Refrigerator Filter Drier

Refrigeration Filter Drier

Miracle has 20 years of experience as a manufacturer of refrigeration copper filter driers.

The annual output is 100 million Pcs copper filter driers.

Refrigerator Filter Drier Video Cover

Your Best Refrigerator Copper Filter Drier Supplier

Miracle provides different types of refrigerator copper filter driers, except the standard type, we can also customize according to your demand;

Miracle has 20 years of experience providing refrigerator filter driers, with our efforts, we now cooperate with LG, Samsung, Haier, Sanhua, etc.

Our copper filter drier has been exported to more than 100 countries, and its annual output can reach 100 million pcs.

R134A Refrigerator Filter Drier

This type is normally installed in commercial refrigerators, freezers, water dispense, and car refrigerators as the important parts, and it should be changed after some time using to make sure the good running of the refrigeration systems.

Refrigerator Filter Drier with Extend Capillary

This type has an extension copper capillary, that’s why we call it a capillary tube filter drier. The extended connection lengths 40mm, 45mm, 50mm, and 55mm are available for you. Contact us now!

Spun Refrigerator Filter Drier

A spun copper filter drier has 2 inlets and 1 outlet refrigerator copper filter, normally used for commercial refrigerators and freezers, suitable for all refrigerants. Contact us for more detail.

2 Inlets Type Refrigerator Filter Drier

The 2 inlets type refrigerator copper filter drier with 2 inlets and 1 outlet and extended tubes for each side. It is also used for commercial refrigerators and freezers, suitable for all refrigerants.

Refrigerator Filter Drier with Access Valves

This refrigerator copper filter drier is the same type of copper filter drier with the above 2 inlet type, but with an extra access valve. This type is similar to the Whirlpool fridge filter.

LG Refrigerator Filter Drier

As you can see in the pic, this type of copper filter drier is used for the LG refrigerator. It is already used in factories on a large scale. Contact us now for a quick quote.

Whirlpool Refrigerator Filter Drier

Whirlpool copper filter drier part number WPW10143759. Our extensive experience can guarantee a professional copper filter drier for you. For more details, please contact us now.

Samsung Refrigerator Filter Drier

We are your most understanding refrigerator copper filter dryer supplier because we work with a lot of refrigerator factories. We have accumulated a large number of refrigerator copper filter dryer needs from customers in different markets around the world.

Customized Refrigerator Filter Drier

To better confirm the copper filter drier, please tell us the sizes for the connectors, the Molecular weight, the extended capillary length, the body length and diameter of the copper filter drier, and your copper filter drier drawing, which we shall design for you.

Refrigeration Filter Drier Supplier

Filter Driers for Refrigeration and Air Conditioner

Miracle can provide you with faster customization and more variety of refrigeration filter dryers.

For more specialized types of copper filter driers, please contact us now.

Refrigeration Filter Drier Supplier

Refrigeration filter drier supplier in China, Miracle offer refrigeration filters for your refrigeration and air conditioning, commercial refrigeration, and commercial refrigerator needs, and can meet customer needs.

In addition, Miracle has extensive factory supply experience, our communication is efficient, our supply is more stable and our capacity is more adequate. Contact us now.

Miracle copper filter drier company has fully implemented “6S” site management after 20 years of effort, now we have the certificates ISO9001, ISO14001, UL certification, and EU ROHS certification.

With that, you can trust that we provide you with a high and reliable quality copper filter drier all the time.

Refrigerator Filter Drier Factory Strength

We specifically provide refrigerator filter drier supporting services for refrigerator factories.

With more than 20 years of manufacturing and sales experience, we have matched suitable refrigerator filter driers for refrigerator factories from more than 100 countries around the world.

In, addition, Miracle can also provide you with a standard and customized refrigerator filter drier.

Refrigerator Filter Drier Manufacturer

Advanced technology, strict production process control, punctual delivery, strong customization capabilities, and product stability make Miracle refrigerator filter drier popular among refrigerator factories in the world.

Not only that but our products are also exported to 104 countries, cooperating with famous brands LG, Samsung, Haier, Electrolux, Whirlpool, Sanhua, etc. Contact us now.

Copper Filter Drier Manufacturer Production Capacity

We are willing to use a 100% working attitude to achieve 100% refrigerator filter drier quality!

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  • Refrigerator Filter Drier and Access Valve

    The access valve is also called the maintenance valve or service valve, refrigerator filter can be matched with the access valve can achieve two functions and all in one. For more information, contact us now.

  • Refrigerator Filter Drier and Capillary Cutter

    When you repair the refrigerator by replacing the copper filter drier, you need a capillary cutter to cut the old filter drier first. As the one-stop supplier for the refrigerator line, Miracle provides you with choices!

  • Refrigeration Capillary Tube

    Refrigeration capillary tubes are mainly used in the aftermarket because the refrigerator filter is directly connected to the capillary tube, and the length of the capillary tube in the aftermarket is also relatively diverse.

  • Refrigerator Filter Drier and Manifold Gauge

    Miracle manifold gauge is a necessary part of testing the refrigeration system pressure to ensure the good running of the cooling system. There are many types to suit different applications.

