Screw Compressor Service Valve

CE, ISO9001 Certification.

Available for semi-hermetic compressors and Screw compressors.

Test pressure: 4.5Mpa.

Working temperature: -30℃-150℃.

Suitable refrigerant: R22, R502, R507, R407C, R410A, R404A, R134A, R600A, etc.

Reliable quality and on-time delivery

We have rich experience in exporting screw compressor service valves, which can help you save more time.

Support custom service.

Cast iron body.

Support bulk orders.

Contact Miracle now.

MRC/V-54292641/4″ NPT2 1/8″ ODS
MRC/V-65292641/4″ NPT2 5/8″ ODS
MRC/V-80361851/4″ NPT3 1/8″ ODS
MRC/V-92386971/4″ NPT3 5/8″ ODS
MRC/V-1024121111/4″ NPT4 1/8″ ODS
MRC/V-1304821401/4″ NPT5″ ODS
MRC/V-1454821401/4″ NPT5 1/2″ ODS
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