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We offer a wide range of refrigeration repair and service tools, including basic refrigeration tools, refrigeration hand tools, refrigeration tool kits, etc.

Miracle has a complete list of refrigeration tools, Miracle refrigeration tools are widely used in the HVAC systems, refrigeration systems, air conditioner systems, and so on.

Miracle is a professional supplier of fireless connection solutions and manufacturer of lokring refrigeration tools.

Our value refrigeration tools list kit gives you the best price. Contact us now.

Refrigeration Repair Tool

FRK refrigeration tool is the best refrigeration service tool, Our R&D team gets the idea from a lot of refrigerator repair projects, after a long time of research to design FRK to make refrigerator repair work simple, to save time and cost for customers. We have a patent in China, also in the USA, in the future, will get patents in more countries. If you are in the refrigerator service industry, please contact us now.

Refrigeration and Air Conditioner Tool

Refrigeration and air conditioner tool is one of our main tools for the refrigeration system. This air conditioner repair tool is used for air conditioner installation and is part of the lokring refrigeration tools. If you are or will be engaged in air conditioning installation projects, Miracle refrigeration and air conditioner tool is your best choice.

Refrigerant Recovery Tool

Refrigerant is a serious hazard to the environment, so it is necessary to use the refrigerant recovery tool to recover refrigerant when servicing HVAC&R systems. Miracle refrigerant recovery tool belongs to basic refrigeration tools. For more detail on recovery tools, please contact us now.

Refrigeration Vacuum Pump Tool

The vacuum pump refrigeration tool is widely used for refrigeration maintenance. Miracle provides the single-stage, 2 stage vacuum pump with 50HZ or 60HZ. There is also a dual-voltage vacuum pump available for you. Send your next order and let the Miracle service team help you to get a more valuable vacuum pump refrigeration tool!

Refrigeration Flaring Tool

The flaring refrigeration tool is one of the important refrigeration HVAC tools, no matter for the installation or repair work. Miracle provides many types of flaring refrigeration tools and popular flaring took kits to match different applications. Click to check the details for each model or let our team service you online!

Refrigeration Manifold Gauge Tool

A manifold gauge refrigeration tool is necessary for service and repair, it has a high-pressure gauge and a low-pressure gauge to help you check the refrigerant in the refrigeration system. You can be matched with different types of refrigerants and, of course, choose the right length of refrigerant hose for you. Besides, we can also provide shut-off valves and adapters to meet your needs.

Refrigeration Pipe Bender Tool

A pipe bender is another type of important refrigeration tool, especially useful for bending pipe in the elbow place or corners. Miracle provides the pipe bender refrigeration tool to suit the size 5/16 to 7/8, and the angle can be 90°and 180°. Any needs for the pipe bender, Just contact us with the details directly!

Refrigeration Pipe Cutter Tool

When you need to test the refrigeration system or change the copper filter drier or charge the refrigerant, you need basic refrigeration tools, such as pipe cutters, pipe benders, etc. As a reliable supplier of refrigeration tools, Miracle can provide you with different sizes of refrigeration service tools. Please contact us now to see the details.

Refrigeration Pipe Reamer Tool

A pipe reamer refrigeration tool is used to ream the copper pipe when it’s get cut, ream the pipe end to make it flat and smooth, then ensure good sealing for the next connection procedure. The refrigeration pipe reamer is also a basic refrigeration tool. We have many types for your reference. Send your inquiry now!

If you are looking for a supplier to fulfill your bulk need with various types of refrigeration tools, Miracle is here to provide the HVAC wholesale and refrigeration wholesale service for you.

Send us your refrigeration tool list, Miracle will help recommend the most suitable refrigeration tools for your market with the most cost-effective price, also handle all the packing and delivery processes. Work with Miracle, You find Everything you need for HVAR&R in China.

Refrigeration Tool Wholesale

Miracle refrigeration HVAC tool is designed after many years’ actual experience for the real project by Miracle engineer.

It is our self-designed product, and have already got multiple patents to ensure you can get the high-quality refrigeration tool from the right factory.

Refrigeration Tool Quality Assurance

Lokring refrigeration tool is a self-developed and designed product of Miracle. The lokring refrigeration tool has undergone multiple rigorous experiments that have high market promotion value.

Miracle refrigeration tool fitting can replace the traditional threaded connection and welding in the pipe connection. It has advantages that other connection methods cannot compare. Contact us now.

Lokring Refrigeration Tool Features
Lokring Refrigeration Tool Features

Other than refrigeration tools and refrigeration repair tools, for refrigeration work.