  • Refrigerator Filter Drier and Pipe Cutter

    Before you connect the copper filter drier, you need to cut the copper pipe to make it fit your demand length with the pipe cutter. Miracle pipe cutters are your good choice.

  • Refrigerator Filter Drier and Pipe Reamer

    When you connect the refrigerator filter drier to the system, you need a reamer to trim the copper pipe to ensure the end is flat and round. Choose the perfect pipe reamer right now!

  • Refrigerator Filter Drier and Refrigerator Compressor

    Miracle provides refrigerator compressors with a 100% authenticity guarantee. For example, LG compressor for LG refrigerator, Samsung compressor for Samsung refrigerator, etc. For more types please contact us now!

How to Order Refrigeration Filter Drier?

When you order this type of copper filter drier.

Please provide us with the following info:

The sizes for two inlets and 1 outlet. The extended capillary length for both sides. The size of the access valve, normally we make it for 1/4. The weight for Molecular. And another special request.

Additionally, we need to know the specific sizes for the copper filter drier, like the Diameter of the body, sizes of the inlets and outlets, and the wall thickness you need, we provide the drawing and sample to confirm before the bulk order.

For welding extended tubes on both sides(the following copper filter drier), We need to be informed of the extension tube length.

How Refrigerator Filter Drier Works?

Refrigerator copper filter drier mainly consists of an XH-9 molecule and a 200 mesh filter, the XH-9 molecule is designed to absorb water and acid in the system, and the 200 mesh filter is designed to filter out impurities to ensure that the refrigerator runs well and has good refrigeration performance.

There are many different shapes of filters on the market, but their functions are the same.

Such as, an extended capillary refrigerator copper filter drier serves the same purpose as an ordinary copper filter drier

Only the applications are different, the extended capillary refrigerator copper filter drier is suitable for commercial and mobile refrigerators, freezers, water dispensers, etc.

Refrigerator Copper Filter Drier Partners

Refrigerator Copper Filter Drier Cooperation Brand

Miracle copper filter drier has a very good reputation with many famous brands, such as LG, Samsung, Haier, Electrolux, Sanhua, etc.

Our factory never stops absorbing the essence of domestic and foreign management.

So that the enterprise can adapt to the changing environment, participate in the market fight, and self-transcendence.

We are always improving ourselves to build the world’s leading and highly automated copper filter drier production factory.

How to Ensure the Quality of Refrigerator Copper Filter Drier?

How to Ensure the Quality of Refrigerator Copper Filter Drier

Miracle refrigerator copper filter drier manufacturer controls product quality and timely delivery from the following aspects.

The average working age of Miracle fridge copper filter drier production staff is 8 years, and the key welding positions and technical positions are more than 10 years of experience.

They are more proficient in the production process of the product.

It ensures the control of the details of the fridge copper filter drier in the production process and minimizes the loss caused by the replacement of personnel.

The staff turnover rate is low, so as to ensure that the production of Miracle refrigerator copper filter drier will not be interrupted or prolonged due to employee reasons.

How Does Miracle Fridge Copper Filter Drier Manufacturer Do It?

How Does Miracle Fridge Filter Drier Manufacturer Do It

An excellent refrigerator copper filter drier manufacturer always puts the company’s employees in an important position.

Miracle refrigerator copper filter drier manufacturer pays attention to humanistic care for employees.

With high-temperature subsidies, paid annual leave paid maternity leave, paid sick leave, gatherings, pension insurance, paid rest system, and so on.

The production equipment is a hotbed for the production of refrigerator filter driers.

Miracle pays attention to humanistic care while also paying attention to the maintenance of the equipment, and always adjusts the performance of the equipment to the best condition.

The owner of Miracle refrigerator copper filter drier was born in a rural area.

When he was young, he went to school and went through ups and downs.

The boss knew more about the hardships of starting a business.

So he paid more attention to protecting the development results and did everything with due diligence.

And did a good job with the refrigerator copper filter drier in every detail, and passed this concept as the company’s culture to every employee.

Now the concept has been deeply integrated into the heart of every employee.

The refrigerator filter drier company is close to the port and has convenient transportation.

At the same time, we cooperate with Bansar, the best freight company in China, to ensure timely delivery and the cheapest freight cost.

Miracle refrigerator copper filter drier is the best choice for you. Contact us now!

What is Advantages of Refrigerator Filter Drier?

Refrigerator Filter Drier Advantages

Miracle R&D, production, and sales of copper filter drier from the Year 2000.

Our products are widely used for refrigerators, freezers, water dispense, and car mobile refrigerators.

So the copper filter drier is also called refrigerator filter drier, freezer filter drier, and capillary tube filter drier.

You can choose the standard copper filter drier, copper air drier, and copper receiver, which are commonly used for refrigerators or freezers.

And of course, we do customized copper filter driers, just contact us for your request, and our team can design for you.

Besides that, you can see the new technology for the connector to replace welding, no fire, no high temperature, safer and faster to finish your repair work.

