Plumbing Press Tool
Plumbing Press Tool

The first plumbing press tool manufacturer in China. No fire or high temperature required for pipe connection.

Quite lightweight, can reduce operator fatigue. High efficiency and Competitive price get you more profit.

Plumbing Press Tool Video Cover

Plumbing Press Tool Advantage

Miracle provides various manual plumbing press tool and electric plumbing tool to meet your demand;

Miracle has patents for the plumbing press tool which works very flexible in the narrow space;

Miracle electric plumbing tool has two batteries for back-up and supports your longer working time;

Miracle plumbing press tool has free professional technical guidance and more complete after-sales service.

FRK Plumbing Press Tool

FRK plumbing press tool is one of Miracle patent products, it works perfectly in small and narrow space of different brands refrigerator and freezer maintenance, very flexible and easy to operate.

30w Plumbing Press Tool

30W plumbing press tool is a little big size manual tool than FRK, and it has two types tool that is the difference on the handle, one is more flexible and works better in the corner place. Click to check more details.

Electrical Plumbing Press Tool

Electric plumbing press tool is the most labor-saving tool, it is driven by electricity and no need manpower. It provides more uniform crimping force and makes the connection better, especially in bigger sizes pipes.

Single Ring Plumbing Press Tool

Single ring plumbing press tool is a kind of hydraulic equipment, the clamp head is customized according to the size required by your refrigerator or freezer production line, and the working area is wide.

Where Use of Plumbing Press Tool?

Plumbing Press Tool Used for Pipe Connection

The design of the 30w Plumbing Press Tool is based on the complexity and reliability of pipeline construction. Plumbing Press Tool adopts the cold connection method. The quality of the pipe connection is well solved in the product design stage, so novices can operate it after simple training.

Plumbing Press Tool fitting can connect pipes of various materials, copper pipes and copper pipes, copper pipes and aluminum pipes, titanium pipes, stainless steel pipes, etc., which completely solves the unable connection or even leaking problem in traditional welding and other connection methods between different material pipes.

Plumbing Press Tool can be used for refrigerator repair, air conditioning pipeline installation, water system pipeline connection, particle distribution pipeline, and oil pipeline connection and maintenance, and has the reliability that other connection methods do not have. Send your Inquiry and Miracle will give you satisfaction back!

Plumbing Press Tool Used for Production Line

The single ring plumbing press tool is to solve the problem of fire welding connection pipes in the production line of refrigerators and freezers. Single Ring is more suitable for mass production assembly lines, which completely solves the hidden dangers of production safety, reduces the leakage rate of the production line, and greatly improves the efficiency of the production line.

We adopt the internally nested cold connection method, do not use O-type rubber seals that will be easily corroded, ensure a better sealing effect.

It can be used in a wider range. Miracle Ring can be used for gas pipelines, liquids pipelines, solid particulate material conveying pipelines, etc.

Our inner nest is sold together with the ring according to your pipes specification, no additional fees will be charged.

Plumbing Press Tool Structure
Plumbing Press Tool Structure

Miracle Pipe cold extrusion connection technology refers to the metal under the condition of lower than the recrystallization temperature or other materials lower than the melting point.

Between the same material or different materials, using a medium or not using a medium, in an external force, Miracle fitting produces elastic or plastic deformation, achieve mutual connection or sealing.

Therefore, the system after Miracle Plumbing Press Tool Fitting is connected is cleaner, and there will be no air holes, so there will be no leakage.

Plumbing Press Tool Principle
Plumbing Press Tool Principle

Maybe you have used the unsatisfied plumbing press tool in your project, some may very expensive, some may not reliable and cause many problems for you, but please trust that there is someone who is willing to work harder and they have been working on making a satisfying plumbing press tool for you for years. Miracle is that one.

With more than 15 years’ effort and project experience, Miracle is committed to improving the pipeline installation environment and never stops our hardworking. Trust us and give you a surprise.

In order to make the product quality more reliable, we have done a lot of experiments to verify, so Miracle Plumbing Press Tool tool will bring you different surprises.

