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Refrigeration Fittings

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Miracle supplies various types of refrigeration fittings, including refrigeration brass fittings, refrigeration copper fittings, braze-free refrigeration fittings, quick connect refrigerant fittings, and so on.

The propress refrigeration fittings and propress refrigeration tools that are developed with 15 years of experience can effectively realize standardized installation, then improve your refrigeration fitting installation efficiency and improve project quality.

Contact Miracle refrigeration fittings team now to get a quick quote!

Refrigeration Press Fittings

Refrigeration press fittings belong to braze-free refrigeration fittings, also known as lokring fittings, which are used to connect various metal pipes. In the design of refrigeration press fittings, the cold connection is adopted to cause microscopic deformation of the two connected metal surfaces to realize the connection of the pipeline. Miracle refrigeration press fitting can effectively avoid the problem of fire welding leakage. Contact us to know more now!

Miracle Single Ring

Refrigeration press fittings are designed with different materials according to different usage scenarios, including copper and steel refrigeration press fitting, single refrigeration press fitting, and aluminum refrigeration press-fitting. Single refrigeration press fitting is mainly used in refrigerator production lines. Copper steel refrigeration press fittings with copper press tools are mainly used for the installation of copper pipelines. Aluminum refrigeration press fittings and FRK manual propress tool are mainly used for after-sales maintenance of refrigerators/freezers.

Refrigeration Brass Fitting

The thread of Miracle refrigeration brass fitting is clear and silky, one-piece forged, and the inner wall is smooth and transparent. High-quality refrigeration brass fitting is what values your purchase. Miracle refrigeration brass fitting threaded connection is smoother, easy to install, and easy to sell. It is widely used in the connection of air conditioning pipelines, the connection of reducing copper pipeline systems, and the connection of water system pipelines.

Refrigeration Access Fitting

The refrigeration access fitting factory with an annual production capacity of 100 million pieces, is the best proof of our strength. Miracle refrigeration access fitting factory is located in a traffic fortress, with mature supporting industries around it, convenient for import and export, and it is only more than two hours’ drive from the port. Miracle refrigeration access fitting factory can provide you with the most punctual delivery time and the most mature refrigeration access fitting.

Refrigerator Filter Drier

Miracle refrigeration access fitting has 20 years of production experience. Years of refrigeration access fitting production experience makes Miracle refrigeration access fitting the highest cost performance. At the same time, Miracle refrigeration access fitting has passed a series of certifications such as UL certification, ISO certification, ROHS certification, etc., to ensure the product quality of refrigeration access fitting. Contact us now for more refrigeration fitting details!

Refrigerator Capillary Tube

When replacing the refrigerator filter drier, the connection of the capillary tube is the focus of maintenance. Therefore, Miracle recommends that you use the Braze-free connection method. Braze-free refrigeration fitting does not use flame welding, and the connection efficiency is higher, there is no gas cylinder, and there is no safety hazard. Refrigeration press fittings can realize the connection between a variety of diameter pipes, especially for capillary tubes, the advantages are more obvious.

Mini Vacuum Pump

High-quality refrigeration fitting requires a high-quality HVAC vacuum pump and refrigeration manifold gauges to achieve the best performance. If your business model is a distributor of refrigeration fittings or a distributor of HVAC parts, Miracle also provides you with high-quality HVAC&R parts, including a flaring tool, tube cutter, pipe bender, etc. Contact us now.

Refrigerant Recovery Machine

Miracle refrigerant recovery machine fittings have a complete range and various specifications are available, including refrigeration brass fitting nut, reducer refrigeration brass fitting, union refrigeration brass fitting, etc. The use of Miracle refrigeration brass fitting requires the combination of an HVAC tool and an HVAC tool kit to better enrich your sales system.

Refrigerant Scale

Miracle refrigerant scale for refrigerant charging of refrigeration systems. If your business model is a refrigeration and air-conditioning parts distributor or engineering company, then it’s good for you to understand the refrigerant scale. Because the sales of this refrigerant scale are very good. In addition, we have other HVAC parts for you to choose from, such as insulated copper pipe, copper Y joint, etc. You can directly contact our refrigeration fitting manager to get a quick quotation now!

Refrigerant Hose Fitting

The three-color explosion-proof refrigerant hose fitting has always been our main refrigeration fitting. Miracle refrigerant hose fitting consists of four layers, and each layer is designed according to different operating conditions.

Miracle refrigerant hose fitting is composed of four-layer composition, The quality is more guaranteed, pressure-resistant, and non-explosive.

Miracle refrigerant hose fitting is made of brass, with exquisite workmanship and sophisticated craftsmanship, which makes it smooth to use and not stuck. Miracle refrigerant hose fitting adopts a special structure design, which has good sealing performance and will not leak refrigerant.


