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Refrigeration Parts Supplier

Miracle is a reliable refrigeration parts supplier in China for 8 years.

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Your Top Refrigeration Parts Supplier

Miracle provides refrigeration parts for the refrigerator, freezer, cold room, and Air conditioning. Miracle not only provides you the common and popular refrigeration parts but also provides you the new technology to make your business simple and competitive.

Miracle is the refrigeration parts supplier for refrigerators & freezers. In this part, you can see the refrigeration parts normally use for refrigerator repair, like manifolds, copper filter drier, HVAC toolsHVAC tool kit, HVAC vacuum pumps, also there are the parts for the new technology of connection to replace welding, our solder-free products: lokring tool and lokring fittings, copper press tool and copper press fittings, propress tool and propress-fitting.

Refrigeration Parts for Refrigerator Repair

New technology solder-free connection to replace welding by Miracle lokring tool and lokring fittings, no fire, no gas, no high temperature required, improve your work efficiency 80%.

Manifold Gauges of Refrigeration Parts

Miracle provides different types of single manifold gauge, oil gauge, and manifolds, apply for R22, R134, R404, R12, R502, R410 refrigerants. Also, have the complete manifold gauge set for your reference. For detailed specs, please click to check.

Pressure Hoses of Refrigeration Parts

Miracle provides the spare parts for manifolds, include charging hoses, shut-off valves, quick coupler, and adaptors kit for different applications. Click here for more details.

Refrigerator Filter Drier of Refrigeration Parts

Miracle provides many types of refrigerator filter driers, standard type with one inlet and one outlet, two inlets and one outlet, copper filter drier with extended tubes, access valves, and other customized refrigerator filter driers.

Access Valve of Refrigeration Parts

Miracle supply different types of refrigeration service valve, include the most popular type with 1/4 SAE and 50cm, 70cm, 100cm tube extend, also supply the customized refrigeration service valve.

Pipe Cutter of Refrigeration Parts

Miracle has the copper pipe cutter for mini type, medium type, and heavy-duty type, and is suitable for copper pipe sizes from 1/8’’ to 2 3/4’’.

Pipe Reamers of Refrigeration Parts

Miracle provides various types of copper pipe reamers to ream the inside and outside of copper pipes to make sure it has good shape and no burrs then can perfect to do the next connection.

Charging Station of Refrigeration Parts

Miracle provides different types of refrigerant charging stations, using for the repair work. Each set includes the manifolds, vacuum pump, and charging scale.

Miracle refrigeration compressors can be used in the central air-conditioning units, water-cooled units, air-cooled units, semi-hermetic units, etc.

The types of compressors Miracle can provide you with include scroll compressors, rotary compressors, semi-hermetic compressors, etc. Contact us now.

Miracle provides verities types of evaporator units matched with your condensing unit for refrigeration projects, ceiling types, dual discharges, small cabinets, etc, please click on it to check more.

In addition, Miracle can also supply high-quality condensers for different applications for 20 years, NH types, V-type, U type, and W types condenser, click here to know more.

More type condenser and evaporator, contact us now!

Related Products

  • Refrigeration Part and Air Curtain

    Miracle supply tubular type air curtain and centrifugal air curtain, different wind levels, and multiple sizes are available. Quiet, complete size, large air volume, natural wind.

  • Refrigeration Parts and Cold Room Door Handle

    Miracle provides different sizes of the cold room door handle to different types of cold room door you choose, no matter the hinged door or sliding door or other types, contact us for details.

  • Refrigeration Parts and Cold Room Door Hinge

    Adjustable hinge, durable and not rusty, strong load-bearing capacity, can be customized. Miracle provides a variety of hinges for cold storage doors.

  • Refrigeration Parts and Cold Room Lights

    Miracle supplies an Incandescent lamp, energy-saving light, and LED light to meet your different requirements for various cold room projects. Moisture-proof and waterproof, energy-saving, multi-voltage options.

  • Refrigeration Parts and Cold Room Ventilation

    Miracle supplies various types of cold room ventilation windows, such as the popular round and square type 110 and 120, also the customized pressure ventilation window for your choice. Smooth ventilation, not freezing, not too hot, beautiful appearance.

  • Refrigeration Parts and PVC Strip Curtain

    Punch-free, easy to install, anti-freezing, and cold-proof soft curtain, special for a cold room. You can choose the size, thickness, color, and types you need.

