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Your No.1 Propress Fitting Manufacturer In China

  • The location of Miracle propress fitting factory is very advantageous.
  • As a propress fitting manufacturer, Miracle is located in Qingdao, next to Qingdao Port, only 15 minutes drive from Liuting International Airport.
  • At the same time, there are G2011 high-speed, G020 high-speed, G204 national highway, S202 provincial highway, S209 province, etc.
  • Many other major traffic roads pass around the propress fitting factory, so Miracle propress fitting factory has more convenient transportation and more timely delivery.
Brass Equal Diameter Propress Fitting

Miracle propress fitting will also be designed in different materials according to the different material of the product because propress fitting is designed according to the hardness between different materials, so Miracle copper propress fitting is suitable for the connection of copper tube to copper tube, aluminum tube to an aluminum tube and the connection of the copper tube to the aluminum tube.

Brass Reducing Diameter Propress Fitting

The applicability of Miracle propress fitting pipes is also more flexible. Miracle propress fitting is more flexible in the connection between pipes of different materials and diameters. Miracle variable diameter propress fitting can easily cope with the connection of multiple pipe materials and pipes of different diameters. Miracle propress fitting is a safer and more reliable connection method. Contact us now to see more details!

Equal Aluminum Propress Fittings

Miracle aluminum propress fitting can also be designed as a propress fitting with different diameters, including equal diameter propress fitting and variable diameter propress fitting. Miracle aluminum propress fitting is a design solution proposed for the connection of aluminum tubes. As a substitute for copper tubes, aluminum tubes are widely used in air conditioners, refrigeration appliances, and other industries due to their lightweight, convenient processing.

Reducing Aluminum Propress Fittings

The design of Miracle aluminum propress fitting closely follows your needs. Miracle aluminum propress fitting is lower in cost than copper propress fitting and has a higher cost performance. If you are running air-conditioning project. Congratulations, Miracle aluminum propress fitting will be your best choice, and there will be more favorable prices. Contact us now!

Refrigerator Equal Diameter Propress Fitting

Refrigerator propress fitting design is more dexterous, is mainly to solve the connection of small-diameter pipelines. Refrigerator propress fitting uses aluminum rods as the base material of propress fitting and is mainly used in small pipe diameter systems such as refrigerators, freezers, water dispensers, and kimchi cabinets. Contact Miracle propress fitting team now to get a quick quote!

Refrigerator Reducing Diameter Propress Fitting

After 15 years of development, Miracle refrigerator propress fitting has occupied a certain market share in the global after-sales maintenance market for refrigerators, freezers, and other products. And efficiently solves the troubles of after-sales maintenance of refrigerators and freezers, especially at the junction of refrigerator capillary tubes, Miracle refrigerator propress fitting has played a great role.

Single Propress Fittings

Miracle single propress fitting is suitable for the connection of copper-aluminum pipe, copper-iron pipe connection, copper-copper pipe connection of refrigerator and freezer production line; copper-aluminum pipe connection, copper-copper pipe connection of air-conditioning production line. The connection of Miracle single propress fitting does not use fire welding at all. By adopting the method of crimping, the pipeline can be firmly locked, which improves production efficiency and reduces the risk of fire welding.

Propress Fitting Tool

Propress fitting tool is a tool used with propress fitting. Miracle propress fitting tool is processed by mature technology and has a life span of up to 10 years. Miracle propress fitting tool and propress fitting are matched with high precision, and the concentricity of zero error allows the propress fitting tool to maintain a more perfect crimping effect during crimping.

Refrigerator Propress Fitting Tool

Refrigerator propress fitting tool, also called the FRK propress fitting tool, is a solution for after-sales maintenance in narrow spaces. Refrigerator propress fitting tool is an easy-to-use, reasonable design and exquisite workmanship refrigeration after-sales maintenance tool. A good propress fitting tool is half of a successful start, so the choice of a refrigeration propress fitting tool is particularly important.

Miracle Propress Fitting, Born for a More Reliable Connection!

Miracle Propress Fitting is a type of connector with no fire, no poison, no harm, no pollution. Propress fitting adopts a crimping connection method and does not use fire welding, so it does not generate toxic gas, is more environmentally friendly, and improves the working environment of maintenance personnel.

Miracle Propress Fitting Does Not Use Plastic or Rubber Gasket

Miracle propress fittings are all manufactured by metal machining, do not contain corrosive fittings, and will not corrode the system pipes, so the propress fitting has higher precision and more reliable sealing.

Miracle propress fitting reduces the leakage rate to 0.06%-0.01%, which greatly reduces the leakage rate and reduces your maintenance investment.

The design of the Miracle propress fitting is based on the suggestions of more than 50 professional refrigerator repairers with more than 15 years of work experience.

As a result, we have summarized a great deal of design experience. All this just so you can get a more reliable connection.

Miracle takes responsibility for each and every connection you make.

Miracle Propress Fittings Goal

In order to thoroughly solve the problems of pipeline connection efficiency and safety, Miracle propress fitting R&D team has been working hard to explore.

Miracle propress fitting is a solution proposed based on a series of problems such as low welding efficiency, many potential hazards, and high labor costs.

We hope that Miracle can be a great help when you are connecting the pipes.

Miracle Propress Fittings R & D

We listed some photos of propress fitting used in the projects. Miracle propress fitting includes copper propress fittings, aluminum propress fittings, stainless steel propress fittings, which are applied to air-conditioning pipes, gas pipes, water pipes, production lines,  and so on.

Because there are a large number of engineering cases, there is no way to show them one by one, so if you want to learn more about the application details of propress fittings, please contact the Miracle team directly to get a professional answer!