There are many situations, you need to charge refrigerant, such as changing the copper filter drier, changing the air conditioner valve, changing the HVAC compressor, change the HVAC coil.

Then you gonna still need multiple types of refrigerants, like R22, r134a, r32, r290, r404a, r407c, r410a, r507, r600a, r1234yf, etc.

Miracle is providing the solution for your HVAC&R system. You find us, you find everything you need for refrigeration repair.

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Refrigeration Tools and Refrigerant Gas

Related Products

  • Refrigeration Electrical Tool

    Electrical refrigeration tool is very easy to use, more powerful thrust, turn on the operation switch, the ring can be crimped automatically, and no force is required in the whole process, eliminating the fatigue caused by crimping the body for a long time.

  • Refrigeration Tool and 30w Lokring Tool

    No need to use electricity, no need for routine maintenance, no need to spend time worrying. Longer handle, more labor-saving operation, a variety of clamp head matching, allowing you to handle large pipes with ease.

  • Refrigeration Tool and Charging Station

    The refrigerant charging station is combined equipment, it has a manifold, a vacuum pump, and a charging scale. It will be convenient for you to take the station to fulfill 3 functions for repair work, and with the handle, it’s easy to carry and keep.

  • Refrigeration Tool and Filter Drier

    FRK refrigeration tool has the best partner for refrigerator repair: copper filter drier, a variety of specifications and styles are available, there are single tailpipes, double tailpipes, and extended tailpipes, cheaper prices, higher cost performance, contact Miracle to get more discounts.

Basic Refrigeration Service Tools

Basic Refrigeration Service Tools

Every technician has different requirements for basic refrigeration tools.

For example, refrigerators (fridges) Basic service tools, and air conditioner basic service tools are different.

Therefore, Miracle has compiled some general basic refrigeration service tools.

Of course, you can also send us your refrigeration tools list. We can provide you with more convenient services.

If you are engaged in refrigerator repair service, then we can provide you with crimping tools, refrigeration manifold gauges, r600a refrigerant tools, etc.

As a professional refrigeration tool supplier, we can provide you with the best refrigeration tools. Contact us now.

Refrigeration Hand Tools Kit

Refrigeration Hand Tools Kit

A good refrigeration tool supplier will provide you with a wide range of tools for refrigeration, not only to consider the reliability of the refrigeration tools for you but also to ensure that the refrigeration tools are easy to sell and bring you benefits.

Miracle provides you with professional refrigeration hand tools and refrigeration hand tool kits.

We pay attention to the protection of our dealers, provide you with a price-insurance policy, protect your interests from infringement, and have priority promotion rights in the market.

Miracle hand refrigeration tools can be widely used in HVAC&R systems.

The product range includes pipe cutters, refrigeration pipe bender sets, refrigeration piercing tools, etc.

HVAC Refrigeration Tools Kit

Refrigeration HVAC Tools Kit

HVAC refrigeration tools can be used in air conditioning, ventilation, and refrigeration systems.

HVAC refrigeration tools include refrigeration service tools and installation tools.

As the best refrigeration HVAC tools supplier in China, we always insist on providing you with more valuable HVAC tools, which is also the cornerstone of our success.

In the process of designing and developing refrigeration HVAC tools.

Miracle summarized a large number of workers’ feedback on refrigeration tools, sorted and refined this information, and incorporated it into every detail of our product development.

We attach great importance to the grip of refrigeration service and maintenance tools.

The materials we used for refrigeration tools are solid and the craftsmanship is exquisite. It is a long-lasting good product.

The Refrigeration HVAC tools we can provide you with include an HVAC flaring tool, refrigerant charging scale, refrigerant recovery machine, HVAC vacuum pump, etc.

For more refrigeration tools list, please contact us now.

Lokring Refrigeration Tools Kit

Lokring Refrigeration Tools Kit

As the first solder-free refrigeration tools supplier in China, we devoted ourselves to R&D, manufacturing, and marketing for refrigeration products.

For the convenience of customers, we make this refrigeration tools kit.

Right now, we put the refrigeration lokring tools and sealing liquid inside of the bags.

Then you can easily carry the refrigeration repair tool to the site.

The lokring fitting is packed separately because of various sizes.

If you have other requirements for the package, contact us for a professional and customized solution for you.

Refrigeration Tools and Their Functions

Refrigeration Tools and Their Functions

The function of the basic refrigeration tool is mainly to disassemble the casing of the refrigeration equipment.