HVAC Manifold Gauge

Refrigerant manifold gauge fittings include manifold gauges, single gauge, ac manifold gauge set, and manifold gauge set. The complete set of refrigerant hose fitting collocation can not only have a better connection effect but also have a cost-effective refrigerant fitting price. Contact us now to get more preferential policies for refrigerant fittings!

Refrigerant Adapter Fitting

Refrigerant adapter fitting is used with a refrigerant hose fitting. Refrigerant adapter fitting is suitable for all refrigerants, including R1234yf refrigerants. Miracle refrigerant adapter fitting is suitable for home air-conditioning installation and maintenance, refrigerator maintenance, automobile air-conditioning maintenance, etc.

A variety of refrigerant adapter fittings can meet your purchasing needs. Miracle refrigerant adapter fitting includes ball valve refrigerant adapter fitting, R12 to R134a refrigerant adapter fitting, and extended refrigerant adapter fitting for automobiles. The small refrigerant adapter fitting plays an important role in the refrigeration system.

Miracle refrigerant adapter fitting with Miracle charging hose will be your best choice. Miracle provides you with refrigerant adapter fitting technical support, as well as refrigeration manifold gauge and HVAC parts.

Providing you with professional refrigerant adapter fitting services is the embodiment of Miracle’s corporate culture. We look forward to cooperating with you and hope to be your best supplier of refrigerant adapter fittings. Contact us to get your refrigerant adapter fittings now!

Air Conditioner Reversing Valve

Refrigeration reversing valve fitting is mainly used in central air-conditioning unit systems and has a one-way effect on refrigerants. The installation of the refrigeration check valve and four-way reversing valve makes it possible to refrigerate and heat of central air-conditioning unit. Miracle refrigeration valve fitting also includes ball valves, solenoid valves, expansion valves, hot gas bypass valves, etc. Contact us now to get more details about the refrigeration reversing valve!

Refrigeration Check Valve Fitting

Miracle refrigeration check valve fitting includes diaphragm refrigeration check valve fitting, straight-through refrigeration check valve fitting, right-angle refrigeration check valve fitting, threaded refrigeration check valve fitting, Y-type refrigeration check valve fitting, etc. The full range of refrigeration check valve fitting can better match your purchasing needs. High standard, a full inspection is our guide for refrigeration check valve fitting work, please rest assured to buy Miracle refrigeration check valve fitting.

Refrigeration Shut Off Fitting

The main function of the refrigeration shut-off fitting is to block the circulation of the refrigeration system. For example, when replacing the sight glass or the filter of the unit, the hand valve can be effectively used to cut off the refrigeration system. Refrigeration shut-off fitting includes diaphragm hand valves (welded hand valves, extended extension pipe hand valves, and threaded hand valves), air-conditioning shut-off valves, and large-diameter ball valves.


Refrigeration Split Air Conditioner Valve

There are two important points in the design requirements of refrigeration air conditioners valve. The first is that the air conditioner’s valve should be cut off quickly, and Miracle refrigeration air conditioners valve fitting requires full consideration of the speed of closing the valve in the design. The second is the sealing performance. Miracle air conditioners valve fitting adopts a diaphragm design, which has a better sealing effect. Contact the Miracle team for more detail!

Why Miracle Refrigeration Press Fittings?

Miracle refrigeration press fitting is the perfect solution for corrosion and leakage problems, especially for connections between multiple materials, such as copper and aluminum pipes.

Miracle refrigeration press fitting can effectively save labor costs when used in the project, enhance your earnings and improve the quality of the project.

The use of Miracle refrigeration press fitting can better promote the standardized management of enterprises and the implementation of standardized installation of air conditioning piping, which can effectively improve the efficiency of the project construction. In reducing the leakage rate at the same time, increase your project revenue.

Miracle refrigeration press fittings are all popular products. With years of hard work, Miracle refrigeration fittings are exported to Europe, America, South Africa, Southeast Asia, and other regions. Miracle solderless refrigeration fittings provide more efficient solutions for the majority of air-conditioning engineering installers.


In order to better help you develop the refrigeration fittings market, Miracle provides you with OEM services. We will selflessly dedicate all our experience and lessons about refrigeration fittings to you and help you succeed in the field of refrigeration fittings.

At the same time, we are also looking for suitable refrigeration fitting distributors all over the world. It is our honor to meet you. Please don’t hesitate to contact us directly to start your and my refrigeration fitting business journey!

Refrigeration Fittings OEM

The packaging is a supplement to the OEM, we can customize the refrigeration fitting and refrigeration parts packaging with your trademark for you. Refrigeration fitting packaging types are available in a variety of forms, which need to be designed according to your country’s market conditions.

Miracle refrigeration fitting can support simple plastic packaging, blister packaging, carton packaging, woven bag packaging, wooden frame packaging, and other packaging methods.

The packaging materials are all environmentally friendly materials that are pollution-free and degradable to nature. You don’t need to worry about packaging problems to cause any import troubles.

