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Miracle is a supplier specializing in the production of various shaded pole motors, axial fans, and high-efficiency motors. The products are widely used in refrigeration, air conditioning, and ventilation fields.

Miracle shaded pole motor relies on first-class production technology, excellent testing equipment, professional and technical personnel, a full range of product certifications, honest quality, good reputation, perfect service, and reasonable prices to win domestic and international market recognition. Contact Miracle to get a superior shaded pole motor supplier now!

YZF00 Shaded Pole Motor

There are two series of YZF00 shaded pole motors, a variety of models are available, the general size of the shaded pole motor is relatively small, the outer diameter of this fan is 84mm, which can be used in household appliances, refrigerator evaporator motors and other scenes. At the same time, it can provide 110V-120V, 220V-240V voltage options. Send your inquiry to get the shaded pope motor price now!

YZF18 Shaded Pole Motor

The power of Miracle shaded pole motor can meet the demand of 5W-34W, and the voltage demand of 110V-120V and 220V-240V can also be met in terms of voltage. Fan blades can be matched with a diameter of 200mm-300mm. For more shaded pole motor styles, please contact us now!

YZF26 Shaded Pole Motor

Miracle shaded pole motor works in S1 mode, which can be applied to the ambient temperature of -+40℃-+60℃. Miracle shaded pole fan has a strong output power while having a small size. The speed range is 1300r/min-1450r/min. Contact us to get a fast quote of YZF26 shaded pole motor price now!

ltaly Type Shaded Pole Motor

The Italy-type shaded pole motor is a customized product according to specific market needs. Its basic parameters are the same as conventional fans, except that the appearance and installation position is different. This fan has 6 models to choose from, and the rated input power range is 33W -110W, send us your orders if your shaded pole motor business is in the European market!

Smooth Type Shaded Pole Motor

The output power of Miracle smooth shaded pole motor is adjusted by the thickness of the iron core. The thickness range of the iron core is 13-45, and the corresponding output power is 5W-34W. The average service life of Miracle motor is more than 20000h, which is a real high-quality product. Contact us to get this high-quality smooth shaded pole motor now!

Shaded Pole Motor Parts

Miracle shaded pole motor parts include shaded pole motor fans, motor brackets, motor flanges, motor net covers, etc. These accessories can meet the use of all types of fans we produce. For more details, click the page to see more.

Refrigerator Shaded Pole Motor

Miracle refrigerator shaded pole motors are rich in types, including refrigerator shaded pole motors, motor fans, extension pole motors, DC axial fans, etc. The speed can meet the demand of 1500r/min-3000r/min. Contact us to get your satisfied shaded pole motor now!

Miracle shaded pole motor has passed CE certification, VDE certification, UL certification, ROHS certification, TUV certification, ISO9001, CCC certification, etc., which can meet the market demand of any country in the world.

Not only that, we continue to improve and pursue more energy-efficient, more stable, more popular, and more environmentally friendly products. Currently, we provide three series of seven different types of EC shaded pole motors.

Our EC shaded pole motor is mainly used in refrigerators, refrigerated display cabinets, kitchen refrigerated cabinets, ice machines, and supermarket refrigeration chains. We welcome you to visit our factory and look forward to exploring the market with you!

Shaded Pole Motor Manufacturer

EC shaded pole motor is a high-efficiency and energy-saving motor that can replace ordinary shaded pole motors.

With the application of brand-new electronic conversion technology and environmentally friendly materials, the efficiency of EC shaded pole motors has increased by 60%, while that of ordinary motors is only 20%.

EC motors can not only improve production efficiency, but also reduce energy consumption, reduce carbon dioxide emissions, and contribute to the world’s environmental protection. Send your order of any type of shaded pole motor today!

Finite Element Analysis of Shaded Pole Motor

Finite element method to analyze the electromagnetic field of a single-phase shaded-pole motor.

The motor has two shaded-pole coils per pole, an uneven air gap, and a magnetic splitting circuit.

In the analysis, the first-order triangular cell of the Gallione method is used, the saturation of ferromagnetic material is considered, the magnetic band and vortex are neglected, the plausible stable field model is approximated, and the complex vector bits are used for calculation.

The circuit method is used to calculate the current density of each field, thus establishing the equation of the field and solving the problem of calculating the electromagnetic field for a given applied voltage.

The calculations illustrate the applicability of this method to nonlinear dielectric problems.

A method for harmonic analysis of the magnetic field by the spatial sampling method is proposed and dumped to calculate the potential and current in the rotor guide strip, taking into account the effects of the rotor end rings and slanting slots.

The present method is compared with an approximate method for correcting the cutting potential, and the results are close to each other.

In this paper, the Newton Rapelson method is used to solve the system of equivalent real equations for complex nonlinearities and faster convergence is achieved.

Three methods for solving complex nonlinear systems of equations are also compared and the rationality of the convergence criterion is discussed.

Shaded Pole Motor Stator Coil Winding Machine

Shaded Pole Motor Stator Coil Winding Machine

Shaded pole motor stator coil winding machine, including motor, clamping mechanism, winding needle, and transmission mechanism.

