Refrigeration Valves
Refrigeration Valves

Miracle is the refrigeration valves supplier in China, we provide the refrigeration valves solution and refrigeration equipment solution for Commercial refrigeration and air conditioning. Miracle chooses all the refrigeration valves factory that has 20 years’ experience to cooperate, to ensure the valve quality and their design ability.

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Your Best Refrigeration Valve Supplier

Miracle provides all the refrigeration valves you need for refrigeration system;

All the refrigeration valves have been tested on our own projects for some years, the quality has been proved, high and reliable quality.

Miracle can understand your product needs better and can recommend more suitable products for you.

Refrigeration Expansion Valve

The expansion valve is one of the key parts of the refrigeration system, it’s just important as a compressor, evaporator, and condenser for a complete refrigeration system. Its main function is to adjust the refrigerant flow and reduce pressure for the system, turning the high-pressure refrigerant that comes from the condenser into a low-pressure refrigerant by passing through the expansion valve, then the refrigerant can absorb the heat in the evaporator that achieves good cooling function.

Refrigeration Solenoid Valve

The refrigeration solenoid valve is an important valve for a refrigeration system, mainly used to control and adjust the flow, flow direction, speed of refrigerant in the system. And of course, we provide different types of refrigeration solenoid valve: EVR series Danfoss type solenoid valve, Castel solenoid valve, unloading type solenoid valve, R410 solenoid valve. All the above solenoid valves can be used for the liquid pipeline, suction pipeline, and gas pipeline of air conditioning equipment, refrigeration and freezing units.

Refrigeration Check Valve

The refrigeration check valve is the valve that controls the refrigerant flow direction of the refrigeration system, it can work during the temperature from -40℃ to +130℃, the connection size we can supply is from 1/4’’ to 3 1/8’’.
For a detailed explanation and using directions, please click to check or contact us directly.

Refrigeration Ball Valves

The refrigeration ball valve is a manual operation valve to control the opening and close of the refrigeration system. We provide the ball valve for standard type and the type with charging valve, the connection size is from 1/4’’ to 4 1/8’’, if you have special demand, contact us for customized ball valve. Of course, it can be applied to all the refrigerants system. Click to know more.

Refrigeration Hot Gas Bypass Valve

The hot gas bypass valve is designed for adjusting the energy for the system, bypass the gas from the high-pressure side to the low-pressure side, with a hot gas bypass valve, the whole system can achieve a better cooling function with less consuming energy. Click to check the detailed specification and how to use it in the system.

Refrigeration Rotolock Valve

There are two types of receiver valves to meet your requirements, one is called rotalock valve, which is normally used in the outlet of the liquid receiver, no matter for the vertical liquid receiver or helical liquid receiver. We have Maneurop similar type with copper-coated, also the type with zinc coated. They have different sizes for the body, normally from 20mm to 50mm, different rotalock connections (3/4’’ to 2 1/4’’), and different inlet connections (1/4’’ to 2 1/4’’), but for service connection, we normally use the same size for 1/4 SAE. If you have other special demands, just let us know.

Refrigeration Shut Off Valves

The refrigeration shut-off valve includes the ball valve, Diaphragm Hand Valve, Refrigeration Globe Valve. The ball valve is a two-way flow valve, normally use to open and close the flow path of the refrigeration system when you do the maintenance work, so you can choose the ball valve with or without the charging port, the size we normally provide is from 1/4 to 4 1/8, click to check the detailed specification and its structure and how it works.

Refrigeration Reversing Valve

4-way Reversing Valve is normally used in the heat pump system, its function is to change the flow direction of refrigerant for the cooling system and heating system of air conditioning. Please click and check the details for different types of 4-way reversing valves, it is applicable for all the refrigerants and the normal capacity is from 3kw to 580kw. And you can also get the info on how to use the 4-way reversing valve, the common failure problem, and how to solve them.

Refrigeration Valve for Service Valve

Refrigeration service valve, we also call it an access valve, it is a one-way inspection valve, you are often to see it at any position of the refrigeration system, it is used for filling refrigerants to the system, also can be used for vacuuming, testing. It is an important refrigeration valve for the after-sales market, no matter you inspect the system regularly or do any maintenance work. We can supply you with 1/4, 3/16, 5/16, 3/8, or customized for you, Contact us now.

