Roll Bond Refrigerator Evaporator

Finished roll bond refrigerator evaporator thickness: 1.1-2.0mm

Aluminum plate thickness: 1.4-2.5mm

Automated production

ISO9001 Certification, 6S Management

Efficient communication

Because of our large customer base, our existing custom molds are abundant.

So with Miracle, you can get a roll bond evaporator at a lower custom cost. Contact us now.

Miracle, as a reliable supplier of roll bond refrigerator evaporators, has independent product design and development capabilities and supports customization needs.

We integrate ISO9001 production standard and 6S management concept into every detail of our products.

In addition, we have introduced a high-precision four-roller rolling machine and a fully automatic spraying line.

It ensures the reliable performance of the customized products.

Roll Bond Refrigerator Evaporator Customize

Our cooperative brands include Midea, TCL, etc.

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