The motor is connected to the drive mechanism through a reducer, and the drive mechanism includes a gear mechanism and a double linkage mechanism.

The double linkage mechanism includes a main rod and a follower rod rotating around respective rotation axes.

The master rod is provided with a first slider and the follower rod is provided with a second slider.

The winding needle is rotatably connected to the first slider and the second slider, and the first slider and the second slider are connected with an annular guide structure.

The output end of the gear mechanism is connected with the rotation axis of the main rod, and the clamping mechanism clamps the wire rod through the central hole of the stator.

As the slider makes reciprocating motion along the ring track, thus driving the winding needle to make a circular motion in the horizontal plane, thus making the metal wire wind around the stator slot after winding the hanging wire rod, which has the advantages of high stability, high winding accuracy, and good effect.

Flexible Oil Bearing Bracket for Shaded Pole Motors

Flexible Oil Bearing Bracket for Shaded Pole Motors

The shaded-pole motor oil-bearing bracket is in the field of motor manufacturing technology, mainly composed of motor bracket assembly, bearing cover with lubricating oil, bearing cover oil-bearing spring, bearing washer, and so on.

The shaded-pole motor with the new design method has the advantages of reasonable design, simple structure, and flexible connection between the bearing cap and the oil-containing bearing through the spring.

This effectively overcomes the deviation of the radial position of the bearing cover, reduces the influence on the coaxiality of the bearing, and improves the starting performance and system reliability of the shaded-pole motor.

Silicone Bearing Sheath Shaded Pole Motor

Silicone Bearing Sheath Shaded Pole Motor

Silicone bearing sheath shaded pole motor, mainly including front end cover, rear end cover, stator, rotor, and rotor shaft.

The ball bearings are provided at both ends of the shaft, and the silicone bearing sheath is provided between the ball bearings and the inner wall of the front end cover, and the silicone bearing sheath is also provided between the ball bearings and the inner wall of the rear end cover.

The silicone bearing sheath is provided with a stepped through-hole, and a positioning step is formed at the stepped connection, and an annular slotted hole is provided on the end face of the silicone bearing sheath.

The outer circumference of the silicone bearing sheath is evenly knurled on the surface.

The advantages of this design method are:

It can be adjusted automatically within a certain range without the need for high precision tolerances, and the aluminum die-cast end caps do not need to be turned, saving costs.

Change the material hardness of the bearing assembly, and reduce noise and vibration.

Can provide temperature-dependent holding force for connections with different expansion coefficients in a wide range of operating temperatures;

Reduce friction loss.

Working Principle and Characteristics of Shaded Pole Motors

Working Principle and Characteristics of Shaded Pole Motors

The shaded-pole motor is a single-phase AC motor.

Usually, it uses a cage-type slant-slotted cast aluminum rotor, and it is used in many household appliances.

What are its working characteristics?

A distinctive feature of the shaded-pole motor is that it has a simple structure, even without a centrifugal switch, although it has higher power losses, combined with a relatively low motor power factor, so it has a lower starting torque.

General, it is small and has a low rated power value.

The shaded-pole motor can only rotate in a particular direction, and if it rotates in the opposite direction, the shaded-pole coil is easily damaged.

A shaded-pole motor is an AC single-phase induction motor, and its auxiliary winding is generally composed of a copper ring.

This copper ring is called a shaded-pole coil, which is energized to provide a rotating magnetic field, and the direction of rotation is supposed to be from the non-shaded pole to the shaded-pole ring.

The shaded-pole motor rotor is placed into a c-core and each pole half needs to be covered by a shaded-pole coil, once the AC current is pulsating flux as it passes through the supply coil.

Once the magnetic flux of the shaded pole motor shading coil changes, the shaded pole coil is able to induce a current as well as a voltage that can correspond to the change in flux from the supply coil.

The flux under the shaded pole coil lags behind the flux in the rest of the coil, so the rotor in the flux is rotating.

Working characteristics

The lead wire direction is flexible, and the junction box can be installed according to its own rotation direction.

Good performance, low noise, low vibration, high protection level.

The hood level motor can be equipped with a thermistor according to your demand.

Composition and Features of Shaded Pole Motors

Composition and Features of Shaded Pole Motors

Composition of shaded-pole motor

The shaded-pole motor consists of several parts, of which the indispensable parts are the stator assembly, the bracket assembly, the rotor assembly, the wire pack assembly, and the connecting fasteners.

The stator assembly of the shaded-pole motor includes short-circuit ring and main stator core, and the bracket assembly has two parts, front, and rear.

The shaded-pole motor rotor assembly consists of thrust washers, pads, cast aluminum rotor, and shaft.

The shaded-pole motor wire package assembly consists of the skeleton, coils, lead wires, and other materials.

Features of the shaded-pole motor:

The structure of the shaded-pole motor is very compact and reasonable, and it has a flexible lead-in line, which can meet the needs of different users.

Shaded-pole motor products have superior performance, high production efficiency, high protection level, low noise, low vibration, with very good energy-saving effects.

Shaded-pole motor starting torque is small, has low post-maintenance costs, simple maintenance.

The shaded-pole motor is still widely used. At present, it is often used in and school teaching instruments, such as automatic slide projectors and projectors, etc.

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