Related Products

  • Plumbing Press Tool and Aluminum Fitting

    Miracle aluminum fitting is used together with Miracle plumbing press tool to connect the aluminum pipe for many sizes, no matter the pipe has big or small sizes. And the Miracle aluminum fitting is also suitable for small sizes copper pipe connection, especially for refrigerator and freezer repair. It has a more economic price with a reliable connection.

  • Plumbing Press Tool and Copper Fitting

    According to the principle of no welding connection technology, there are plumbing press fittings of different hardness for pipes. Miracle copper press fitting is mainly used for the connection of copper pipes and aluminum pipes, copper pipes and copper pipes, and stainless steel pipes. The customized solutions for pipes are more safe and effective.

  • Plumbing Press Tool and Single Ring

    The research of the Miracle plumbing press tool and the single ring is to solve the problem of improving the efficiency of the refrigerator & freezer production line and eradicate the use of open flames in the factory for dangerous welding. Miracle plumbing press tool single ring fundamentally improves the efficiency of the production line.

  • Plumbing Press Tool and Sealing Liquid

    The seemingly smooth surface of the pipe, mostly with large or small scratches hidden, the Miracle sealing liquid works together with Miracle plumbing press tool is used to repair the invisible gap between the Miracle plumbing press tool fitting and the pipe, to prevent the risks of refrigerant leakage. It is an essential part of no welding connection.

  • Plumbing Press Tool and Stopper

    Miracle stopper and Miracle plumbing press tool are used for maintenance work of refrigerator and freezer., and they are also used for the process pipe in the cut-off refrigeration pipeline, it is a supplement to the no-fire connection, which replaces the operation of sealing pliers or fire welding to block the copper pipe.

What Is A Plumbing Tool/Plumbing Press Tool?

Plumbing tools are the tool used to repair jobs or any installation job in plumbing work.

Usually, a wrench, nut, bolt needs this kind of work, but you need a pipe press tool when you need to join two pipelines together.

It comes with propress fittings, such as copper press fittings, stainless steel fittings, and others.

So the plumbing press tool is used to press the fittings on the pipe when installing the pipe or repair a leakage.

Feature of  Plumbing Press Tool

  • Effortless, Powerful motor to provide higher thrust.
  • Most efficient plumbing press tool.
  • More even strength, will not damage the pipe press tool, or refrigeration press fittings, or pipes.
  • With rechargeable batteries.
  • Durable and not easy to break.
  • There is no oxide layer on the surface or inside the pipe.
  • Small size, lightweight, low requirement for operation space.

Plumping Press Tool Parts

Electrical Plumping Press Tool Parts

Electrical Plumping Press Tool Parts

The plumbing press tool consists of a dowel pin, replaceable heads with afferent sizes, a starter switch, the body, white light, lithium batteries, a manual relief button, and red indicators.

Miracle plumbing press tool is a rechargeable hydraulic tool, mainly used for pipe connections with no fire technology to replace welding, especially use for refrigeration system pipe connection.

It has the same function as our Manual press tool, so it has similar advantages to manual tools, no fire, no high temperature, no oxide layer on the surface or inside the pipeline, so it is easy and safe to handle.

Furthermore, it’s an electric tool, so it has more advantages in efficiency, even strength, longer life, etc.

SDY-42 Plumbing press tool adopts a 90-degree right-angle body design, equipped with a powerful motor, high-pressure oil cylinder, high-performance lithium battery, and replaceable sliding chuck.

It has small in size, lightweight, and has low requirements for operating space, long-life maintenance.

Plumping Press Tool Technical Parameters

Electrical Plumping Press Tool Technical Parameters

Application: Dia. of tube ≤Φ 28.6mm or 1 1/8″

Operating temperature:-10°C to 50°C (14°F to 122°F)

Lithium battery: 1.5AH

Maintenance cycle: 20000 times for each cycle


The voltage of the battery:18V

The output:1.5T

Charging time:2 Hour



Accessories: 4 pairs





Delivered in a plastic box.

Where to Use a Propress Plumbing Tool?

