R22 Condensing Unit

R22 refrigerant is one of the first discovered refrigerants and has been in use for a long time, therefore, the market share of refrigeration equipment using this refrigerant is large.

There are still some R22 refrigeration units in the market, such as outdoor condensing units, scroll condensing units, commercial refrigeration units, semi-hermetic condensing-unit and so on.

However, with the increase in environmental requirements, this refrigerant is gradually being replaced. In the process of renewal, new problems arise, please read the following article.

Can I Replace R22 With R134a?

Can I Replace R22 With R134a

R-22 Refrigerant gas is an HCFC or CHCIF 2 gas that was phased out due to its chlorine impact on the atmosphere. Its boiling point is -41.44°F (-40.8°C) and uses mineral oil lubricant.

R134a or CH2FCF3 is a CFC named Tetrafluoroethane with a boiling point of -15.34°F (-26.3°C) and uses POE (polyol ester) oil.

It has less impact on the atmosphere as it doesn’t contain chlorine but it is banned by the EU for its more GWP than other hydrofluorocarbon gases.

Now If you are thinking about replacing your R22 condensing unit with an R134A condensing unit, here are some issues.

First, their charging pressure and lubricating oils are not the same, the R22 condensing unit has 300psi condensing unit pressure while the R134 has 450psi.

Though the cooling capacity efficiency of R134a is 60% of the R22 condensing unit, it has a significant swelling effect on rubber materials, so the leakage rate is higher than the R22 condensing unit.

R134a condensing unit needs a larger heat exchanger to get replaced by R22 condensing units.

As they are not compatible refrigerants, Miracle recommends not to mix R22 condensing unit with R134a because many issues stop the AC system to provide good cooling capacity and also arise many problems.

Can You Still Use R22 After 2020?

Can You Still Use R22 After 2020

R22 condensing unit is banned by EPA-USA due to its very damaging and detrimental effects on the ozone layer.

After 2020, the production and manufacturing of R22 are forbidden, and also illegal to import.

But, does that mean you can’t use R22 after 2020? The answer is you can.

All previously produced, reclaimed, recovered, or recycled suppliers of R22 is legal but you have to buy or sell through an authorized Air conditioner manufacturing company that has a license like ours.

You also are not forced to replace your current R22 condensing unit, but if you want to replace it in advance, the best replacement option can be the R407c condensing unit which is also less expensive.

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