Refrigeration Suction Service Valve

Miracle refrigeration suction service valve is mainly used for air conditioning units, the picture shows the air conditioning service valve for the North American market. Not only these, but Miracle can also provide you with more kinds of air conditioning service valves with complete specifications. For more details, contact us now and let us provide you with professional solutions.

Refrigeration Split Air Conditioner Valve

Refrigeration split air conditioner valve for split air conditioner, Miracle has the ability to provide a split air conditioner valve along with the ability to select a cost-effective split air conditioner for you. Not only that, Miracle can offer you many Chinese brands of air conditioners, such as Gree, Midea, Haier, and so on. Contact us now.

Refrigeration Piercing Valve

Miracle refrigeration piercing valve provides a solution for refrigerator repair, when refrigerator/freezer repair or refrigerant replacement, Miracle refrigeration piercing valve with manifold gauges, refrigerant recovery machine, HVAC vacuum pump can easily achieve the refrigerant filling and evacuation.

Refrigeration Compressor Valves

Miracle refrigeration compressor valves include cast iron valves and rotary locking valves. This is because different compressors require different valves, we can provide you with semi-hermetic compressors, scroll compressors, hermetic compressors, and matching valves. Miracle as a professional refrigeration valve manufacturer and supplier can meet your different compressor valve needs. For example, Maneurop compressor valves, Copeland compressor valves, etc. Call to action now.

Refrigeration Valve Fitting

Miracle refrigeration valve fittings are mainly used with refrigeration valves, such as rotary locking valves for unit reservoirs, cast iron valves, and exhaust valves for refrigeration compressors. High-quality fittings determine the performance of expensive refrigeration equipment. Therefore, you should pay attention to the purchase of refrigeration valve fitting accessories, Miracle as a reliable refrigeration valve manufacturer and supplier can provide you with more choices. Contact us now.

As the refrigeration valve supplier, we are trying to provide all the valves you need for your refrigeration system and make your business simple.

In the following, you can see the reliable quality refrigeration valves that we normally use for our own refrigeration unit and project.

These refrigeration valves factories all have many years of experience in designing, manufacturing, and marketing, most of them have CE, UL, ISO 9001 certifications.

Also has been exported to different overseas markets, including North America, South America, Europe, Oceanic, Asia, and Africa.

We have a strong ability to provide you the satisfied refrigeration valves.

Welcome you to visit our refrigeration valve factory.

Miracle team can calculate and choose the most suitable refrigeration valves according to your refrigeration project.

Miracle can do OEM or ODM refrigeration valves for you.

Miracle can design and arrange the packed way and material according to your demand.

Miracle provides a warranty for the refrigeration valves you buy.

Refrigeration Valve Service

We understand that you want to know all the detail of Miracle refrigeration valves before you please the order to us especially when you haven’t got the chance to visit our factory, Miracle has already prepared everything well for you. Contact Miracle Directly!

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What Is A Refrigerant Valve?

What Is A Refrigerant Valve

Refrigerant flow controlling is a process of cooling that prevents overflow of refrigerant and ensures an optimal flow of it into the evaporator.

So refrigerant flow controlling gadget is used in suction, discharge, and liquid lines of air conditioners, refrigerators, and other HVAC systems.

It is called a refrigeration valve. It is the best-designed technology to maintain and regulate the rate of liquid refrigerant into the evaporator.

Having a high-quality and durable refrigeration valve from a reliable refrigeration valve manufacturer and supplier is not less important than others air conditioning parts and HVAC parts.

How Does The Refrigeration Valve Work?

There are many refrigeration valves based on their different role and use, and they work differently with different refrigeration unit parts.

Solenoid Refrigeration Valve Working Principle:

Solenoid Refrigeration Valve Working Principle

For a solenoid refrigeration valve, the solenoid coil stimulated it electrically and produced a magnetic field to attract iron.

As a core of the solenoid valve, the iron plunger opens its valve port by attaching a stem and pin.

The solenoid valve close when the plunger falls due to de-energization.

Miracle professionally manufactures and supplies this electrically operated automatic solenoid refrigeration valve by ensuring its durability.

Refrigeration Ball Valve Working Principle:

Refrigeration Ball Valve Working Principle

The refrigeration ball valve uses a metal rotary ball having a bore.

