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Your Premier Refrigeration Compressor Oil Supplier

Miracle, the top HVAC solution service provider in China, supplies the best refrigeration compressor oil to solve complex compressor problems. To get your most reliable, high-quality air compressor lubrication with our premium services, please get in touch with our most experienced technical team.

The Miracle can supply refrigeration compressor oil for any compressor type and brand. We have a huge variety of compressor oil types to meet your demand. Miracle assures you ISO certification and other standardization for this refrigeration compressor oil with long-life expectations.

You can make sure the quality of all Bitzer compressor oil, Rotary compressor Oil, Scroll compressor oil, Semi-hermetic compressor oil, and others refrigeration compressor oil from us that we supply. Contact us now.

Emkarate Refrigeration Compressor Oil

We have the original Emkarate compressor oil for the best operational efficiency, increasing your compressor’s utility. It is your best choice for a large selection of HFC, CFC, and HCFC refrigerants types. Miracle can supply you a different size of this Emkarate Refrigeration Compressor Oil to meet your any demand. You can use this compressor oil for different refrigerant types for your reciprocating, scroll, screw, rotary, and centrifugal compressor unit. Contact us now.

SUNISO Refrigeration Compressor Oil

Miracle supplies this SUNISO Refrigeration Compressor Oil from China for your many applications like hotels, food & beverage, restaurants, homes, food shops, etc. It has a high-level inspection and approval of CE, ISO, and others, indicating the world-class exporting quality for best efficient output. Miracle is committed to fulfilling your large quantity and requirements. Send your inquiry now.

Solest Refrigeration Compressor Oil

Miracle has this Solest polyol ester refrigeration compressor oil with HFC and types of refrigerant. We supply large types of pentaerythritol for this Solest compressor oil to meet your any demand such as 46PE, 48PE, 68PE, 100PE, 120PE, 170PE, 220PE, and others. This is very environment-friendly to use for your different refrigeration compressor applications. Contact us now to order.

Hanbell Refrigeration Compressor Oil

This highly dedicated refrigeration compressor oil lubricant has excellent flexibility for many compressors, such as Bitzer compressors. A wide variant of its model is available such as HBR-B01, HBR-B05, and HBR-B03, B100, B5.2, BSE 170, B320SH, 4GSD, 4GS, 3GSD, 3GS, and others to meet any particular demand. Miracle can supply a large amount, including a guarantee of high-quality Hanbell screw refrigeration compressor oil. Order now.

Castrol Refrigeration Compressor Oil

For the best full synthetic lubricant Castrol refrigeration compressor oil, Miracle is the best supplier in China. We provide a full Castrol series high-performance refrigeration compressor oil to protect your compressor’s working efficiency and provide a smooth operation. As a result, you can increase your compressor productibility and overall efficiency of many types of HFC, HCFC refrigerant gas. Contact us now to order.

Bitzer Refrigeration Compressor Oil

Miracle has ready-to-ship original Bitzer refrigeration compressor oil, which can go with different types of refrigeration such as R-134a, R-410A, and R-12. We have an extensive collection of Bitzer compressors oil models such as B5.2 and B320SH. So it is the perfect choice for many uses such as Food & Beverage Factory, Machinery repair shops, and other commercial and industrial applications. Send your order now.

Carrier Refrigeration Compressor Oil

Miracle proudly supplies all types and models of Carrier refrigeration oil for your huge range of compressors based on different voltage, frequency, phase, and refrigerant types such as R407C and R134a. We have a full selection of Carrier refrigeration compressor oil types. Some of them are from PP16-0, PP16-2, PP31-2 to PP49-8. Contact us now to order this highly extreme temperature resistance refrigeration compressor oil.

TRANE Refrigeration Compressor Oil

As an experienced HVAC solution supplier in China, Miracle knows what you exactly need. We supply all ISO viscosity 46, 48, 68, 155, and other Trane refrigeration compressor oil grades. For your use of any refrigerant types such as R22, R134a, and R507, we have all synthetic, semi-synthetic Trane refrigeration compressor oil ready to ship to your destination. Contact now to order.

Refrigeration Screw Compressor Oil

Miracle supply all refrigeration compressor oil for use in the reciprocating, screw, and scroll compressor. For highly reliable and efficient lubrication of your refrigeration screw compressor, we can ensure a highly refined naphthenic mineral or synthetic compressor oil. This will provide a protective and high utility output in the air conditioning system of many applications. Contact us now to order.

A non-genuine refrigeration compressor oil can drop the sealing, bad air, and corrode its parts. So an authentic ac compressor oil is mandatory to get a fresh and reliable working efficiency.

As a Complete HVAC valve, refrigerant gas, refrigeration parts, and HVAC tools manufacturer and supplier in China, Miracle promises original ac compressor oil for any compressor type.

As we are an original equipment manufacturer in China, Miracle supply the original brand, well-tested, internationally-certified refrigeration oil to meet your demand. We also manufacture and supply refrigeration tools such as refrigeration oil separators, filter driers, and suction accumulators. Contact us now.

Refrigeration Compressor Oil Authenticity Guarantee

Miracle supplies all scroll compressors from China to any of your destinations globally. Here are all world’s prominent compressor brands such as:

We supply both oil-free and oil-less compressor features with refrigeration compressor oil for this scroll compressor.

To fit your application, we supply a scroll compressor for different refrigerant gas, different temperatures, and different specifications such as Horsepower from 3 to 40.

We also provide full support on adding oil to the HVAC compressor and how to change HVAC compressor oil. Contact us now.


We promise you the best quality semi-hermetic compressor with a standard authentication. That can go with any condensing unit application temperature.

For any CFCs, HCFCs, and HFCs such as R12, R22, R410A, and R134, we many a large selection of many series, models, and types for the semi-hermetic compressor.

Such as Bitzer’s semi-hermetic compressor, Copeland’s semi-hermetic compressor, Frascold’s semi-hermetic compressor, and the Carrier semi-hermetic compressor. Send us your order today.

Miracle has all world’s leading screw compressor brands for sale. For large-scale screw compressor refrigeration units, Miracle ensures a complete and ready-to-go type of screw compressor.

Regarding the product testing, We firmly control the international exports standard of every product and supply them with many certifications such as ISO 9001: ISO 14001, IATF16949, CCC, CE, UL, and many more.

So for higher reliability, efficiency, performance, and capacity, Miracle promises the original and genuine features of every Bitzer screw compressor, Frascold Screw compressor, Chian brand screw compressor, and other prominent brands. Get an instant quote now.

Miracle proudly manufactures and provides an extensive series of rotary types compressors with spare parts and rotary compressor oil.

So we became your most prominent one-stop solution for many rotary compressor types such as small rotary compressor, horizontal rotary compressor, etc. Miracle also has good business cooperation to ensure all foreign customers a complete HVAC part and compressor support.

So you will get any LG, GMCC, Panasonic, SANYO, GREE rotary compressor, and many more. We guarantee the authenticity and original goods we supplied for the last 20 years. Contact us now.

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