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Technology is constantly improving with the requirements of people’s lives, whether it is refrigeration or HVAC air conditioning, it follows this basic law that technology is for the advantage of mankind.

Miracle, as a top company in the HVAC&R industry,  is always seeking more comfort and strives to develop new products that will provide you with more happiness in your life. Miracle Group products can be applied for Multi houses, single houses, and other applications to bring low-carbon, eco-friendly and efficient living to homeowners.

Residential Building Solution

Multi-family Buildings

Miracle offers comprehensive solutions for cooling and heating in multi-family buildings and can help you to solve the problems of inefficient construction and risky leaks in multi-family buildings.

No-weld technology is a very obvious improvement for the connection of potable water and central air conditioning lines in multi-family buildings, and the use of no-weld connections is essential.

Single-family Houses

For single-family houses, the most economical solution for improving indoor temperatures is a VRF/VRV system.

A VRF/VRV system uses one unit with multiple fan coils so that the temperature in each room can be controlled independently, which ensures privacy and increases the happiness of living.

For more product information, you can contact us directly to obtain it today!


Whether it’s a cooling system or a heating system, Miracle can offer you efficient solutions. Reducing energy consumption and increasing the happiness of your life – this is what Miracle pursues.

For homeowners, if you plan to renovate your home, the 1st event you need to solve is the plumbing and air conditioning pipeline of your home, as they are closely related to your health.

Miracle offers a DIY service to help you easily replace the plumbing and air conditioning pipes throughout your house with the Miracle plumbing crimping tool and lorking fittings.

Residential Building Application

Condensing unit

Miracle can provide you with a full range of air conditioning units, central air conditioning units, air conditioning compressors, air conditioning accessories, air conditioning tools, etc.

To meet your one-stop sourcing needs for refrigeration products and save you time.

Air conditioner

All products related to air conditioning for single-family houses and multi-family buildings are available from Miracle and can be customized to fit your solution. For more information, please ask one of our successful managers now!

Drinking system

Careful and professional guidance will be involved in the entire process of using our fireless connection tool. We answer your installation questions throughout.

Whether it’s the installation of an air conditioning line or a drinking water system, we have a professional team to guide you through the whole installation and use.

And you don’t need to buy additional installation tutorials either, as this is part of our service. Call to action now, Miracle will be worth your trying!

  • Residential Building Air Conditioner Copeland Condensing Unit
  • Residential Building Air Conditioner Danfos Condensing Unit
  • Residential Building Air Conditioner Water Cooled Condensing Unit

Condensing Unit

The greatest advantage of the Miracle condensing units is the flexibility of the design solutions. Miracle residential building units are modular in design and can be customized in a high way.

Miracle HVAC&R condensing units can be matched to scroll air conditioner compressors, rotary air conditioner compressors, semi-hermetic air conditioner compressors, reciprocating air conditioner compressors, screw air conditioner compressors, and more. Various types of refrigeration compressors to meet the needs of your residential project.

PE Insulated Copper Pipe

Miracle PE insulated copper pipe is made of PE material and has a service life of more than 10 years. PE insulated copper pipe is very important in residential buildings because it determines the efficiency of the air conditioning in terms of cooling or heating.

Miracle PE copper pipe insulated can withstand the harsh outdoor environment without deformation or shrinkage and protects the air conditioning pipeline from the beginning to the end. Contact us to get the high-quality and reliable PE insulated copper pipe now!

  • Residential Building Air Conditioner Copper Pipe Insulated
  • Residential Building Air Conditioner Insulated Copper Pipe
  • Residential Building Air Conditioner Copper Y Joint
  • Residential Building Air Conditioner Electrical Tool
  • Residential Building Air Conditioner Lokring Fittings
  • Residential Building Air Conditioner Lokring Tool

No Welding Connection Tool

This is a set of fireless connection technology tools, also known as the lokring tool. This set of tools overcomes all the disadvantages of fire welding connections and is an easy-to-sell product.

The Miracle pipe press tool with pipe press fitting makes it easy to solve the problem of efficiency in the mounting of AC pipes.

Moreover, the inside of the air conditioning system is cleaner after connection with the Miracle fireless connection tool. It is less likely to cause bacterial residue and protects your air health. Contact Miracle team to let your business easier and safer now!

Air Conditioner Parts

Miracle air conditioner parts offer a range of services for residential building air conditioners to meet the needs of different customers. We serve medium and large companies as well as small and medium-sized businesses.

So no matter which type of purchase you are searching for, Miracle can provide you with suitable AC refrigeration products. For example condensate pumps, air curtains, fan coil units, etc. For related products, please click on the links to see more!

  • Residential Building Air Conditioning Air Curtain
  • Residential Building Air Conditioning Condensate Pump
  • Residential Building Air Conditioning Fan Coil

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