It uses a wrench instead of a handwheel to turn on and off the valve.

By rotating the wrench a quarter, It can be fully open, partially open, and fully close.

The fluid passes freely while the refrigeration valve is in the fully open position.

The PTFE seal in the upper portion of the ball valve is connected to the wrench, which can be rotated 90 degrees around its axis.

Refrigeration Shut Off Valve Working Principle:

Refrigeration Shut Off Valve Working Principle

The refrigeration shut-off valve owns a spring, hook, diaphragm, and valve.

When it’s is closed, it should be manually reset or turned on.

It is controlled by a latch mechanism and linked to the spring and diaphragm above.

The gas enters by inlet and out by the outlet through the lower chamber.

The impulse line senses the pressure under the diaphragm, and it lifts the spring upwards when the pressure increases.

Refrigeration Check Valve Working Principle:

Refrigeration Check Valve Working Principle

The inlet and outlet anchorage of a refrigeration check valve relies on the compressor’s refrigerant pressure.

As an automated electric valve, the refrigeration check valve controls the stability of the raised and low pressure of the compressor.

It turns the valve off to stop the refrigerant flow when it reaches balance.

So the compressor stops working, and the backflow in the refrigeration system can be prevented.

After the restarts of ac or refrigeration system, it starts working again.

Refrigeration Valve And System

Refrigeration Valve And System

Refrigeration valves are used with many parts of the refrigeration and air conditioning system to maintain the refrigerant pressures between the evaporator and the condenser and regulate the flow of refrigerant that enters into the evaporators.

Such as refrigeration check valve, refrigeration expansion valve, refrigeration shut off valve, refrigeration ball valve, 4-way reversing refrigeration valve, roto lock refrigeration valve, refrigeration solenoid valve, etc.

We manufacture and supply the most reliable and strongest refrigeration valves and systems to regulate the refrigerant movement in your ac and refrigerations.

You will find the most suitable refrigeration valve types from our large collection for sale, which will fit your wide range of temperatures.

As a part of our plenty variants of the refrigeration valve system, the refrigeration valve for the compressor is a phenomenon.

For any hermetic or semi-hermetic or scroll compressor, we manufacture and supply the best alternative.

Miracle is the first choice of thousands of people worldwide and wholesalers who use different valves for their AC, split system, heat pump, refrigeration, repairing, charging, or replacement.

To go with different types of valves, we manufacture and supply refrigeration valve fittings and other spare parts simultaneously.

With our 20 + years of experience as a refrigeration valve manufactures and supplier.

We have the strongest monitoring system to provide quality assurance for every single refrigeration valve you want to use for after-sales repairing, vacuuming, testing, or anything else.

Why Choose Refrigeration Valves

Why Choose Miracle Refrigeration Valves

Miracle is the refrigeration valve supplier, also the refrigeration solution provider in China.

Although we are a young company, all the people in the team have plenty of experience in providing refrigeration solutions for commercial refrigeration before we form this team.

Such as a cold room project, air conditioning solution for supermarkets, hotels, buildings, etc.

And we are passionate about our work and our career and react fast to all situations.

For this, we have to pick the good and reliable quality parts for the whole system, with professional knowledge and years of experience for testing.

We have to know the refrigeration valve factories very well.

When we choose the refrigeration valve factory.

We pay attention to their factory strength includes their plant area, team strength, technical team ability, working experience, certificates, etc.

They must be responsible for their products and react fast to any problem that comes from the customer.

Therefore, all the refrigeration valves factories I cooperated are with more than 20 years of experience, have certificates, such as CE or UL or ISO9001 or ISO1400 or all of them;

They have had good cooperation with the famous brand for years.

We did a lot of works before you can see their products, to make your business simple and competitive by our efforts.

Where Use Refrigeration Valves

Here let me introduce the function of different refrigeration valves, to let you know more about the above refrigeration valves, the installation position, and their main role in the refrigeration system.​

Expansion Valve

Application of Refrigeration Expansion Valve in Refrigeration System
Application of Refrigeration Expansion Valve in Refrigeration System

The expansion valve is designed for food cold chain, cold room condensing unit, home, and commercial air conditioning field.

It’s the main part of a refrigeration system, as important as compressors, evaporators, and condensers.

It should be installed between the evaporator and condenser, the outlet of the expansion valve connects the inlet of the evaporator.