For example, when disassembling the casing of an air conditioning unit, a screwdriver, a ratchet wrench, are required.

When you open the enclosure of the refrigeration system, you generally need to test the refrigeration system or replace accessories.

So you need to use a tube cutter, multimeter, refrigeration accessories, HVAC parts, and other refrigeration tools and equipment.

When you have completed the inspection of the refrigeration system.

You need the manifold gauge set, vacuum pump, and refrigerant leak detection equipment, refrigerant recovery machine to make the final confirmation of the system.

All refrigeration tools are designed to help you repair and service HVAC&R systems faster, safer, and more labor-saving.

Miracle has rich experience in the export of refrigeration tools and quality control and can solve your bulk order needs.

Just send us your refrigeration tool list now!

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Lokring Refrigeration Repair Tool Functions

Lokring Refrigeration Repair Tool Functions

Miracle refrigeration tools need to be used with lokring refrigeration accessories.

The lokring refrigeration tool is designed according to the metallic characteristics of the piping material and is a fireless connection technology.

No welding connection is a new type of cold extrusion pipe connection technology.

This connection method uses external force to push the tightening ring to produce elastic-plastic deformation of the connected pipes of the different materials.

Thereby realizing the mutual connection and sealing between the pipes.

No welding connection technology is suitable for the connection of non-ferrous metal pipes and a lot of use the connection of refrigeration piping systems.

The refrigeration tool fitting quality depends on the material and surface characteristics of the two pipes.

It solves the unstable connection quality caused by human factors from the root cause.

Therefore, It can reduce the refrigerant leakage rate of the refrigeration line from the original one-thousandth to less than one ten-thousandth. It greatly reduces leakage.

How to Use the FRK Lokring Refrigeration Repair Tool Easily?

Have you ever met any problems with welding during refrigerator repair?

Have you ever lost the business because the welding connection is not allowed at the site?

You are very wise to find our FRK refrigeration tool to solve all the problems you met for welding.

As you can see in the video, it’s taken by our engineer for our repair work. There are several refrigeration parts you will need.

FRK refrigeration repair tool, lokring fittings, and sealing liquid for the solder-free connection, and we demonstrate how we connect copper filter drier.

How to connect the capillary tube. How to seal the compressor with a stopper.

We hope to help more technical workers to do the job easier, and help businessmen get more profit from the new technology.

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Why Do You Need a Refrigeration and Air Conditioner Repair Tool?

Miracle refrigeration repair tool is specially designed for refrigeration HVAC maintenance.

Refrigeration and air conditioning service tools with fireless connection technology.

No need for fire, no dangerous gas required, even no experienced skills limit, it’s quite easy to operate.

The refrigeration repair tool is very small and light, very easy to carry, and it has a great advantage for the operation during small and narrow space, very flexible to meet your request.

Furthermore, you can’t imagine its high efficiency for repair, can you believe we finish the connection within a few seconds?

Our lokring refrigeration service tools can fit all the brands of the refrigerator and air conditioner, widely use for LG, Samsung, Gree, Haier, Panasonic, Hisense, etc.

If you are not sure about your refrigeration system, contact us for technical suggestions.

Our aim is to do more and make your business simple.

So we are providing the complete solution for refrigeration and air conditioning, all the parts you need, just contact us.

Where Use Refrigeration Lokring Tools

Where Use Refrigeration Lokring Tools

In the refrigeration system, there are many connections that you need to weld.

For example, the connection of the copper filter direr, the connection of the insulated copper pipe, the connection of the copper Y joint.

However, the use of welding is very inconvenient, and it is also very dangerous, and the leakage rate is also high.

Especially when you repair the refrigeration line, you should always pay attention to the piping will not be high-temperature burn through.

But now, if you use Miracle lokring tools and fittings, all these problems will be solved.

Miracle no welding refrigeration tool used for pipeline over-melting connection.

Widely used in industrial refrigeration, commercial refrigeration, transportation refrigeration, residential building, commercial building, etc.

For more application range, contact us now.

How To Use Lokring Refrigeration HVAC Tools

First Step: Confirm the outer diameter and wall thickness of the tube, and select the corresponding copper press fittings and refrigeration tools heads.

Second Step: Put the inner nest into the end of the pipe, and then put the copper press fittings on the outside of the pipe as shown.

Third Step: Insert the tube into one end of the quick coupling sleeve, and draw a marked line on the wall of the tube at the port position of the coupling sleeve.

Fourth Step: Check the length of the tube inserted into the connecting sleeve, then insert the tube into the connecting sleeve again.