We will formulate reasonable packaging of the refrigeration fittings according to your market, please contact us now!

Refrigeration Fitting Packaging

Miracle refrigeration fittings are equipped with complete facilities around the factory and easy to purchase raw materials, so Miracle refrigeration fittings have a higher cost-effective price.

Miracle refrigeration fittings manufacturer close to Ningbo-Zhoushan Port. Ningbo-Zhoushan Port has an important transportation advantage in national strategies such as the joint construction of the “Belt and Road”, the development of the Yangtze River Economic Belt, and the integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta.

Refrigeration Fittings Supplier Raw Material Advantage

The Miracle refrigeration fitting factory has convenient transportation and a superior geographical location. It is located in the center of the sea, land, and air hub.

Therefore, we can provide you with a variety of transportation methods, such as sea freight, air freight, railroad transportation, etc.

Such as the annual throughput of Ningbo Zhoushan Port is 1.119 billion tons. It is an important port in the world. More than 600 ports in more than 100 countries and regions have trade exchanges, forming a global trade network, so there are more punctual delivery and more cost-effective transportation.

Refrigeration Fittings Supplier Location Advantages

An important factor for stable delivery is the convenience of transportation. Miracle can provide you with sea, air, and rail transportation to Asia, Africa, Europe, North America, South America, Oceania, and the Middle East.

We will choose the most cost-effective transportation method according to the destination of your cargo.

Refrigeration Fittings Supplier Freight Advantage

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How to Ensure Quality of Refrigeration Fittings?

Refrigeration Fitting Supplier

Miracle refrigeration fitting factory adopts 5S management.

Miracle refrigeration fittings team attaches great importance to the inspection of the factory’s 5S, that is, sorting, rectifying, cleaning, cleaning, and accomplishment. Actively organize personal work items, rectify product discharge rules, clean up the dirt in the work area in time, and pay attention to maintaining personal quality.

Strengthen the training of refrigeration fittings factory employees

Strengthen the education and training of refrigeration fittings employees, improve the working environment of refrigeration fittings employees, and have a complete first-line employee welfare system, including paid annual leave, paid maternity leave, and paid maternity leave escort so that refrigeration fittings employees can work happily at work.

Actively assume social responsibility.

Provide customers with high-quality refrigeration fittings, provide employees with happy jobs, and assume social responsibilities for the country.

How to use Braze-free fitting Instead of Welded Refrigeration Copper Fitting?

How to use Braze-free fitting Instead of Welded Refrigeration Copper Fitting

Have you ever encountered welding leaks during the installation of refrigeration copper fittings in your project or difficult welding operations at elbows?

Or your customers complain about welding problems when you sell refrigeration copper fittings.

Maybe you are still using conventional refrigeration copper fittings for welding, it doesn’t matter, we also provide refrigeration copper fittings to help you transition.

However, the use of refrigeration copper fitting in traditional welding will affect the efficiency of pipeline installation and the safety of the system.

Maybe you are selling refrigeration copper fitting, or use refrigeration copper fitting in the process of engineering installation.

But you really should know about Miracle refrigeration copper press fitting for your future business.

Miracle braze-free refrigeration copper fitting can be made into 45° elbow refrigeration copper fitting, 90° elbow refrigeration copper fitting, and U-shaped elbow refrigeration copper fitting according to the requirements of use.

You only need to press lightly to realize the connection of refrigeration propress fitting.

Under the trend of standardized installation, if you enrich your supply system with progress refrigeration fittings one day earlier, you can realize the benefits one day earlier. Contact us now!

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Braze-free Refrigeration Fittings Used for Air Conditioner Installation

Braze-free Refrigeration Fittings Used for Air Conditioner Installation

Refrigeration Y joint fitting is an important part of Miracle braze free refrigeration fittings.

Because in the air conditioning installation process, the place that needs a lot of welding is the part that connects the refrigeration Y joint fitting.

Miracle refrigeration Y joint fitting was born to replace the branch pipe welding.

Miracle Y joint refrigeration fittings are connected by crimping and are used in conjunction with refrigeration press fittings.

Miracle Y joint refrigeration fittings can be designed in many types.

When you choose Y joint refrigeration fittings, you need to make statistics on the size (diameter and wall thickness) of the central air-conditioning branch pipes commonly used in your market, so that we can provide you with the perfect refrigeration Y joint fitting.

Miracle Y joint refrigeration fitting can be produced as equal-diameter refrigeration fitting and variable-diameter refrigeration fitting.

We will match you with refrigeration fitting Y joint according to the specific situation.

Miracle variable diameter refrigeration Y joint fitting is different from traditional welding Y joint.

Welding refrigeration Y joint fitting controls only the inner diameter of the Y joint, while welding-free refrigeration Y joint fitting controls the outer diameter of the Y joint, and welding-free refrigeration Y joint fitting has higher production technology.

Contact us now for more details about braze-free refrigeration fittings!

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