It should be installed near the evaporator, as you can see in the above pic.

The main function of the expansion valve is to keep the overheating degree of the evaporator outlet at a certain level.

Miracle expansion valve is suitable for refrigerants such as R134a, R22, R404, R502, and R410a.

Of course, there are also richer types, such as

Thermostatic expansion valve

Electric expansion valve

Internal equalizer expansion valve

External equalizer expansion valve

For the technical info and detailed specification for the expansion valve, please kindly click to check.

Refrigeration Solenoid Valve

Application of Refrigeration Solenoid Valve in Refrigeration System
Application of Refrigeration Solenoid Valve in Refrigeration System

The refrigeration solenoid valve has two types, directly operate type solenoid valve and servo operate solenoid valve.

It is designed for liquid line, suction line, and hot gas line of freezing, refrigeration, and air conditioning equipment.

A solenoid valve should be installed between the condenser and expansion valve.

Its main function is to cut off the system when the compressor stops working, to avoid the liquid hitting situation when the compressor restarts and is also useful for changing the direction of cooling and heating.

It is widely used for an HVAC&R system.

Miracle can supply you Danfoss type solenoid valve, one-way flow, suitable for all the HCFC, HFC refrigerants, it has a normal open and normal close type for different using demand.

You can choose different voltage and frequency solenoid valve coils according to your market and system, such as AC 220v/50hz,220v/60hz,110v/60hz, DC 12V, DC24V.

The unloading solenoid valve is an automatically loaded valve, it will be loaded according to the heat load situation of the system.

It also has a normal open and normal close type for your reference.

The coil has AC and DC to meet your requirements, its max working pressure is 30 bar, suitable for all the refrigerants.

R410 Solenoid valve is specially designed for R410a, but you can also use it for common refrigerants.

Its max working pressure can reach 45BAR, the applicable temperature can be -40℃ to 105℃.

Castel solenoid valve is the diaphragm type solenoid valve, it is used to replace the Castel brand solenoid valve, suitable for all the common refrigerants, its max working pressure reaches 3MPA.

Refrigeration Ball Valve

Application of Refrigeration Ball Valve in Refrigeration System
Application of Refrigeration Ball Valve in Refrigeration System

When filling the refrigerant with the system, add refrigeration oil, replacing the filter drier or expansion valve.

You all need a ball valve to control the opening and closing of the refrigeration system.

You can install ball valves at the inlet and outlet of the filter drier, suction accumulator, and oil separator.

Disconnect the refrigeration system by closing the ball valves to replace these refrigeration components.

When the replacement is complete, open the ball valve to reopen the entire system.

Refrigeration Shut Off Valves

The diaphragm hand valve is a one-way manual shut-off valve.

Will be installed on the liquid, gas.

And suction pipeline of the system to divide the liquid flow area from the spindle chamber.

We provide SAE and ODF connection from 1/4 size to 7/8, click to check details.

The refrigeration globe valve is the refrigeration valve whose spindle can be automatically closed and sealed, used for commercial and industrial refrigeration systems.

We provide sizes from 7/8 to 2 1/8, or you have any special requirements,

Just contact us and let us know, we have a professional team to design for you.

Refrigerant Check Valve

Magnetic check valve adopts magnetic diaphragm design, metal sealing, inner use guide device, and self-absorbing structure design.

Therefore make sure the installation angle of the check valve has no limit, also ensure it won’t be affected by the reverse pressure.

The check valve can be closed automatically, which makes the reverse direction almost zero leakage.

It is suitable for big and medium refrigeration equipment and air conditioning devices.

And it should be installed at the exhaust pipeline of the compressor for controlling the flow direction of refrigerant, to achieve the cooling and heating function.

Rotalock Valve

The main function of the rotalock valve is adjusting the flow volume of the refrigerant and opening/closing the flow of the refrigerant.

Its function is controlled by the rotating parts of the rotalock valve.

We normally equip the rotalock valve as the standard parts for the liquid receiver.

Hot Gas Bypass Valve

Application of Refrigeration Hot Gas Bypass Valve in Refrigeration System
Application of Refrigeration Hot Gas Bypass Valve in Refrigeration System

The hot gas bypass valve is a mechanical device that uses the balance principle of refrigerant pressure and spring force to control the pressure of the inlet and outlet of the hot gas bypass valve.