Where to Use a Propress Plumbing Tool

The plumbing press tool is used for any plumbing system, pipe fittings, plumbing hardware, and water closet fastener in solder-free technology.

It used to press to propress fittings to create a connection. For connecting the valve of the water line in the back of the refrigerator, propress plumbing tools work very efficiently as a perfectly suitable solution.

What Is The Difference To Use Propress Plumbing Tool From Others Tool?

As a leading refrigeration tool and air condition repairing tools and fittings manufacturing company, Miracle constantly researches and develops propress fittings and propress tools.

However, there is some issue with holding the grip while pressing a large-diameter pipeline with a copper propress tool or manual propress tool.

That’s why there are propress plumbing tools with an upgrade for the pipe and propress fittings which need a firmer grip to press. Miracle Plumbing Propress tool is more specific for this type of pipe or plumbing application.

Why Should I Use Miracle Plumbing Propress Tool?

Why Should I Use Miracle Plumbing Propress Tool

Miracle Propress plumbing tool is an innovative tool in the market since we’ve launched it.

It is very lightweight than other tools, and it enables you to get your work done faster. It can reduce 50% of the time that you need to spend on soldering technology.

It is effortless to use and can adapt to any place. If it is an ample space or short, the Miracle propress plumbing tool can fit comfortably moving access.

Your propress connection will be 100% accurate and reliable with a miracle plumbing press tool. The features of our tool are very straightforward, helpful, efficient, and comprehensive.

It is a tool that all plumbers, mechanical contractors should use. So send your Inquiry, and Miracle will give you satisfaction back!

What Type of Tools Should I Use At Home As A Professional Plumber?

What Type of Tools Should I Use At Home As A Professional Plumber

Professional people always choose the professional equipment that has the best work efficiency and user friendly.

Whether any emergency use or troubleshoot the leakage, the Miracle plumbing press tool is the best tool ever out there. It is perfectly adjustable for many diameter pipelines or fittings. It is a tool that anyone can afford.

When you choose propress fittings instead of soldering, you reduced a lot of disadvantage of it.

For your plumbing needs, the Miracle plumbing press tool kit comes with all the required equipment so that you can solve all of the emergency plumbing problems in a better way.

How Can I Detect Is There A Leakage on My Gas Pipeline or Water Pipeline?

How Can I Detect Is There A Leakage on My Gas Pipeline or Water Pipeline

To check your gas line, you can use a manometer and see there is a pressure drop on the pipe or not.

If the pressure drop, then uses a spray bottle with soap water, spray water on the pipe and you’ll see the bubbles if there is a leak on your gas pipelines.

For water pipeline leakage, you can notice if there is we spot or not, or you can turn off the valve of the waterline, and after few moments go back and turn it on slowly.

Between these times, don’t try to use any water so that the water can be pressurized. For both ways, if there is a leakage on your water pipe, you will hear the characteristic hiss and location of leakage.

Also, you can add a moisture meter or pressure gauge to check it more clearly.

Which Tool to Use for Repairing These Gas Pipelines Leakage Or Water Pipeline Leakage?

Which Tool to Use for Repairing These Gas Pipelines Leakage Or Water Pipeline Leakage

The simplest way to eliminate the leakage on your pipeline is to use propress fittings with a plumbing press tool.

There are several types of plumbing propress tools for your choosing, and there are five different diameters jaws in the Miracle plumbing press tool kit, which can adjust with many sizes of pipe.

In addition, there are particular sealing liquid need to be added in the connection process to reduce the leakage risk. And the miracle plumbing tool is so light, a powerful tool for pressing your fittings.

What Is The Disadvantage Of Soldering?

What Is The Disadvantage Of Soldering

Creating a connection with soldering has a dozen of drawbacks. First of all, it requires high heat to melt the solder.

So you need a safe environment and make sure there are no materials near the fire, which can cause a fire hazard. It is challenging for tight space to maintain distance some materials from fire.

Again you need a fire permit and go through some processes and arrange all the safety equipment to eliminate the fire hazard.

There will be a lot of toxic gases and smoke because of flame and soldering. You also need to turn off the water or gas pipelines before start soldering. It has to be dry and clean.

