Refcomp Compressors Supplier In China
Refcomp Compressors Supplier

Refcomp Compressors Supplier in China.

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Your Trusted Refcomp Compressor Supplier

Do you know one compressor brand which is the leader in new technology, designing, manufacturing, after-sales, and overall service?

It is Refcomp Compressor from the Snowman brand. Worldwide renowned for its ultra-low temperature refrigeration, waste heat recovery, and low-grade energy utilization.

Thanks to its Refcomp open-type/semi-hermetic screw compressor and piston compressor that own all major certifications and verification.

Snowman Company has a huge domestic and international market and manufacturing hubs in China and Italy.

But the good news is that Miracle is the supplier of Refcomp compressors offering affordable prices with a quality guarantee. Contact us now.

Refcomp SP Series Compressor

Compressor operating pressure is very important for overall performance, and Refcomp SP Piston Compressor can reach as high as 28bar. This is one of the most high-quality and reliable Series Miracle supplies, which includes 34 models with 2, 4, 6, and 8 cylinders. You can enjoy low vibration and low gas pulsation, and the power range is 3 to 70 Hp. Contact us now.

Refcomp SPS Series Compressor

Refcomp SPS compressor is a Subcritical Piston type compressor. It can meet your 0.5 to 30 horsepower range and 1.5 to 48.5m3/h. This type is very suitable for high-efficiency and long-lasting CO2-designed compressors. Our customers love SPS, especially for its compact size & long durability. Let us know your choice now.

Refcomp SPM Series Compressor

The secret of this Refcamp SPM Piston Marine compressor being such small in size is the integration filter, cut-off valve, and temperature sensor in one. It also has a wide horsepower range, 2,4,6,8 cylinders, and 28 bar operating pressure like other series. We can supply different technical parameters based on your commercial and industrial needs. Contact us now.

Refcomp SPT Series Compressor

Considering safe compressor operation is another important factor you know as an HVAC industry expert. Miracle can provide this SPT Refcamp compressor which has a motor protection module. It has a rapid gas exchange, which is more reliable and durable than any other compressor brand. Contact us now to know more.

Refcomp SB Series Compressor

Miracle can guarantee a consistent flow rate producing compressor by supplying this SP series with high-pressure displacement benefits. It has a compact design and is very easy to maintain. Refcomp SB compressor series has 6 models covering horsepower from 12 to 30. It applies to R22, R404A, and R507-type refrigerants. Get a free quote now.

Refcomp 134 Series Compressor

This series has a greater value for its higher efficiency. It can be applied to R134a refrigerant and has a 70 to 300 horsepower range. We guarantee you as high as 99.85% oil efficiency with an embedded 100μm high-density suction filter that makes replacement very easy. You also get a motor overheating reduction benefit which skyrockets overall efficiency. Get your compressor today.

Refcomp SRC Series Compressor

RefComp SRC- S Series has multiple duplex bearings that can avoid rotor axial/radial wear to ensure high load and low noise. You can use all 18 models with different technical parameters of this series to flood normal temperature, high-temperature heat pumps, and water chillers. Contact us now.

Refcomp SW3L Series Compressor

If you want an effective cool motor, high load, low noise, and overheating-protected refrigeration compressor, the RefComp SW3L series is a great match. With – 50℃ to 10℃ of evaporating temperature, this Refcomp SW3L series applies to R22, R134A, R507A, R404A, and R407C. Get a free quote now.

Refcomp SW5L Series Compressor

Refcomp Compressor SW5L series is high efficient, smooth operational, and durable. We supply this compressor for ice storage projects, quick food freezing, marine refrigeration, low-temperature storage, and other applications with R507A, R404A, R134a, R22, or R407C refrigerant. Contact us now.

Authenticity has become a legit concern nowadays, but Miracle is committed to protecting our sellers.

So you are getting authenticity guaranteed compressor, which is physically verified by an expert team.

Our extended warranty lets you worry-free and gets a high-quality RefComp Compressor. Contact us now.

Refcomp Compressors Authenticity Guarantee

You can view more Refcomp Compressors Catalogue here.

Refcomp Compressors Catalogue

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