The hot gas bypass valve which adjusts the energy can provide a method: bypass the high-pressure refrigerant to the low-pressure side to keep the system working at the given low suction pressure.

The hot gas bypass valve is mainly used for compressor rack units, variable frequency compressor units, with unloading device compressor unit, and single compressor refrigeration system without energy adjustment device.

Using the hot gas bypass valve will be a very economic solution for these units.

Main functions of the hot gas bypass valve.

Provides a virtual load.

Defrosting for the evaporator coil.

Bypass the hot gas to adjust the energy to achieve a better function.

Advantages of the hot gas bypass valve.

Preventing the short circuit of the compressor.

Preventing compressor from operating at very low suction pressure.

Preventing the evaporator from freezing at the low load.

Excellent oil return function.

Multiple Transportation Options

After we confirm everything for products and quality things, you must hope to get the products asap, also in the economic way.

We hear your voice.

So we also have strict rules for choosing the forwarder company and shipping company.

They must be very experienced in giving the most suitable solution for different countries according to goods condition.

And ensure to provide the best price for freight, shortest delivery time, and easiest way for clearance.

So for now, we have reliable forwarder companies for different transportation ways for different markets:

  • Airfreight shipping
  • sea freight shipping
  • railway freight shipping
  • door to door

And another required shipping method.

Refrigeration Valve Sea Freight Shipping

Refrigeration Valve Sea Freight
Refrigeration Valve Sea Freight

Our forwarder can cover all the global shipping lines, which ensures they can offer us the competitive price and stable space, no matter you choose ship LCL, FCL, bulk cargo, roll-on,roll-off, chartered ship, etc.

All these services are to ensure you get the products quickly at the lowest cost.

Refrigeration Valve Air Freight Shipping

Refrigeration Valve Air Freight Shipping

It includes the shipping by air and the shipping by express, they may all use air for delivery, but the clearance process is a little different.

The cooperated forwarder provides many options for airline companies, you can choose by yourself or follow our advice.

And ensure you will get competitive shipping rates and fast delivery.

Refrigeration Valve Door To Door Shipping

Refrigeration Valve Door To Door Shipping
Refrigeration Valve Door To Door Shipping

No matter by air, by sea, or by railway.

If you want us to handle all the procedures for delivery, clearance, loading, and unloading, inland transportation.

You can choose door to door, we will take everything, you just need to collect the goods at the required place.

Refrigeration Valve Railway Freight Shipping

Refrigeration Valve Railway Freight Shipping
Refrigeration Valve Railway Freight Shipping

We provide the railway freight shipping at a good price, the forwarder will provide professional guidance in loading and arranging the container, provide 28 days free demurrage in loading at the destination port at most.


How Can I Get the Detailed Specifications to Choose the Refrigeration Valve Model?

There is E-catalogue in PDF format for you to check the detailed specification, or you can directly contact us for professional guidance.

Do You Have Other Refrigeration Valves that I Didn’t See on This Page?

Yes, those are the main and important refrigeration valves that we want to show you, we do have other refrigeration valves and spare parts because we are the one-stop supplier for refrigeration and air conditioning, just contact us for confirmation.

Do You Sell These Refrigeration Valves Separately?

Yes, we have a solution for refrigeration project customers, also for wholesalers or agents, you can buy full cartons or containers for all the refrigeration spare parts.

Can You do OEM for Those Refrigeration Valves?

Yes, just provide us your specific requirements, for the package, for the label, and other demands, we will provide a solution for you.

Can You Customized Refrigeration Valves as We Required or Match Our Refrigeration System?

Yes, just contact our technical team with your requirements.

Do You Have a Warranty for Refrigeration Valves?

Yes, all the refrigeration valves have a warranty for at least 1 year, you can check with us for a specific guaranty for different refrigeration valves.

Can You Design the Complete Unit for the Refrigeration System with All the Refrigeration Valves Equipped?

Yes, we design and sell the complete condensing unit with all the spare parts equipped, such as refrigeration valves, controllers, compressors, oil gauge, evaporator and condenser, and so on. As long as you have demand, contact us directly.

How to Choose the Matched Refrigeration Valves for My System?

Contact our technical team with your requirements or your project situation, we will calculate the cooling capacity or flow volume, or other important factors and give you professional advice.

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