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Miracle offers a wide variety of refrigeration fans and a wide range of applications. Thanks to a strong R&D team, our refrigeration fans are updated very quickly.

Miracle refrigeration fan has many types of motors to choose from, including AC motor, DC motor, EC motor.

With years of experience in refrigeration fan production and sales, we can provide you with more cost-effective services, such as transportation, technical services, and marketing services. Send your inquiry to us without any hesitation!

Refrigeration Axial Fan

Large air volume is the highlight of Miracle refrigeration axial fan. The role of axial flow fan is for heat dissipation system, such as refrigeration evaporator and condenser heat dissipation, refrigerator evaporator heat dissipation, commercial refrigeration unit heat dissipation and so on. For more details, please contact us to get now!

Refrigeration Backward Curved Fan

Refrigeration backward curved fan belongs to HVAC fan, backward curved fan is equipped with fan blades of various materials, and can be installed in central air conditioning ventilation system or vertical air conditioning indoor unit, etc. Miracle provides you with more choices in the types of refrigeration backward curved fans. Contact us to get the backward curved refrigeration fan now!

Refrigeration Forward Curved Fan

The refrigeration forward curved fan blades are denser, and the arc of the refrigeration fan blades is smaller, so the processing is more convenient. Miracle refrigeration forward-curved fan can be pairing with EC motor, DC motor or a AC motor, This increases your options while also having a lower noise level. Therefore, in the HVAC field, it is often used with a fan coil as a blower refrigeration fan. Send your inquiry now!

Refrigeration Blower Fan

Miracle refrigeration blower fan has two designs of single air inlet and double air inlet. This design method is very convenient for the use of HVAC and ventilation. Miracle refrigeration blower fan can meet the choice of fan blade diameter between 97mm-180mm. Of course, we can also provide you with a larger size fan, please contact us to design your refrigeration fan now!

Refrigeration Duct Fan

Refrigeration duct fan is also called inline fan. It is mainly used in the fresh air system of commercial buildings or residential buildings. In the design of fresh air system, pipes are often required to transport air over long distances. Therefore, the integrated design of large wind refrigeration inline fan can easily fulfill this requirement. Contact us to get this refrigeration duct fan right now!

Refrigerator Fan Motor

In a refrigerator system, passive heat dissipation is usually required, such as the condenser of a high-power refrigerator. The most important accessory to achieve this function is the refrigerator fan motor. Miracle refrigerator fan can not only be used for condenser heat dissipation, but also can be used with a suitable evaporator coil as a refrigerator evaporator fan motor. For more styles, please contact Miracle sales team now!

We can meet your refrigeration fan AC/DC/EC motor needs.

As a reliable HVAC supplier and refrigeration wholesaler, Miracle can provide you with more product types, such as refrigeration condenser fan motors, refrigeration evaporator fan motors, refrigeration fan blades, commercial refrigeration fans, etc. Send your inquiry list to us now!

Refrigeration Fan Manufacturer

The control of the AC Refrigeration fan motor is very simple, just input AC voltage. AC motor is composed of the stator winding and rotor conductor, and the phase difference is 120 degrees.

When the stator is connected to the three-phase power supply in the windings, the AC motor stator windings will generate a rotating magnetic field.

The electric charge in the rotor rod then interacts with the rotating magnetic field to generate EMF.

The motor starts to rotate under the action of electromagnetic force

Refrigeration fan AC motor has obvious advantages and disadvantages. The advantage is low production and processing cost. Compared with a DC fan, an AC motor is easier to maintain, simpler to control, and has a wide range of applications.

Disadvantages: First of all, the AC fan motor can only be adjusted in three levels: high, medium, and low. The air volume is determined in the design, and the flow is not easy to adjust. The second is large power consumption and high noise.

Refrigeration Fan AC Motor

The principle of a DC refrigeration fan is similar to that of an AC motor. It uses current to generate magnetic force and then converts the magnetic force into torque to realize the work of the DC refrigeration motor.

However, the current input voltage of a DC refrigeration fan must be direct current. Generally, 12V, 24V, 310V, etc. are commonly used, but in the field of fresh air, the majority is DC310V.

Miracle DC refrigeration fan motor adopts a brushless motor, so it has good stability.

Not only that, but Miracle DC refrigeration fan motor also has the advantages of large torque, energy-saving and environmental protection, strong anti-interference ability, simple circuit, and easy speed change. Contact us to get a fast quote for a DC refrigeration fan now!

Refrigeration Fan DC Brushless Fan Motor

Miracle EC refrigeration fan motor is more complicated than AC and DC motors. EC fan adds an intelligent control module on the basis of DC fan, which can convert AC power to DC power for direct use.

Therefore, the EC refrigeration fan motor has a power conversion module inside. Therefore, EC motor has one more module than DC motor, and the cost is naturally more expensive than DC fan.

Miracle EC refrigeration fan motor has low loss, high efficiency, and continuous uninterrupted work.

Not only that, Miracle refrigeration fan EC motor has obvious advantages in noise reduction. Compared with ordinary fans, it brings cleanliness and no noise. For more fan details, contact us Miracle team directly!

Refrigeration Fan EC Motor

In refrigeration fans’ international trade, strong technical support can help you occupy the market more quickly.

We are willing to give you more technical support, including pre-market promotion, mid-term sample R&D and customization, and after-sales of refrigeration fans.

Comprehensive technical support is half the battle, and we look forward to cooperating with you to achieve a win-win. Contact us for good start cooperation for refrigeration fans now!

Refrigeration Fan Technical Support

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