After soldering, you have to wait to see the joint is perfect and there is no fire. So it’s a timely process, and the cost of everything is so high.

Overall it still can have some leakage. You have to make sure that the plumber has good experience and knowledge to do the job because it’s an issue to safety.

There is much more disadvantage of soldering, and it is not meaningful to use soldering anymore when the solder-free technology was invented and solve the problem like a pro.

The plumbing press tool is the ultimate technology to set a connection with lokring fittings.

How Lokring Fittings And Plumbing Press Tool Is A Better Option Than Soldering?

How Lokring Fittings And Plumbing Press Tool Is A Better Option Than Soldering

Soldering always has some risk and often occurs problems while repairing your refrigeration tubes and air conditioning pipe.

However, when you use a plumbing press tool and propress fittings instead of soldering, you save all of the essential equipment and safety tools that you need during soldering.

Don’t need to think about protecting your precious refrigerator, air-conditioner, or other stuff from fire or flame damage.

Using a plumbing press tool and press fittings also reduces the risk of emerging toxic gases and smoke.

An experienced plumber cannot save the materials from fire damage, where a non-professional can create a propress fitting connection with a plumbing press tool without hurting anything.

The plumbing press tool unlocks the possibility of repairing any joint within a concise time.

Applying a lokring system and plumbing press tool is not only safer but also quicker. It is 50% faster than soldering.

Is The Process Easy To Use A Plumbing Press Tool?

In the pressing process, you don’t need to clean the pipe like you clean for soldering.

But make sure there is no corrosion or rust before so you can avoid the risk of leakage and have a strong connection. Just clean the pipe with cloths and then cut the leaking portion where the propress fittings need to replace.

Insert the fittings and mark the part to ensure both pipes penetrate fittings after finishing the connection.

After that, use sealing liquid to both pipes, which lokring fittings will cover.

So filling sealing liquid is essential because it can give a leakage-free connection for a long time.

Then insert the pipe into lokring fittings and make sure lokring fittings touch the two markings of both pipes.

You are about to create an airtight and strong connection without using soldering or flame.

Now use the plumbing press tool and push the lokring fittings into the connector and press the fittings onto the connector.

That’s all done. Altogether, you will need 3 to 4 minutes to cuttings the pipe and ending the pressing process.

Now you can imagine how simple, easy and quicker is the process of using a plumbing press tool than soldering.

Does The Miracle Plumbing Press Tool Come With Different Crimping Heads? Or Do I Need To Buy Them Separately?

Does The Miracle Plumbing Press Tool Come With Different Crimping Heads

The Miracle Plumbing press tool kit comes with a plumbing press tool, five different crimping jaws, and a sealing liquid.

You don’t require to purchase it individually when you buy the Miracle plumbing press tool kit.

If you buy only a plumbing press tool without a kit box, there will be one crimping head with the tool.

 Then It can press the copper pipe and copper press fittings with matched sizes. So send your Inquiry, and Miracle will give you satisfaction back!

Can I Crimp The Fittings With A Miracle Plumbing Press Tool Only Vertically?

No, you can use it both horizontally and vertically. It is a very lightweight, simple, and small tool so that it can fit in a tight place, and you can use it from any angle according to your comfort.

Why Is Miracle Plumbing Press Tool Worth Becoming No 1 In The Market?

Why Is Miracle Plumbing Press Tool Worth Becoming No 1 In The Market

The work efficiency or effectiveness of the miracle plumbing press tool doesn’t change according to your use in different applications.

So whether you use a different refrigerator or air-conditioner, or another application, the miracle plumbing press tool can still provide you the best adjustable and reliable press fittings connection.

This hand assembly plumbing press tool always offers the solution for your apartment, warehouse, super shop, construction, industry, or commercial use.

We manufactured a new robust HVAC hand tool that works correctly.

No matter what you need to use for domestic appliances or significant professional use, the miracle plumbing press tool is still the best choice for intelligent plumbers.

For the last 20 years, Miracle plumbing press tools have been applied successfully in the air conditioning and refrigeration industry in Europe, South America, North America, the middle east, Asia, and Africa.

