SANYO Type Copper Y Joint

The copper Y joint are similar between different brands.

Therefore it is difficult to judge the quality from the appearance.

It is also easy to judge the quality of copper Y joint, just focus on the wall thickness of the copper tube and the welding process.

The appearance of the copper Y joint is pressed by the mold, so the reliability of the mold will also affect the quality of the divergent tube.

Copper Y joint should be free of burrs and flying edges when it leaves the factory.

APR-P160BGGas line19.05/15.8819.05/15.88/12.715.88/12.7
Liquid line12.7/9.5212.7/9.52/6.3512.7/9.52/6.35
APR-P680BGGas line28.58/25.4/22.2228.58/25.4/22.22/19.0528.58/25.4/22.22/19.05
Liquid line15.88/12.715.88/12.7/9.5215.88/12.7/9.52
APR-P1350BGGas line38.1/31.838.1/31.8/28.58/25.431.8/28.58/25.4/22.22
Liquid line19.05/15.8819.05/15.88/12.715.88/12.7/9.52
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