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Miracle’s refrigerator fan motor uses patented technology developed by itself, which is more competitive.

The Miracle team has strong R&D capabilities, so the refresh rate of the refrigerator fan motor is fast, and the market adaptability is strong.

Whether you are a wholesaler, distributor, or factory, we will protect your interests and give you exclusive services, to help you enlarge your refrigerator fan motor business. Contact us to start the cooperation now!

Refrigerator Axial Fan Motor

We all know that the installation space of the refrigerator axial fan motor is small, so the refrigerator fan motor mostly uses DC power supply. The DC power supply can be used directly without rectification and filtering, so there are fewer vulnerable components, and compared to AC power, DC refrigerator fan Motor also saves more space. Contact us to get the refrigerator axial fan motor now!

GYJ Refrigerator Fan Motor

The core component of the GYJ refrigerator fan motor adopts an EC motor. EC motor combines the advantages of electronic commutation and permanent magnet brushless motor, with high efficiency, maintenance-free, long life, and low noise. For more details about the EC refrigerator fan motor, please contact us now!

GZWF Refrigerator Fan Motor

GZWF refrigerator fan motor also uses an EC motor, and the voltage is DC 12V. Miracle GZWF motor has multiple models to choose from, the rotation mode is CCW or CW, and the speed is 1600/2890rpm. For more details, please contact us today!

YJ1.5 Refrigerator Fan Motor

Miracle YJ1.5 refrigerator fan motor is an integrated design with a fan blade diameter of 90mm. The rotation mode is CCW, and the speed is 2550r/min or 2800r/min. The power supply voltage is 110V-220V optional, contact us to get the most suitable refrigerator fan motor for you now!

YJ2 Refrigerator Fan Motor

Miracle YJ2 refrigerator fan motor has five models to choose from, the rotation mode is CW or CCW, the speed is 1750r/min, 1900r/min or 2250r/min. The fan blade diameter is 110mm. Send your order today if this is the refrigerator fan motor you need now!

YJ329 Refrigerator Fan Motor

The YJ329 refrigerator fan motor has only one motor and no fan blades. This is to meet the different needs of your market. Of course refrigerator motor fans can be purchased separately, we can provide you with suitable refrigerator fan motor parts, contact us with your needs in detail now!

YJ334 Refrigerator Fan Motor

YJ334 refrigerator fan motor, like YJ329, belongs to the shaded pole motor, but the installation dimensions and product parameters are different. This refrigerator fan motor adopts a conventional mounting bracket, and the speed can reach 3000r/min. For more technical parameters, please contact Miracle technical team now!

YJ3020 Refrigerator Fan Motor

Compared with a conventional refrigerator fan motor, the YJ3020 refrigerator fan motor has a longer drive shaft in structural design. When the refrigerator condenser is far away from the refrigerator fan motor or the position is relatively narrow, Miracle YJ3020 refrigerator fan motor can help you easily deal with this problem. Contact us with requirements directly!

YZF Refrigerator Fan Motor

Miracle YZF refrigerator fan motor belongs to the shaded pole motor series. This motor has EC shaded pole motors and ordinary shaded pole motors. At the same time, we can also provide you with shaded pole motor accessories services, including fan blades, brackets, flanges, etc. Contact us to get all the refrigerator fan motor and parts now!

As a reliable refrigerator fan motor supplier, Miracle can provide you with more products and services, including GGE refrigerator fan motor, Whirlpool refrigerator fan motor, LG refrigerator fan motor, etc.

Not only that, but we can also provide you with ODM services, and complete the development of the project with you to achieve a win-win situation. Send your question today!

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