Refrigeration Capillary Tube Supplier
Refrigeration Capillary Tube Supplier

Refrigeration Capillary Tube Supplier in China.

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Your Trusted Refrigeration Capillary Tube Supplier

We have rich experience in exporting refrigeration capillary tubes, saving your order communication time, and can meet the purchasing needs of distributors and manufacturers.

Refrigeration capillary tube diameter meets 1.0-5.0mm, and wall thickness meets 0.2mm-1.0mm.

Length can be customized and OEM service is supported. For more details, please contact us today.

Refrigeration Capillary Tube

Refrigeration capillary tube is also called refrigerator capillary tube or copper capillary tube.

It is mainly used in refrigerators, freezers, ice machines, and air conditioning units.

Its function is to throttle the flow and connect with the filter and check the valve. For more details, contact us now.

Refrigeration Capillary Tube with Nuts

A refrigeration capillary tube with nuts is used for central air conditioning units, cold storage units, etc. Matching capillary tubes with nuts saves installation time and facilitates maintenance. The choice of the capillary tube needs to be determined by your market demand. Contact us now.

Miracle refrigerator no-braze connections are suitable for refrigeration appliance manufacturing and aftermarket repair. Miracle rings can greatly increase productivity, improve the working environment, and provide the advantage of a reliable seal.

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Refrigerator Capillary Tube Braze-free Connection

The role of the refrigeration capillary tube is to throttle, it will come from the condenser refrigerant atomization spray into the evaporator.

Refrigeration capillary tube is connected with copper filter when used for refrigerator. When used in air conditioners, it is connected to the check valve and filter.

For more detailed information on how it works, you can refer to the video.

How to Connect the Capillary Tube and Copper Filter Drier?

The application of capillary tubes in refrigerators is very common. At present, most of the refrigerators on the market still use capillary tubes as throttling devices.

Capillary tubes can be used not only in refrigerators but also in freezers, ice machines, water dispensers, air conditioners, and so on.

The size of this refrigeration equipment is generally small, so the operating space is limited.

This can cause inconvenience for the installation and maintenance of capillary tubes.

In addition, welding can cause leaks or damage other fittings and is inefficient.

Miracle has come up with a braze-free connection solution to this inconvenience and we can help refrigeration appliance manufacturers and refrigeration appliance aftermarket repair with professional braze-free connections.

You can see how we perform braze-free connections for refrigeration appliance manufacturing and repair in the video.

Miracle refrigerator rings have been proven reliable in a large number of markets.

If you are in the refrigeration appliance repair or refrigeration capillary business, Miracle no-braze connection rings will be an opportunity to explore your business, contact us now.

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