are a capillary tube cutter, pipe cutter, pipe bender, refrigerant charging scale, refrigerant recovery machine, vacuum pump, deburring tool, FRK lokring tool, etc. Contact Miracle now.

Refrigerator Repair Tools

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