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Miracle refrigerator condenser manufacturer covers an area of more than 10,000 square meters. Miracle has a group of high-quality technical management personnel and experienced staff; Miracle refrigerator condenser manufacturer has advanced production equipment and perfect testing methods;

Miracle refrigerator condenser manufacturers control product quality from several aspects. While focusing on product research and development, it has also passed the IS09001 international quality system certification.

Single Layer Wire Tube Refrigerator Condenser

The Single layer wire tube refrigerator condenser adopts a back-mounted flat panel design, and the Single-layer wire tube refrigerator condenser is suitable for traditional refrigerators or freezers. Miracle wire tube refrigerator condenser can be designed into different appearances and sizes according to requirements.

Each wire tube refrigerator condenser has been leak-tested, so you don’t have to worry about the performance of the wire tube refrigerator condenser. The surface of the Miracle wire tube refrigerator condenser is treated with black electrophoresis, which has the characteristics of high corrosion resistance, high heat dissipation efficiency, high internal cleanliness, and excellent appearance. If you want to know the Refrigerator condenser price, contact us now!

Multi Layer Wire Tube Refrigerator Condenser

Miracle wire and tube refrigerator condensers can be customized to your requirements, all you need to do is send your drawings or samples. Miracle can help you in designing your refrigerator condenser. Not only that, Miracle can manufacture various models and specifications of the refrigerator evaporator. Miracle refrigerator condenser manufacturer’s design ability can meet all refrigerators and freezers’ heat dissipation performance requirements.

Miracle multi-layer wire tube refrigerator condenser is an application in small refrigerators or freezers. Miracle refrigerator condenser adopts cathodic electrophoresis ≥72h electrophoresis paint process and passes the coating salt spray test to ensure the anti-corrosion requirement of refrigerator condenser in the process of use. Not only that, Miracle refrigerator condenser internal residual water ≤ 5 p.p.m./100cm³, residual impurities ≤ 10 p.p.m./100cm³, residual mineral oil ≤ 100mg/100cm³, which greatly meet the requirements of refrigerator condenser cleanliness. For the refrigerator condenser price, please contact us directly!

Shutter Type Refrigerator Condenser

More types of refrigerator condensers can meet your development needs of various types of refrigerators. Miracle has the ability to provide you with the best supporting solutions. There are two structural forms of Miracle shutter type refrigerator condenser, namely folding reel type, and back-mounted flat plate type.

The main production processes of shutter-type refrigerator condensers are pipe bending, punching, blind welding, condenser leak detection, condenser cleaning, condenser surface coating, condenser packaging, etc.

Miracle shutter type refrigerator condenser cathodic electrophoresis paint film thickness of 15-20μm, coating hardness up to 2H grade. This effectively ensures the wear resistance of the refrigerator condenser. In addition, Miracle refrigerator condenser coating can be bent at an angle of 180° without cracking or peeling of the coating.

A more powerful production and design capabilities can ensure the superior performance of the refrigerator condenser. Miracle refrigerator condenser manufacturer pays attention to the management of production details, now contact us to get more refrigerator condenser parameters!

Plate and Tube Refrigerator Condenser

Miracle, which is the Plate and tube refrigerator condenser manufacturer pays attention to the management of raw materials. Miracle refrigerator condenser has strict requirements on raw material suppliers, and the delivered materials must undergo strict and meticulous quality inspection before being put into storage. Therefore, the quality of the Miracle refrigerator condenser is strictly controlled from the beginning of the material.

Miracle plate and tube refrigerator condenser adopt coil welded steel pipe ¢4.76~¢8×0.71, and the heat dissipation steel plate adopts cold-rolled plate T=0.28~0.40mm. The plate and tube refrigerator condenser also uses black electrophoresis treatment to ensure anti-corrosion performance and heat dissipation performance but also has excellent workmanship. Contact us now to find a reliable supplier of refrigerator condensers!

Spiral Fin Refrigerator Condenser

Miracle spiral fin refrigerator condenser has two structural forms, namely steel belt winding type, and folding reel type. Miracle can provide you with supporting spiral fin refrigerator condenser services, including OEM and ODM services. Not only that, but the Miracle refrigerator condenser also has a strong production capacity, which can greatly increase the production capacity of the refrigerator factory and achieve a win-win situation.

Miracle spiral fin refrigerator condenser manufacturer has been constantly improving the production process. The electrophoresis process of the Miracle refrigerator condenser adopts cathodic electrophoresis ≥72h. At the same time, Miracle refrigerator condenser manufacturers make refrigerator condenser coil coating corrosion resistance (salt spray test GB2423) experimental verifications have been done to ensure the high quality of Miracle refrigerator condenser. Request for quotation now!