We provide that to help to make your business simple, and you have more time to expand the market and get more profit.

How to Connect a Refrigerator Filter on a Production Line?

Miracle thinks what you think. As an excellent supplier with years of refrigerator factory solutions, we provide you with more refrigerator factory solutions. The video shows the connection of the non-fire connection tool in the refrigerator factory.

The fire-free connection tool does not use fire and uses a cold connection method.

For large-scale production factories such as refrigerators/freezers/display cabinets, Miracle fire-free connection tools can greatly improve production efficiency, reduce defective rates, and thereby reduce refrigerator production costs. Contact us now for more details!

How to Connect a Refrigerator Filter in the Aftermarket?

Here, Miracle records a video during our refrigerator filter drier repair work to show you how to use the no-welding refrigeration tool to replace the copper filter drier correctly. You will see how it’s incredible to make your work simple.

The refrigeration tool used in the video includes a copper filter drier, FRK tool, right sizes connector, and sealing liquid. Contact us directly to have more info about it!

How to Replace the Fridge Copper Filter?

How to Replace the Fridge Copper Filter

When the copper filter is used for a period of time, in order to ensure a good filtering effect, the copper filter drier needs to be replaced.

If you use the welding method, the steps to replace the copper filter are more cumbersome.

If you use the non-fire connection method, it is simpler and safer, and more reliable.

Before using the welding method to replace the copper filter, you need to protect the wiring of other parts of the refrigerator.

For example, refrigerator compressors, refrigerator coils, etc.

Using the FRK tool does not need these procedures, because it won’t affect or cause any damage to the system.

Now we introduce how to replace the capillary tube filter drier, the specific steps are as follows:

Remove the old copper filter drier. Ignite the welding torch, heat the capillary end, and then heat the condenser end. (Or use a cutter directly to cut it off)

Take out the new copper filter drier and remove the copper filter drier sealing cover

(Note: After removing the sealing cover, connect the copper filter to the pipeline in time).

Install the new filter in the pipeline, you can ignite the welding torch and weld both ends of the copper filter drier, and do the welding for some minutes, which is a method waste of time.

But if you use a non-fire connection tool, just crimp it directly, and can be finished within a few seconds.

After the connection is completed, perform leak detection on the solder joints or the solderless joints.

For leak detection methods, please refer to how to detect refrigerant gas leaks.

FRK Tool Make Your Fridge Filter Drier Repair Work Simple

You may hear many complaints about the fridge filter drier replacement by welding technology for connection during the actual repair work.

Too much heavy equipment to carry; The gas is dangerous and you have to get the license first;

The fire and high temperature will burn other parts if didn’t operate very well;

The capillary is too small and too thin to connect with the freezer filter drier;

This all requires a skillful engineer to do that; It takes a long time to finish the repair work and so on.

Do you still have those concerns?

Miracle brings this solder-free technology to save you and make your work simple.

  • no fire
  • no big equipment
  • no gas
  • no high pressure
  • very safe

And you can’t imagine how fast to do the connection, only need 1/5 or 1/6 time compared with welding!

No matter whether you connect the copper tube with an aluminum tube, or copper to steel or other metal tubes, no problem!

Click this to see how the Lokring tool and lok ring fitting to give you a miracle.

What are Features of Refrigerator Filter Drier?

Features of Refrigerator Filter Drier

The copper filter drier used on the refrigerator is a secondary closed structure with a cylindrical shape, a diameter of about 16mm, and a length of 100-150mm.

The copper filter drier has a fineness of less than 120-200 mesh on one side.

The other side has a filter fence, and the desiccant molecular sieve is filled between these two ends.

The filter element in the middle cannot be replaced.

The refrigerator filter drier is mainly divided into two types: single-side evacuated refrigerator filter drier and double-side evacuated refrigerator filter drier.

After the refrigerator filter driers run for a period of time, because the adsorption capacity of molecular sieves is reduced and the function of drying and filtering is lost, it needs to be replaced regularly.

The Role of Refrigerator Copper Filter Driers

The Role of Refrigerator Copper Filter Driers

The refrigerator copper filter drier is a device located in the refrigeration system of the refrigerator and refrigeration cabinet.

And connects to the condenser outlet and capillary tube.

Its function is to filter the refrigerant when it enters the capillary tube to remove moisture and fix impurities in the refrigerant.

And prevent them from entering the compressor, such as oxides, Dust, and metal shavings.

It has a dual role of drying and filtering.

Either fridge filter drier or freezer filter drier, its function is the same.

The difference lies in the diameter of the filter and the number of inlets and outlets.

Read more: refrigerant gas.

The Common Failure of Refrigerator Filter Drier

The Common Failure of Refrigerator Filter Drier

Ice Block

Refrigerators are sometimes refrigerated, sometimes not, and they are mostly blocked at the capillary ejection port.

Dirty Blockage

Because the capillary tube is easy to ice, and dew, so the block mostly happens at the interface between the filter drier and the capillary tube.

Therefore, when the refrigerator is not cooling or the cooling effect is not good, the copper filter should be checked first.

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