And then pull the connecting sleeve from the end of the pipe by 1/3 ~ 1/2 length based on the mark.

Fifth Step: At the gap between the connection port and the tube, drop the special sealing liquid (at this time we can see that the sealing liquid is quickly drawn into the gap).

Until the sealing liquid is no longer sucked, stop adding the sealing liquid.

Be sure to let the sealing liquid flow down the gap between the connecting sleeve and the tube.

Sixth Step: Insert the tube into the copper press fittings sleeve for the last time, and reach the reserved mark line.

Seventh Step: After the sealing liquid is completely added, push the lokring to the connecting sleeve, no need to push it hard, slightly push it to the right place, and suck it together.

Eighth Step: Take out the refrigeration tools, and put the connected pipe into the jaws, one jaw is stuck in the middle of the connecting sleeve, and the other jaw is stuck on the outer of lokring.

Ninth Step: Start to shake the refrigeration tools hands.

When the lokring moves to the shoulder position of the connecting sleeve and stops make sure there is no gap between the lokring parts, repeat the above steps to connect the other end of the pipeline.

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Notes on the use of Lokring Refrigeration HVAC Tools

Notes on the use of Lokring Refrigeration HVAC Tools

√ When you can rotate the lokring fitting sleeve or tube.

Please rotate at least one turn to allow the sealing liquid to fully cover the gap evenly, and observe the gap at the end of the coupling sleeve.

If the sealing liquid is insufficient, please add a little more Until the sealing liquid is no longer sucked into the gap;

√ When the lokring fitting sleeve or the tube cannot rotate.

We can shake and swing the lokring fitting sleeve up, down, front, back, or left and right, which can also uniformly cover the quick sealing fluid in the gap;

during shaking or swinging, the sealing liquid will overflow at the gap position of the end of the connecting sleeve.

This overflow does not necessarily flow out a lot. It may be just a little.

When the connecting sleeve shakes or swings, it is sucked into the gap.

It is an ideal amount of sealing liquid;

When you see a clear gap in the gap of the connecting sleeve without sealing liquid.

Please add a little more until the sealing liquid is no longer sucked into the gap.

Refrigeration and Air Conditioner Service Tool Fittings

Refrigeration Repair Tool and Aluminum Fitting

Refrigeration Repair Tool and Aluminum Fitting

Aluminum press fittings are designed for small sizes metal pipes connection, use together with FRK refrigeration repair tools.

It applies to pipe sizes from 1.8mm to 8mm that can fulfill most refrigerator pipe sizes, other sizes we can customize, such as 9.52mm.

We have equal sizes and reducing sizes for both sides for your reference.

Air Conditioner Service Tool and Copper Fitting

Air Conditioner Service Tool and Copper Fitting

Copper-steel press fitting is made of a copper sleeve and two stainless steel rings.

It’s widely used for refrigeration and air conditioner system pipes connection, popular for central air conditioning and installation, some use for refrigerator repairing.

Same with Aluminum press fittings, it has an equal size and reducing size for both sizes to meet your requirements.

Feature of Lokring Refrigeration HVAC Tools

Feature of Lokring Refrigeration HVAC Tools

Aluminum press fittings are suited for tube Dia ≤φ8mm or 5/16, copper press fittings are suited for tube Dia ≤φ 1 1/8.

Especially use for fridge, freezer, central air conditioner, drinking water system, steam system, water heating system, etc.

Flexible and easy to use, easy to carry.

It has a great advantage for different material pipes’ connections, like copper to aluminum, aluminum to steel, etc.

It should use suitable sizes of lokring fittings and sealant together.

We havebigger size hand tool to meet your requirements for a big size metal pipe connection.

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Refrigeration Tools for Sale

Refrigeration Tools for Sale

Miracle is providing the complete solution for refrigerator&freezer repair.

So except for the solder-free connection products.

We also supply the other refrigerant tools for repairing, including the pipe cutter, reamer, copper filter drier, capillary tube, manifolds, HVAC flaring tool, etc.

As a professional refrigeration tools supplier, we can provide you with not only a complete list of refrigeration tools.

But also accessories used in the repair and maintenance of HVAC&R systems.

Such as refrigeration units, refrigeration compressors, refrigeration fans, etc.

Our mission is to do more and help to save your time and cost, you find us, you got everything you want for the repair work.

Miracle team is doing the repair project in the domestic market.

We all use these refrigerant tools by our own service team, you can trust us to supply you with the best refrigerant tool for you.

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