External Refrigerator Condenser

The External refrigerator condenser is mostly used for refrigerator repairs. The External refrigerator condenser has the advantages of a good heat dissipation effect and convenient installation. If you are from a refrigerator accessories distributor, please contact us directly, because we can provide you with a higher and more efficient non-fire connection solution.

In order to protect our planet, a large number of new refrigerants have become a trend, such as R32, R290 refrigerants. However, problems such as flammability and the explosiveness of new refrigerants have become more and more prominent. When repairing refrigerators, welding has begun to become more and more unsafe. Miracle provides you no fire connection solution. The propress tool and press fittings can realize pipeline connection without using fire, which greatly improves the maintenance safety performance. Contact us now!

Why Choose Miracle Refrigerator Condenser?

The nearby high-speed railway and highways of Miracle refrigerator condenser manufacturer pass by, and the transportation is very convenient.

It is 1.5 kilometers away from the high-speed entrance, 10 kilometers away from the high-speed railway station, 80 kilometers away from Shanghai Hongqiao Airport, 120 kilometers away from Shanghai Port, and container trucks can go to the factory directly.

With that, Miracle refrigerator condenser can ensure the stable delivery time of the refrigerator condenser, and deliver the goods to you with the least freight and the fastest transportation

Miracle refrigerator condenser manufacturer has a wide range of products (condenser and evaporator) used in refrigerators, freezers, water dispensers, display cabinets, and other refrigeration appliances.

Miracle is your best refrigerator condenser supplier, Send us your inquiry about refrigerator condensers today!

Miracle has a refrigerator condenser plant covering an area of more than 10,000 square meters. The average working age of R&D personnel is 8 years.

With a large amount of experience, Miracle refrigerator condenser manufacturers can do more for you and help you develop new products to the greatest extent.

The refrigerator condenser manufacturer has obtained IS09001 international quality certification, etc., first-class refrigerator condenser production equipment, with stronger customization capabilities, send your drawings and sample requirements of the refrigerator condenser, and we will take care of the rest and do your satisfaction!

Custom Refrigerator Condenser

From the selection of raw materials to the manufacture, testing, and after-sales service of the refrigerator condenser.

Miracle operates and implements in strict accordance with the IS09001 quality management system, and continuously improves and perfects it to ensure that it provides customers with advanced technology, excellent quality, and reasonable price refrigerator condensers.

Refrigerator condenser coil, refrigerator condenser fan, and other parts are all available for you! Call to action now!

Miracle Refrigerator Condenser Manufacturer

Miracle not only provides you with a refrigerator condenser but also provides you with a refrigerator evaporator.

Miracle refrigerator evaporator includes inflatable refrigerator evaporator coil, wire-tube refrigerator evaporator coil, fin evaporator, plate, and tube refrigerator evaporator coil. Send your inquiry now!

Miracle Refrigerator Evaporator

Miracle refrigerator condenser manufacturer has a mature team, including production equipment, research, and development personnel, production management personnel, etc., not only to provide you with OEM services but also to provide you with ODM services.

Be honest and trustworthy, Miracle understands that only when we provide you with a complete refrigerator condenser, we can have more stable and life-long cooperation. Miracle looks forward to working with you. Contact us now!

Refrigerator Condenser OEM Service

If you are a refrigerator or freezer factory, Miracle’s solderless connection production line solution will be your best choice. In the video below, you can see how the Miracle propress for the refrigeration line works.

You can see that the Miracle fire-free connection ring realizes the connection of the pipeline without using fire, which greatly reduces the hidden danger of welding with fire and high temperature, and can greatly improve production efficiency and reduce the leakage rate of refrigerators. Please contact us directly for more details!

For the refrigerator/freezer after-sales market, we also have a corresponding non-fire connection solution.

The FRK propress tool is a solution for refrigerator/freezer maintenance.

Especially when connecting the refrigerator condenser and refrigerator evaporator, Miracle FRK propress tool can extremely improve the efficiency of after-sales maintenance.

Miracle fire-free connection tools include pipe press tool, pipe press fitting, lokring tool, and lokring fitting.

Except that, if you want to know How to clean refrigerator condenser coils and other common problems, contact us immediately!

Because there are too many types of refrigerator condensers, the picture display is not enough.

If you can’t find the refrigerator condenser style you need, it doesn’t matter, contact us directly, Miracle Refrigeration will provide you with more types of refrigerator condensers and provide you with customized services.

Of course, if you need the refrigerator condenser coil, refrigerator evaporator coil, we can also supply it, Call us now!

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