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What are the Advantages of Propress Fitting?

Propress Fitting Structure

As you can see in the structure of the figure below, Miracle propress fitting consists of three parts, two inner nests, two propress rings, and a connecting sleeve.

The pure metal connection method is currently the best connection method on the market.

Miracle propress fitting adopts a cold connection design, does not use a rubber ring seal.

The sealing method of rubber ring material, the reliability of propress fitting depends on the reliability of rubber, and the rubber ring is prone to damage and corrosion during use.

But there is no need to worry about the leakage of Miracle propress fitting for the propress fitting of the metal cold connection design. In a word, Miracle propress fitting is more reliable.

Tell Miracle your needs now, and Miracle propress fitting team will give you a complete propress fitting solution. Call to action now!

How to Test the Propress Fitting?

A large number of experiments ensure the reliability of Miracle propress fitting.

The experiments that Miracle propress fitting participates in include thermal high and low-temperature tests, salt spray tests, vibration tests, etc.

Experiments show that Miracle propress fitting fully meets the requirements of propress fitting under various working conditions, So as not to leak, not rust, not corrode, etc.

Miracle propress fitting does not corrode including two points: Firstly, the material selected for the propress fitting will not be corroded after treatment, and secondly propress fitting will not corrode the system pipeline.

Miracle propress fitting achieves the same life as the system pipeline, so that ensures the reliability of Miracle propress fitting!

Pro Press Fittings vs. Solder – Is ProPress Better than Solder Plumbing Fittings?

Pro Press Fittings vs. Solder

The metal alloy used to adjoin metals together is soldering. Though the welding joint is the strongest and permanent bond for attaching various metal types, there are some drawbacks. As the best and economical alternative of solder, propress fitting took place as a reliable non-welding traditional pipes connection tool.

ProPress or press-connect joining not only solves the soldering disadvantage but it has many advantages to use. Invest your two minutes exploring. Are propress fittings reliable, and does propress fitting better than solder?

Is the Propress Fitting Better than Solder?

Before going to a comparison, let’s have an idea about the drawbacks of solder.

If you have a long length or a huge section to combine, it isn’t easy to join by solder.

There are some doubts about its strength of joints that whether it’s the real strength.

Moreover, the fluxes may have toxic elements that are not expected. Soldering is not useful for high-temperature joint applications and heavy metals.

Explore the propress fittings specifications with a comparison of soldering.

ProPress Fitting is Fast and Easy:

ProPress Fitting is Fast and Easy

Imagine how easily and quickly you can set up the connection when it needs a maximum of 30 seconds.

When you choose a Miracle propress fitting to attach the materials, you’ll save innumerable hours of work.

Also, need only 4 to 7 seconds to press. But for soldering, there are few things to prepare and then solder.

The heat should be coon down after set up. If it’s line voltage irons to solder, it’ll take more time.

ProPress Fitting is Fire Risk-Free:

Propress fitting enables you to create the safest and cool environment to work without dealing with fire.

So there is no risk of fire hazard while soldering is full of risk of it. When propress creates a clean attachment without flame, why will you risk a fire?

ProPress Fitting Minimizes system’s Downtime:

You may wait for a long time to get water back when it was repairing with soldering.

It’s a great benefit of propress fitting that you don’t need to drain and dry the pipes before operation. It saves your time for cleaning and draining the pipes, which is time-consuming.

Does ProPress has Ease of Access:

The propress fitting only required some basic essential elements.

Propress tool/FRK lokring tool

Propress fitting/lokring fitting

Sealing Fluid/ Lokring Sealing Liquid

Then you can use fittings anywhere to attach the connection.

Mention that Miracle Refrigeration has developed its own set of non-fire connecting tools like Miracle FRK lokring tools, Miracle lokring fittings, single ring, stoppers, and Miracle lokring sealing liquid.

Unlike soldering, it doesn’t require accessories, washing materials, tools, and a risk-free working place for the blaze.

So from the accessibility aspect, you’ll find the propress fitting is the ultimate solution for the connection.

Smart Indicator Features of ProPress Fitting:

Smart Indicator Features of ProPress Fitting

Some of Propress fitting allows you to make efficient use of it with a smart indicator.

There is a colored dot located on each of the fittings. If the dot appears while establishing the connection, then you’ll find it’s not perfectly done.

Then it’s easy to be aware and do it again correctly. Having this smart indicator feature makes the propress fitting system prominent and reliable lokring tools over the world.

See once more at a glance the point of the propress copper fittings vs. solder.

ProPress Fittings

  • No drying or cooling time is required.
  • It takes 95% less time than traditional soldering.
  • No matter use it on wet, damp, or dry pips with lesser cleaning.
  • You don’t need any flux, torch, Gas, or soldering skill
  • It can bear 600 PSI and 250-degree Fahrenheit.
  • No smoke discharge and uses of Gas, fire extinguishers overall fire use


  • Unlike Press fitting tool, soldering is lower costly.
  • A Clean and flame permits environment is required.
  • Needs gas tanks, fire extinguisher and other pieces of equipment.
  • The risk involved and need to ensure a safe workplace.
  • Needs personal protection types of equipment.
  • Need a skilled professional worker to do the job properly.
  • Overheating and needs to cool down after flame.
  • Time-consuming and long process.

After all, while you finish using propress, you will find a complete solution that creates a uniform and reputable joints.

Propress can ensure giving a long-lasting and reliable service as well. The Propress fitting can provide you an approximately 50-year warranty. It covers the scarcity of materials.

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