Refrigeration Solution
Refrigeration Solution

Miracle is devoted ourselves to provide you a professional refrigeration solution, with our expertise, to make your business simple and profitable.

Miracle provides refrigeration solutions for commercial refrigeration, including different sizes of the cold room, air conditioning, freezer&refrigerator, widely used for food preservation, supermarket, food processing room, modern agriculture, hospitals, etc.

Miracle has a big advantage for providing the solder-free connection technology to replace welding to install and repair the refrigeration equipment easily, quickly, and safely.

Refrigeration Solution Service

Miracle provides the services for refrigeration solutions and the services will be different because of the different products. Let me introduce to you one by one.

Refrigeration solution service for no welding connection products.

It is a new method for AC installation and refrigerator repairing field, we have a complete solution for you to get known of it very well. Firstly, we will provide the samples which almost include all the parts you will need for your business with the lowest price.

Secondly, we provide clear and detailed documents and drawings to show their instructions, features, and how to use them well, also there are specific videos to teach you step by step.

This technology is not difficult, you can operate it well with all of our efforts. Finally, if you want to form your own team to do the installation project as your business, you can send your team to our factory to attend the training class, make sure you have a great and reliable team to gain the project for you.

Refrigeration solution service for condensing unit and cold storage

They are normally big refrigeration solutions that we need to provide, all related to the profession.

We can provide the service to calculate and design the condensing unit and cold storage according to your site situation and project requirement, also it can be your budget reference for planning the project.

If you get a big project and you are not confident about all the data, it’s ok. We can also send the engineer to your site and test all the data in person, then provide the condensing unit and cold storage solution to you.

After you place the order and receive the condensing unit and cold storage, our engineer will provide you a professional guide for installation and debugging of the equipment, make sure they are running well. If you need our technical person on your site, just talk to us.

Refrigeration solution service for other refrigeration spare parts

We accept sample order with a small quantity to check the quality, just contact us with the products list.

Miracle’s business is open to discussion, we have flexible refrigeration solutions for different types of customers, please make sure let me know you well, and trust us, we always find the acceptable refrigeration solution for you.

  • Refrigeration Solution for Lokring Technology

Refrigeration Solution for Lokring Technology

How to achieve the most benefit of lokring during the installation? As the wholesaler or retailer or cultivate your own team to do the installation project? Will there be a new mode available?

How does the lokring gain a place in the field of air conditioning installation, refrigerator/freezer repair, and refrigerator production line, then develop rapidly? How to make money through lokring technology and lokring refrigeration?

The lokring technology that is designed by Miracle Refrigeration is suitable for the connection of all metal pipes. At the beginning of the design of lokring technology, the original intention was to reduce the complexity of pipeline connections and limit energy consumption, and excellently solve the impact of human factors on pipeline connections.

Lokring technology provides a new refrigeration solution for the refrigeration industry and creates new jobs.

Refrigeration Solution for Cold Storage Business

Is it expensive to build cold storage? No, I don’t think you have found a suitable method and a reasonable design. How can you reduce the cost of cold storage? Let Miracle tell you what to do.

Miracle customizes automated management equipment for cold storage and designs cold storage that suits you well according to space and budget. Energy-saving, high efficiency, and convenience are Miracle’s requirements for cold storage design.

Miracle has mini cold storage with high automation and easy installation, food cold storage for fruits and vegetables, and low-temperature cold storage for meat products.

Miracle will be devoted to your cold storage business. Miracle’s rigorous design and professional services will surely protect your cold storage business.

  • Refrigeration Solution for Cold Storage Business
  • Custom Refrigeration Solution

Custom Refrigeration Solution

Miracle is the factory that specializes in the design of evaporator, condenser, condensing unit, and solder-free connection technology, and devoted ourselves to provide custom refrigeration solution to meet your specific requirements for your cold room, supermarket cooling, refrigerator, and the installation, repair service to make your business simple.

With the past 10 -20 years’ efforts, Miracle has stood in the highest level of quality, design and production ability, high performance, high efficiency, and innovation. And most important, we design a refrigeration solution that very safe, because we care about you, your safety, your feelings, your happy work, and your happy life.

Everyone in our team, will complete their professional work by considering all of your requirements, provide you a reliable, profitable, and competitive refrigeration solution.

Refrigeration Solution and No Welding Connection

When you get a project for building a central air conditioning project for a residential building, commercial office building, supermarket, hospital or hotel, or another refrigeration system, even the water pipe system, you may choose to weld to connect all the pipes in the system.

And in the same time, you noticed that some installation place require “no fire” because of the safety risks, and you may also notice that welding requires the experienced workers or will cause leaking, and it really need to take some big equipment, dangerous gas, the biggest thing is welding is really slow for a big project. Here comes Miracle solder-free connection technology, it was designed for solving all the problems you met.

  • Refrigeration Solution and No Welding Connection
  • Refrigerator Solution

Refrigerator Solution

Except for the above application, it also widely used for refrigerator production lines, It will greatly improve the production efficiency and save cost for your factory; With customized single ring and matched equipment, it will be a revolution of your production efficiency and cost.

The no welding connection is also widely used for refrigerator and freezer repair, small tool bag to carry, safe and quickly for operate, make your work simple and happy.

Freezer Refrigeration Solution

Freezer or you may call it to showcase, it’s widely used in supermarkets to cold storage the fruit, vegetable, fish, or meat, or we can see in some small shops by keeping drinks, wines, milk, etc. It is also popular for medical applications, cold storage medicine, vaccines, collected samples.

The solder-free connection is a metal pipe connection technology, widely used for different material metal pipes’ connections, such as copper to aluminum, copper to stainless steel, etc. It is achieved by the propress tool,lokring fittings and sealing liquid, no fire, no high temperature, no gas, very easy to operate even you are a freshman, the important advantage is its high efficiency, it saves more than 80% time than welding.

Miracle provides a small condensing unit and evaporator for different types of freezers.

  • Freezer Refrigeration Solution
  • Cold Room Solution

Cold Room Solution

Different sizes of cold rooms are widely used for different places, for food preservation, food processing room, Pharmaceutical manufacturers and storage, cold drink manufacturer and storage, chemical plant, supermarket, hospital, restaurants, etc. For our daily life, the cold room is essential, you may see it’s significant role during the COVID-19 period, for storage food, medicine, blood, or anything needed.

Miracle has 20 Years’ experience for design and manufacturing for evaporator and condenser, also condensing unit, which forms the main parts for cold room project. The cold room is totally customized products, the selection for every part (includes compressor, evaporator, condenser, expansion valve and other parts), for the condensing unit type(box type condensing unit, open type condensing unit or rack unit or monoblock), How to calculate the cooling capacity and how we can fulfill your cooling function required but with an economic solution. What we do is to consider all of the factors to provide you the best solution, no matter for a cooling function or for price.

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