Condensing Unit Parts

Refrigeration Part and Condensing Unit Parts

Miracle is the refrigeration parts supplier for many types of condensing units. In this part, you can see various refrigeration parts that commonly use for condensing units, no matter for your cold room or air conditioning.

This part includes filter drier, accumulator, oil separator, liquid receiver, expansion valve, solenoid valve and other valves, oil gauge, vibration absorber and controllers, copper branches, etc.

Filter Drier

As the professional refrigeration parts supplier, Miracle provides EK series Molecular sieve filter drier, ADK/DCL/DML solid core filter drier, bi-flow filter drier, suction filter drier, burnout filter drier, and replaceable filter drier shell, also provide the filter drier core separately.

Suction Accumulator

Miracle supply 3 types of suction accumulator, standard suction accumulator, suction accumulator with heat exchanger, heat exchange accumulator with the liquid receiver.

Oil Separator

Miracle has standard AW/AF series sealed and flanged oil separator, Helical oil separator, helical oil separator with oil reservoir, screw compressor oil separator, and automobile oil separator for transportation.

Liquid Receiver

Miracle provides a small vertical liquid receiver and Horizontal liquid receiver from 1L to 21L, also supplies the big vertical liquid receiver and big Horizontal liquid receiver from 4L to 200L, if you want a bigger volume, we customized for you.

Refrigeration Valves

Refrigeration Part and Refrigeration Valve

Miracle has many types of valves to meet your demand, such as Rotolock valves, refrigeration ball valves, check valves, AC valves, etc. For more details, contact us or click here to check detailed information.

Refrigeration Expansion Valve

As one of the 4 main parts of the refrigeration system, it’s very important. So it’s necessary to find a reliable and professional refrigeration parts supplier. Miracle’s engineer has more than 15 years of experience to provide you the best expansion valve. For details, please click to check.

Refrigeration Solenoid Valve

Miracle supply good quality Danfoss type and Castel type solenoid valve, no matter you want the normally open or normal close type, we can meet your request. Also, supply the solenoid valve coil separately.

Refrigeration Sight Glass

Miracle is the one-stop refrigeration parts supplier in China. Except for the above parts, we also supply oil gauge, pressure gauge, sight glass, vibration absorber, etc.

Reversing Valve

We provide different types of 4-way reversing valves for heat pump systems, the normal capacity can be around 3KW to 580KW, suitable for all the refrigerants.

We have good cooperation with Carrier, Haier, Gree, LG, and another famous brands, click to check what do they use and which one is suitable for you.

Refrigeration and Air Conditioner Parts

Refrigeration and Air Conditioner Parts

Copper Branches

Miracle provides these special copper branches, it is different from the welding copper branches. This type is designed with our solder-free technology, with the lokring tool and lokring fitting to do the AC installation work efficiently and safer.

Tube Bender

A tube bender is widely used for air conditioning installation, for bending soft copper, brass, aluminum, steel, and stainless steel from size ‘1/4’ to 7/8’’ with different bend angles. Check details to pick a suitable model for yourself.


Where do I see the refrigeration parts in detail?

You can download the PDF catalog for refrigeration parts from our website, or you can contact us directly.

Can I place a trial order to check the refrigeration parts’ quality?

Yes, you can place a trial order with small quantities to check the quality before formal order, or we welcome you to come to China to check the quality by yourself first.

Can you do OEM for refrigeration parts?

Yes, as a professional refrigeration parts supplier, we have the experience to do OEM for refrigeration parts and we can use your brand for all the labels and packages.

Can I be your distributor in our country?

Yes, that is open to discussion, we are welcome customers from all over the world to achieve this cooperation for all of our refrigeration parts.

How will you arrange the shipment?

Normally we will suggest you order the refrigeration parts for a full container, because the full container is the best way to protect all the refrigeration parts, and it will value your freight. But if you want to ship it BY LCL, it’s ok for us.

Do you have a warranty?

Yes, of course, we are a reliable refrigeration parts supplier and we value our brands and our customers very well. First, we have strict inspection procedures before shipment, if there is any quality problem of our refrigeration parts within 1 year, we will take all the responsibility.

Can you customize the refrigeration parts?

Yes, we can. we have a professional engineer team for that work.

Can you teach us how to use the refrigeration parts right?

No problem, we will show some instructions on our website for how to use these refrigeration parts, if you want more, just contact us, we made some videos for your reference.

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