Our company and service have been immensely blessed for our intelligent solution on top-quality plumbing press tools and optimum service.

So if you desire to be a portion of thousands of users’ families who already put their trust in the miracle plumbing press tool, don’t forget to send us your project details.

What Are The Features Of The Miracle Plumbing Press Tool?

What Are The Features Of The Miracle Plumbing Press Tool

Miracle Plumbing Press Tool has many diameter pipes pressing quality for copper, stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, and titanium pipe. It can give you a successful crimp experience.

Miracle Plumbing press tool can press copper and stainless steel pipe from 1/2″ to 1 1/8″ and a full range of other materials pipe.

The miracle plumbing press tool body and crimping head have a galvanized coating, so there is no possibility of corrosion or rust. Send your Inquiry now. Some Features of Miracle Plumbing press tool:

  • Need a minimum effort,
  • Most efficient,
  • Beautiful outside,
  • Powerful inside,
  • Fight against rust and corrosion,
  • No risk to damage pipe or fittings,
  • Small size and lightweight,
  • Can work in tight space,
  • Easy to operate,
  • No Training required
  • Cost-Effective

What Is The Application Or Operations Where A Miracle Plumbing Press Tool Can Be Used?

You can use the Miracle Plumbing press tool in any solder-free connection technology operation.

It is a widespread and flexible HVAC hand tool for creating non-soldering connections with propress fittings. You can use it for your commercial, industrial, and house use.

Some common uses of the Miracle plumbing press tool are:

How Does Plumping Press Tool Work?

Here is the video we made to show you how to use the Miracle Plumbing press tool correctly from changing the chucks.

We marked words on the important procedures in the video, it’s not complicated, you need to do some practice to operate it very well.

Please be noted the following Operation instructions:

The plumbing press tool requires preheating after no work for a period of time: press down the switch for 3 seconds, then loosen it (repeat 3 times).

When pressing down the switch, if the indicator light begins to flash accompanied by a “DIDI” sound, it means the battery runs low and needs to be changed.

We provide two batteries, you can change to the other one and to charge the replaced one.

How To Use Electrical Plumbing Press Tool

First Step​

Select the applicable chucks (the front chuck and the back one should be matched) according to the operational requirements (such as the size and material of pipe).

Second Step

Check and confirm that the piston is in full return position before the installation of the tong head. (the spring in the rear clamping hole is not compressed).

Third Step

Put the tong head onto the shaft, slide it in a certain place, then insert the dowel pin. Pay attention to install the back tong head, then install the front one.

Fourth Step

Put the pipe together with the Suhring ring onto the front and back tong heads, adjust the position, then press the switch to start the motor.

The ring on the pipe is pushed to the middle of the Suhring ring by the sliding of the back head, then the pipe connection is finished.

Plumbing Press Tool Kit

Plumbing Press Tool Kit

Miracle designed a plumbing press tool kit to provide you with more convenience.

One kit includes the plumbing press tool, 4 pairs of heads, or you may call it chucks, two batteries, and one charging device.

It will be easier for workers to take the kit to the site for the install work.

Chuck sizes are 1/4-3/8, 1/2-5/8, 3/4-7/8, 1-1 1/8.

If you want to know more about the kit, kindly contact us.

What Are The Other Tool That Miracle Refrigeration Exports With Miracle Plumbing Press Tools?

As your central AC installation solution expert, Miracle refrigeration manufacture and export world-class refrigeration fitting and repairing tools.

It includes:

  1. HVAC Tool, HVAC Tool Kit, HVAC Parts,
  2. Lokring Tools.
  3. Lokring Fittings.
  4. Copper Crimping Tool
  5. Condensing Units.
  6. Refrigeration Condensing Unit.
  7. Small Refrigeration Unit.
  8. Evaporator Unit.
  9. Air-cooled Condensers.

We manufactured ISO 9001 certified equipment and exported it to our extensive market worldwide.

We have more than 20 patents for innovative next-generation equipment that are pretty much effective to use in your operation. Send your Inquiry now.

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