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A refrigerator evaporator is also called a fridge evaporator. Because it is also used in the freezer, some people call it a freezer evaporator.

Miracle refrigerator evaporator factory’s main products are inflation refrigeration evaporator, wire tube evaporator, and condenser, etc.

The company currently has 100 employees and has an annual production and sales capacity of 2 million refrigerator evaporators to meet your bulk purchase needs.

Roll Bond Refrigerator Evaporator

A roll bond refrigerator evaporator is an inflation-type evaporator. The advantages of roll bond refrigerator evaporator are easy processing, simple structure, high reliability, high heat transfer efficiency, etc., but it also has disadvantages such as difficulty in modification, more and more complex mold fixtures, and high trial production costs.

Bonding Type Refrigerator Evaporator

The bonding type refrigerator evaporator is all made of aluminum tubes or copper tubes, which are not easy to rust and have no welding points, which avoids leakage and ice blockage. The bonding type refrigerator evaporator uses glue film to bond the evaporation tube and the evaporation plate together to further ensure the contact area between the heat exchange tube and the heat exchange plate.

Wire Tube Refrigerator Evaporator

The characteristic of the wire tube refrigerator evaporator is that the heat dissipation plate is regularly provided with convection holes, and the positions and numbers of the convection holes between the layers correspond to each other. Due to the existence of the refrigerating evaporator convection holes, the air can form a large interlayer convection cycle between the evaporators of each layer, so that the air inside the heat exchange equipment such as the refrigerator or freezer can cool faster, so the cooling effect of the refrigerator or freezer is greatly improved, the power consumption is also significantly reduced.

Fin Type Refrigerator Evaporator

Fin type refrigerator evaporator is a finned coil evaporator, mainly used in air-cooled refrigerators, freezers, etc. Air-cooled refrigerators have greater advantages in food preservation and volume. Therefore, air-cooled refrigerators are very popular.


Miracle refrigerator evaporator factory has always adhered to the tenet of “quality first, customer first, high-quality service, and abiding by the contract”.

With high-quality products, a good reputation, and high-quality services, Miracle refrigerator evaporators are sold throughout the country and in many countries.

Miracle wholeheartedly cooperates with domestic and foreign customers for a win-win situation of various types of the evaporator in the refrigerator, and support each other together to create a brilliant business for refrigerator evaporator! Contact us without any hesitation!

Miracle Refrigerator Evaporator Manufacturer

The refrigerator evaporator and refrigerator condenser determine the heat exchange efficiency and energy consumption of the refrigerator. If you are from a freezer/refrigerator factory, then a Miracle refrigerator condenser is your best choice.

The combination of Miracle refrigerator evaporator and refrigerator condenser can provide you with efficient service and punctual delivery to ensure the production quality of your refrigerator/freezer.

Miracle refrigerator condenser has the following advantages:

The refrigerator condenser has a spray-plastic appearance, which has better gloss and longer service life. The steel wire of the refrigerator condenser is denser and longer, which facilitates the heat dissipation of the refrigerator and has a faster cooling speed.

The refrigerator condenser can be installed on both sides of the inside or on the outside of the back of the refrigerator/freezer, which is convenient for your production and also convenient for later maintenance services. Send us your inquiry now!

Refrigerator Condenser

The freezer roll bond evaporator is exactly similar to a refrigerator evaporator that is available in many styles, including an inflatable freezer evaporator, plate-tube freezer evaporator, and fin-coiled freezer evaporator.

If you have needs for custom refrigeration evaporator coil or the parts for a refrigerator evaporator, such as evaporator fans, please contact us directly!

Refrigerator Evaporator and Freezer Evaporator

Miracle provides refrigerator evaporator OEM service, which is also a manifestation of strong support for refrigerator/freezer factories or distributors, and it is also proof of the strength of Miracle refrigerator evaporator factories.

For refrigerator/freezer factories, you can transfer part of the production capacity of your own factory by outsourcing the refrigerator evaporator and condenser, which can reduce your original capital investment and achieve rapid returns.

For refrigerator/freezer accessories distributors, we can provide you with a high-quality refrigerator evaporator. Not only that, but we can also provide you with a non-fire connection solution, which greatly improves the efficiency of refrigerator evaporator and refrigerator condenser connections.

Refrigerator Evaporator OEM Service

If you don’t find the refrigerator evaporator you need in the product list, it doesn’t matter, contact our technical team, we can provide you with more styles.

In the pictures below, you can see more sizes of our roll bond evaporators.

If you need a wine cooler roll bond evaporator, or a water dispenser roll bond evaporator, you can see more here.

With more sizes and more types, we can provide you with customized services, please contact us immediately!

Related Products

How to Repair a Refrigerator Evaporator using No Brazing?

The refrigerator repair tool is a solution to the after-sales problems of refrigerators/freezers.

The refrigerator repair tool includes manual crimping tools, which can connect the pipeline within one minute without leakage.

The refrigerator repair tool uses cold connection technology to crimp the pipes together.

Refrigerator repair tools are also called propress tools. The combination of propress tool and propress fitting is a great support to the refrigerator repair industry.

For refrigerator accessories dealers, if you operate a refrigerator evaporator business, Miracle refrigerator repair tools can bring you greater benefits.

