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We provide multiple types of refrigerant hose sets including single gauge refrigerant hose sets, manifold gauge refrigerant hose sets, digital manifold gauge refrigerant hose sets, more choices of refrigerant hose sets, and better refrigerant hose set services.

Miracle provides multiple types of refrigerant hoses, best low loss refrigerant hoses for you, including refrigeration hoses and fittings, short refrigerant hoses, refrigerant hose adapters to better match your purchasing needs。

Miracle refrigerant charging hose is suitable for all refrigerants including R12, R22, R134a, 1234yf, R410a, and other refrigerants.

Refrigerant Hoses for R134a

Refrigerant hoses for R134a have excellent pressure resistance. Refrigerant hoses for R134a use pure copper connectors. The size of the joints is wide. 1/4SAE, 5/16SAE, 3/8SAE, 1/2ACME is available. Refrigerant hoses for R134a have a regular size, 36″. 48″ 72″ 96″ is optional, and the length of refrigerant hoses can also be selected according to requirements. There are two pressure ranges for refrigerant hoses for R134: 600psi~3000psi or 800psi~4000psi.

Refrigerant Hoses for R410a

There are three specifications of refrigerant hoses for the R410a interface, Red refrigerant hose connector is 1/4SAE-5/16SAE; Yellow refrigerant hose connector is 1/4SAE-1/4SAE; Blue refrigerant hose connector is 1/4SAE-5/16SAE.

R410a refrigerant hoses are only applicable to R410A refrigerants. Pay attention when purchasing, or communicate directly with our product manager to tell us your refrigerant hoses needs.

Refrigerant Hoses with Ball Valves

Refrigerant hoses with ball valves interface have a variety of specifications to choose from 1/4SAE 5/16SAE 3/8SAE 1/2ACME, which is more operability. Refrigerant hoses with ball valves are suitable for a variety of refrigerants including R22, R134a, R404A, R407C, R502, R410A, and other refrigerants.

If you have any questions about refrigerant hoses with ball valves during the purchase of refrigerant hoses with ball valves, please contact us directly.

Refrigerant Charging Hose

In order to better help you purchase refrigerant hoses, we have designed a separate refrigerant charging hose page according to different types of refrigerants. The refrigerant charging hose page includes R12 charging hose, R22 charging hose, R134a charging hose, 1234yf charging hose, R404 charging Hose, and R410a charging hose, and other refrigerant pipes. You can choose according to your needs, now start your journey of Refrigerant Charging Hose!

Refrigerant Hose Set

There is no doubt that when you use a refrigerant hose, you will use manifold gauges. Miracle prepares the best refrigerant hose set for you. At the same time, it is also the most abundant refrigerant hose set, including single gauge refrigerant hose set, digital gauge refrigerant hose set, manifold gauge refrigerant hose set, AC gauge refrigerant hose set, etc., which can meet the requirements of different maintenance environments.

Short Refrigerant Hoses

Miracle short refrigerant hoses connector threads are designed with non-slip wire, and the outer surface of the short refrigerant hoses connector is designed with non-slip grooves, which increases the drainage performance of the short refrigerant hoses connector and enhances the friction between the surface of the short refrigerant hoses connector and the palm, even if there is oil on the hand, it can also be easily tightened.

With careful design and considerate service, Miracle short refrigerant hoses will definitely Boom your business, please contact us!

Why Miracle Refrigerant Hoses Is Your Best Choice?

Miracle refrigerant hoses adopt a four-layer encryption design concept. At the beginning of the design, Miracle refrigerant hoses are positioned higher than the industry average, and their safety level is as high as RMA-A. Miracle refrigerant hoses’ durability and corrosion resistance are stronger.

Miracle refrigerant hoses are composed of four layers: outer rubber layer, reinforcement layer, inner rubber layer, and the inner lining layer.

The outer rubber layer of Miracle refrigerant hoses is made of weather-resistant and aging-resistant high-quality synthetic rubber. The color of the outer rubber layer of Miracle refrigerant hoses is red, yellow, and green, which is beautiful and generous.

The reinforcement layer of Miracle refrigerant hoses is made of polyurethane fiber and the reinforcement layer cord is interwoven with a balanced angle. The cord layer of Miracle refrigerant hoses determines the quality of refrigerant hoses. Good refrigerant hoses start with a good refrigerant hoses design. Miracle always follows this rule.

The inner rubber layer of Miracle refrigerant hoses is made of chlorinated butyl rubber, which has the characteristics of low permeability and refrigerant resistance.

The inner lining of Miracle refrigerant hoses is made of nylon synthetic resin, the oil resistance level reaches RWA-B level. Miracle refrigerant hoses are resistant to ethane corrosion, which can effectively prevent the penetration of various types of refrigerants.

Keeping craftsmanship to make refrigerant hoses is valuable. Contact Miracle now, let us start the journey of ingenuity together!

The refrigerant hose and refrigerant hose adapter are a perfect match. The combination of refrigerant hose and refrigerant hose adapter can make maintenance easier.

Miracle provides a variety of refrigerant hose adapters, including pillar refrigerant hose adapter, adjustable refrigerant hose adapter, and an adjustable refrigerant hose adapter for car air conditioners.

All refrigerant hose adapters are exquisite in workmanship and quality assurance. Welcome to send us your inquiry for Miracle refrigerants hose!

Refrigerant Hose Adapters

If you need a single gauge and single gauge refrigerant hose, Miracle will be your best choice. The single gauge page includes a digital single gauge with accuracy up to class 1.6, single gauge, and single gauge refrigerant hose set.

The single gauge body material includes copper single gauge and aluminum single gauge. You can purchase a single gauge and single gauge refrigerant hose that meet your needs according to your needs.

Refrigerant Hoses and Single Gauge

The operation of the manifold gauge will be handier. The double gauge design, one high-pressure gauge, and one low-pressure gauge can take into account the two pressures in the system at the same time, and control the working pressure of the system more accurately during maintenance.

Miracle manifold gauge includes refrigerant hose, refrigerant hose adapters, and manifold gauge set. Click the picture link below to find your own manifold gauge.

Refrigerant Hoses and Manifold Gauge

Digital manifold gauges are suitable for more than 80 kinds of refrigerants, digital manifold gauges display more accurate and richer functions. Digital manifold gauges are more flexible to use, with a more dexterous structure, and convenient to carry. Check out more now!

Refrigerant Hoses and Digital Gauge

Miracle manifold gauge set includes refrigerant hose set, digital manifold gauge set, single manifold gauge set, AC manifold gauge set, etc. Miracle manifold gauge set can choose refrigerant hose and refrigerant hose adapters according to needs.

Refrigerant Hoses and Manifold Gauge Set

Even small refrigeration hoses and fittings are not a supporting role in Miracle’s supply system. We pay attention to the details of every refrigerant hose and try our best to achieve low loss refrigerant hoses.

Choose Miracle and we will provide you with the best low loss refrigerant hoses.

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