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As a trusted refrigeration supplier and HVAC wholesaler, let me explain “what accessories and technical support you can get from us” in a short time.

First of all, we can provide you with shaded pole motor parts including shaded pole fan flange, shaded pole fan motor bracket, shaded pole motor grill, etc.

In addition to accessories, we can also provide you with refrigeration products including shaded pole motor, refrigerator fan motor, refrigerator compressor, refrigerator parts, refrigerator repair tools, etc., which can meet the installation and after-sales maintenance of refrigerators, freezers, display cabinets, and other commercial refrigeration equipment.

In terms of technical support, we can provide you with product drawings, video teaching, installation teaching, and other video courses.

In order to better help you expand your market, we can also provide digital marketing services to help your company gain a greater share of the shaded pole motor parts market. Contact us to start great cooperation now!

  • Shaded Pole Motor Fan

Shaded Pole Motor Fan

The fan blade angle of the Miracle shaded pole motor fan can be adjusted according to your or your customers’ requirements. Miracle engineer designs the shaded pole motor based on fluid mechanics, with lower noise.

Our regular styles of shaded pole fan blades are available from 19°-34°. The diameter of the fan blades is available as φ154mm, φ172mm, φ200mm, φ230mm, φ250mm, φ254mm, φ300mm. For more fan blade drawings and parameters, please contact us to get them now!

Shaded Pole Motor Bracket

A shaded pole motor bracket is one of the more commonly used Miracle shaded pole motor fan parts. It adopts one-piece stamping and forming technology, and the bending part adopts a ribbed structure design, which makes the shaded pole fan more stable.

At the same time, the thickened motor bracket can effectively eliminate the vibration of the fan rotation and the centrifugal force generated by the fan blade rotation, give the fan stronger support, ensure the smooth operation of the fan, and reduce the noise of the fan. Send your inquiry to get the popular shaded pole motor parts now!

  • Shaded Pole Motor Bracket
  • Shaded Pole Motor Flange
  • Shaded Pole Motor Flange Type One
  • Shaded Pole Motor Flange Type Three
  • Shaded Pole Motor Flange Type Two

Shaded Pole Motor Flange

A shaded pole motor flange is another commonly used shaded pole motor part. Miracle shaded pole motor flange has four styles to choose from, which can meet all types of fans provided by Miracle. The fan flange hole position is designed according to the standard motor, which can be easily installed.

We recommend that you choose a professional fan flange, because inferior or unqualified flanges may have the same vibration frequency as the fan, which will increase the noise of the fan and affect the operation of the motor. Contact us to get a professional shaded pole motor flange immediately!

Shaded Pole Motor Grill

Shaded pole motor parts-grill, is specially designed for the matching of shaded pole motor fans. The grill with advanced anti-rust treatment, which makes it has the super anti-rust ability and also has a solid structure.

The size of the Miracle shaded pole motor fan grill is the same as the size of the fan blades of the motor, which is φ154mm-φ300mm. Careful design and mature production technology ensure the high quality of Miracle shaded pole motor parts. Contact us to get them directly!

  • Shaded Pole Motor Grid

Shaded Pole Motor

Miracle shaded pole motor has 18 series and 26 series, a total of 10 series and 60 models are available. Miracle shaded pole motors have passed CE certification, VDE certification, CCC certification, UL certification, etc., so you can be assured of selling in your market.

Miracle YZF shaded pole motor rated power range is 20W-110W, motor rated speed is 1300r/min-1450r/min, rated air volume range is 205m³/h-1210m³/h. These parameters are matched with high standard shaded pole motor parts, making Miracle shaded pole fans have stronger performance. Send your inquiry list for shaded pole motor parts now!

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