At the same time, refrigerator repair tools can also become a highlight in your sales system.

You can rely on this fire-free connection technology and can better find your customers because Miracle refrigerator repair tools are designed for refrigerator evaporators and refrigerator condensers.

If you are interested in our products, please contact us directly, we will always give you the greatest support!

How to Connect a Refrigerator Evaporator using No Brazing?

If you are a refrigerator/freezer manufacturer, Miracle propress for the refrigeration line will completely solve your refrigerator production problem.

Miracle lokring tool and Miracle lokring fitting adopt cold connection to realize the connection of refrigerator pipes, especially when connecting refrigerator filters When it comes to capillary tubes, the advantage of Miracle’s fire-free connection equipment is most prominent.

There is also a problem with the connection of copper and aluminum pipes in refrigerators, which you may often encounter in the production of refrigerators.

In the context of increasingly fierce competition in the global home appliance industry, refrigerator pipes are gradually being replaced by aluminum pipes.

There are often many problems when welding copper-aluminum pipes, and it is difficult to solve the corrosion problem of copper-aluminum pipe welding.

Miracle fire-free connection equipment can reduce the leakage rate during welding on the connection of copper and aluminum pipes, and it can be operated by simple training in 5 minutes, which greatly solves the high labor cost and welding leakage problems caused by welding.

You can watch the video below to learn more about Miracle Fireless Connection products. Of course, you can also contact us directly for professional advice right now!

What is Roll Bond Refrigerator Evaporator?

An inflatable refrigerator evaporator is also called a roll bond evaporator.

It can be produced into different shapes according to the use environment.

For example, it can be designed in a barrel shape.

The inflatable refrigerator evaporator tube bundle is fixed by the tube plate, the gap between the tubes is large, so the refrigerator evaporator pipeline will not appear ice blockage.

Therefore, the long-term use will not reduce the heat exchange efficiency of the heat exchanger, and It is a type of refrigerator evaporator with high heat exchange efficiency.

The surface of the Miracle inflatable refrigerator evaporator body is provided with grooves, and there are slots on the bottom wall of the grooves, and the bottom walls on both sides of the slits are pulled up and down for a certain distance to facilitate airflow.

In this way, the area of the bottom wall of the groove on the upper surface of the main body is not reduced, and the problem of removing defrosting water on the upper surface of the inflatable refrigerator evaporator when the compressor is stopped is solved.

When the compressor works again, the upper surface of the body no longer freezes and is relatively dry, and the air can flow to directly exchange heat with the upper surface of the inflatable refrigerator evaporator. Contact us now!

Advantages and Disadvantages of Roll Bond Refrigerator Evaporators

The roll bond evaporator has its own advantages and disadvantages. In this article, the roll bond refrigerator evaporator will be discussed first.

The advantages of a roll bond refrigerator evaporator are easy processing, simple structure, high reliability, high heat transfer efficiency, etc.

But it also has disadvantages such as difficulty in modification, more and more complex mold fixtures, and high trial production costs.

After calendering, the parts that are not printed are heated and pressed together, and then inflated by high pressure to form a bamboo path.

The roll bond refrigerator evaporator is used in the refrigerator compartments of single-door refrigerators, double-door refrigerators, refrigerator compartments, and freezing compartments of small-volume double-door refrigerators.

The roll bond refrigerator evaporator is used in the refrigerator compartments of single-door refrigerators, double-door refrigerators, refrigerator compartments, and freezing compartments of small-volume double-door refrigerators.

The refrigerator evaporator is installed on the inside of the rear wall of the refrigerator according to the installation requirements.

The roll bond refrigerator evaporator also has the advantages of a good cooling effect, low noise, and low vibration. For more details about the roll bond refrigerator evaporator, please contact us today!

What are the Advantages of Fin Type Refrigerator Evaporator?

MRRE006 refrigerator evaporator uses circulating airflow to take away the water vapor, so there will be no frosting inside the air-cooled refrigerator.

There is no frost in the refrigerator evaporator, which saves the refrigerator defrosting work once or twice a year.

The air-cooled refrigerator evaporator does not need to use a large number of condenser tubes.

So the available volume in the refrigerator is larger than that of the direct-cooled refrigerator, and the space utilization rate is high.

Not only that, but the MRRE006 refrigerator evaporator can also reduce the temperature in the refrigerator in a short period of time to better preserve the freshness of the food.

The refrigerator evaporator has the same structure as the evaporator, and both use the mechanical string design to ensure the reliable connection between the refrigerator evaporator aluminum tube and the fin.

Contact us now to get a high-quality refrigerator evaporator!

Custom Refrigerator Evaporator

Miracle has a good ability to customize the refrigerator evaporator.

Currently, the commonly used material is aluminum tube and aluminum plate.

In addition to the types of products that can be customized, we can also provide you with customized refrigerator evaporator accessories.

For example, refrigerator filters can be customized according to requirements.

Moreover, the accessories of the refrigerator evaporator can also be increased or decreased according to the specific situation.

Miracle custom refrigerator evaporator has the characteristics of low cost, high refrigeration efficiency, simple processing technology, easy installation, and automatic defrosting.

Miracle refrigerator evaporator can produce samples of a variety of specifications in a short time, gaining time for your refrigerator production upgrade and reducing your production investment. For more detail contact us now.

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