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Your No.1 Refrigeration Ball Valve Manufacturer

30 years’ experience for R&D, manufacturing reliable quality ball valves in China;

Covering an area of 50,000 square meters, more than 300 employees and more than 20 technical talents, will ensure you get the ball valves on time even in the peak season;

With an annual production capacity of 15 million pieces, it has passed UL, CQC, ISO, and other certifications, and all of this proves Miracle is your No.1 refrigeration ball valve manufacturer in China!

Refrigeration Ball Valve

The refrigeration ball valve is a type of shut off valve which is a necessary part of the air conditioning system and refrigeration system. The refrigeration ball valve is a stop valve with a manually adjustable function and works for two-way flow. Miracle provides the refrigeration ball valve with different connection sizes, normally from 1/4 to 3 1/8, the max pressure of Miracle refrigeration ball valve is 6.5Mpa. For more info, just contact Miracle professional team right now!

Refrigeration Ball Valve with Access Port

The refrigeration ball valve is mainly used in the liquid line, suction line, and hot gas line of refrigeration system, freezing system, or air conditioning devices. Compared with the above refrigeration ball valve, this type of ball valve is with access port, which is convenient for your charging refrigerants. You can choose the HCFC refrigerants or HFC refrigerants as you want. The working pressure of the refrigeration ball valve can be reached 4.5Mpa. Contact us to get a free quote now!

Refrigerant Shut Off Valve

Refrigeration shut off valve, also can be called hand valve, it is suitable for single way flow. There are SAE connections and ODF connections for your choice. The popular size can be 1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 5/8, 3/4,7/8. All the refrigeration shut off in Miracle have made the installation holes ready before they are sending to you, for your easy install on the panel. Contact us to know more now!

For providing better quality refrigeration ball valves and increasing more opportunities for your business in your market, Miracle never stops our efforts for the past 30 years.

Miracle refrigeration ball valve has got the certificates, such as ISO, CE, UL, CQC, then you can easily enter the American and European market and expand your business.


Refrigeration Ball Valve Certification

If you are looking for a reliable refrigeration ball valve manufacturer in China, then congratulations! Miracle is here for you!

There is a production workshop with an area of 50,000 square meters, multiple production lines, more than 300 workers, and an annual output of 15 million pieces. Whether you are a large distributor or want mass customization, Miracle has the ability to meet your needs and be your strong refrigeration ball valve supplier.

Guided by experts from top domestic colleges and universities, we can guarantee that we can provide you with the most advanced products that meet market needs.

As a refrigeration ball valve manufacturer with nearly 30 years of R&D and manufacturing experience, Miracle knows better what products can help you gain the market.

The refrigeration ball valve that Miracle manufactured has a great structure, it consists of Seal Cap, Stainless Steel Ball, Extension Tube, Valve Body, Valve Seat, Valve Stem, Double Seals (Chlorobutadiene).

Miracle refrigeration ball valve can be opened or closed easily by 90-degree rotation, and the refrigeration system can be switched on and off.

Miracle refrigeration ball valve has a sealing cap that can be locked with a metal wire to prevent the sealing cap from being removed and lost, and misoperation during maintenance.

Refrigeration Ball Valve Structure

Miracle is not just your refrigeration valve manufacturer to provide you the good quality ball valves but also has an advantage that is near the seaport, then you can get the refrigeration ball valve with the fastest time and lowest cost.

And you can see in the below photos, Miracle refrigeration ball valve has a clear sight from a side view, which proves that the ball valve is produced very well in small details, no glitches, no welding slag, you can use it with no worry!

Welcome to visit the refrigeration ball valve factory and discuss the win-win cooperation at any time!

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  • HVAC Ball Valve Adapter

    The HVAC ball valve adapter is the perfect match for refrigeration manifold gauges for refrigeration system maintenance. The ball valve adapter has a double seal function and has 1/4SAE 5/16SAE 3/8SAE 1/2ACME to meet your demands. Miracle accepts your custom requests, sends us your inquiry, and gets your ball valve adapter now!

  • Refrigeration Ball Valve and HVAC Tools

    Miracle provides many types of HVAC tools for you if you also need them after purchase the refrigeration ball valves. HVAC tool includes solderless propress tool, tube cutter, tube bender, flaring tool, manifold gauge, vacuum pump, and so on. Click to check more or contact us directly to get a free quote!

  • Refrigeration Ball Valve and Other Valve

    If you need a refrigeration ball valve in your refrigeration system, then you must need other refrigeration valves, no matter for your refrigeration requirements or your wholesale business. Miracle also provides an expansion valve, solenoid valve, check valve, service valve, and so on. Send us your orders now!

Apollo Refrigeration Ball Valves

Apollo Valve was founded in 1975 and it has independent R&D and production facilities.

Apollo valves are used in residential buildings, commercial buildings, industrial areas, etc.

Apollo refrigeration ball valves are a branch of the valve family.

So far, Apollo Valve has served in 14 countries and has 30 offices.

Apollo refrigeration ball valves are also known as brass ball valves because they are made of high-quality brass and have the advantage of being reliable and corrosion-resistant.

Apollo refrigeration ball valves are hermetically welded with extension tubes and are available in sizes from 3/8″-3 1/8″.

You can see more Apollo refrigeration ball valve selection parameters here.

Mueller Refrigeration Ball Valves

Mueller Refrigeration Ball Valves

Mueller Refrigeration’s full name is Mueller Industries, Inc.

It was founded in 1930 to design and manufacture brass fittings for HVACR systems.

Mueller refrigeration ball valves are manufactured in two locations worldwide, in Hartsville, Tennessee, and Changzhou, Jiangsu, China.

Mueller refrigeration ball valves are available in standard, standard with an access port, IBV series, transcritical series, etc.

You can view more Mueller refrigeration ball valve selection parameters here.

NDL Refrigeration Ball Valves

The NDL refrigeration ball valve is a valve for refrigeration systems manufactured and produced by NDL Industries.

NDL Industries was founded in 1987 and its main business at the beginning was to provide consulting services to the refrigeration industry.

They then moved into the production of refrigeration accessories.

As society has progressed, the HVACR industry has become very sophisticated and has given rise to a large number of HVACR companies.

This has increased competition between companies, which of course benefits consumers.

NDL Industries pursues high-quality products in the face of fierce competition and minimizes reported product failures.

You can view more NDL refrigeration ball valve selection parameters here.

You can download NDL refrigeration ball valve PDF here.

Nibco Refrigeration Ball Valves

Nibco refrigeration ball valve is located in Indiana, USA. It mainly manufactures refrigeration threaded-type ball valves.

Nibco products are used in fire protection, HVAC, industrial, plumbing, and irrigation applications.

You can view Nibco website and product range here.

Keeprite Refrigeration Ball Valves

Keeprite refrigeration has a 75-year history of manufacturing commercial refrigeration equipment such as water-cooled units, air-cooled units, evaporator coils, heat transfer equipment, etc.

By now, Keeprite refrigeration has the ability to design, manufacture, test, and sell refrigeration equipment.

Keeprite refrigeration ball valve is a series of refrigeration products, you can see Keeprite’s products here.

Superior Refrigeration Ball Valves

Superior Refrigeration Ball Valves

Superior Valve has a great name and is located at 121 Rogers St. Hartsville, TN 37074, USA.

Superior refrigeration ball valves are available in the CS/CSA series, WA/WAS series, and VRF series.

The ball valves produced by different manufacturers differ greatly in appearance.

However, the material used is basically a brass body and a brass extension tube.

You can see more details of Superior refrigeration ball valves here.

You can also view the Superior refrigeration ball valve PDF here.

Sporlan Refrigeration Ball Valves

Sporlan was founded in Missouri, USA, mainly producing HVACR valves, it has 80 years of history.

Parker was founded in 1970 and mainly produces control components. Parker’s product coverage includes industrial, aerospace, domestic construction, commercial construction, etc.

Parker’s acquisition of Sporlan Valve is a success, they make up for each other’s shortcomings between the two companies, and Sporlan valve with Parker’s marketing network will gain more market share.

Parker’s acquisition of Sporlan Valve will also further enhance its global competitiveness.

You can view Parker’s website here and the Sporlan refrigeration ball valve here.

Danfoss Refrigeration Ball Valves

Danfoss refrigeration products have a global name, and in 1933 it produced the world’s first thermostatic expansion valve.

In 1940 it began to expand its product business.

Today Danfoss has several patents for inventions in scroll compressors, controls, industrial equipment, and wastewater treatment.

Its product range covers automotive, commercial construction, solar, food preservation, industrial, construction machinery, refrigeration, and air conditioning.

You can see the Danfoss website here and the Danfoss refrigeration ball valve here.

Emerson Refrigeration Ball Valves

Emerson Refrigeration Ball Valves

Emerson was founded in 1890, a year when China was still part of the Qing Dynasty government.

Emerson was founded to produce AC motor fans and was successful.

Emerson’s businesses now include refrigeration and air conditioning, transportation refrigeration, Copeland Scroll compressors, and ventilation.

As of 2020, Emerson has more than 17,000 employees worldwide. You can view Emerson’s website here.

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