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Pipe Press Fittings

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  • 15+ years history for R&D and manufacturer the pipe press fittings and pipe press tool in China;
  • The bulk of experiences for doing the air conditioning, refrigeration and water pipe projects in China and abroad;
  • As one of the earliest pipe press fittings manufacturer and supplier in China, Miracle has copper pipe press fittings, stainless steel pipe press fittings, black pipe press fittings etc;
  • Miracle provides the pipe press fitting for refrigerant system,pipe press fitting for water, pipe press fitting for gas etc.
  • If you want to know the comparasion of Press fittings VS solder, please check below contents or contact Miracle pipe press fittings team directly!
Copper Pipe Press Fittings

Copper pipe press fittings are one of the most popular lokring fittings in Miracle, copper pipe press fittings are made of copper and steel material, which has great advantages for taking big pressure, no matter for your refrigerant system or gas or water system. Each copper pipe press fitting has two steel rings, a copper sleeve, and two copper inner support. Some brands may use rubber or plastic ring for seal, but ours are better, you will see the reasons below contents.

Each copper press fitting will do one connection of two pipes. If you want to replace welding with a higher efficient way and make your AC business more profitable, please contact us to get the copper pipe press fittings now!

Aluminum Pipe Press Fittings

Aluminum pipe press fittings are one of the most economic lokring fittings in Miracle system. Aluminum pipe press fittings are made of aluminum material which is more suitable for the connection between aluminum pipes and the place where the system pressure is not so high. Each aluminum pipe press fitting has two aluminum rings, an aluminum sleeve, and two inner aluminum support, all same materials for the pipe press fittings will ensure the perfect connection of your aluminum pipeline.

If your refrigerant or gas system doesn’t require very high pressure or wide temperature ranges, Miracle aluminum pipe press fittings will not only increase your efficiency but also save your cost a lot for your projects, Contact Miracle team to get your own pipe press fittings now!

Stainless Steel Pipe Press Fittings

Stainless steel pipe press fittings are one of the most popular lokring fittings for water pipeline connection. Because stainless steel pipe has excellent hygienic performance, it is the only metal material in the food and pharmaceutical industries that have high hygiene requirements. It can be implanted in the human body.

With the development of production technology and connection technology, stainless steel has been extensively application used in food, hospitals, villas, etc. In the building, a large number of stainless steel pipes have been used for the secondary water supply of tap water. In order to solve the connection problem of stainless steel pipes, Miracle, therefore, developed a stainless steel connection ring to make the connection of water pipes more reliable and safe.

For detailed info for stainless steel pipe press fittings, please contact us directly!

Refrigerator Pipe Press Fittings

Refrigerator pipe press fittings are the most popular lokring fittings used in the refrigerator repair business. The refrigerator pipe press fittings are normally made of aluminum materials because the working environment of the refrigerator is good and the pressure& temperature are all not so harsh, aluminum refrigerator pipe press fittings can work very well and make sure no leaking.

Besides that, aluminum refrigerator pipe press fittings can save costs compared with copper material. Miracle refrigerator pipe press fittings have around 100 sizes until now for different brands of refrigerators, please do not hesitate to contact us with your demand right now!

Pipe Press Fittings for Refrigeration Line

Pipe press fittings for refrigeration lines are the types of single rings that widely used for the production line of refrigerators, freezers, water dispensers, and the system that has the same structure as a refrigerator. Pipe press fittings for refrigeration lines are different from the above copper, aluminum, and stainless steel pipe press fittings, Miracle Pipe press fittings for refrigeration lines have a simple structure, no sleeve or inner support, that’s why we call it single ring.

With Pipe press fittings for refrigeration line, it has more economic costs and fast&easy connection. And the material of Pipe press fittings for the refrigeration line can be custom-made according to your production situation, what kind of pipes need matched materials lokring fittings. Contact us with your refrigerator production line situation and let Miracle design the pipe press fittings for you now!

Pipe Press Tool

Pipe press tool is the type of manual propress tool that specially used for solder-free connection technology. Miracle pipe press tool has 6 models to choose from,4 models of manual pipe press tool, 1model of electric pipe press tool, and 1 model of hydraulic equipment. Each pipe press tool has its own applications.

At the same time, for your easy use, Miracle also designs some pipe press tool kits for you. Miracle pipe press tool has an upgrade for several versions after 15+ years of experience on real projects and every change will make your work easier and safer.

If you want to know how to choose the right type of pipe press tool with pipe press fittings, please do not hesitate to contact us now!

As you can see below pics, we did a lot of experiments to check the functions and working performance in every aspect of our laboratory.

The experiments are normally for the connection between copper pipe to copper pipe, aluminum pipe to aluminum pipe, copper pipe to aluminum pipe.

Also, the experiments can be for copper pipe press fittings, aluminum pipe press fittings, refrigerator pipe press fittings, and so on.

During so many experiments, the results are Miracle pipe press fitting connects the metal pipes very well even when the system pipe brunt.

So you can trust that Miracle no welding connection method with pipe press fittings has better sealing performance than other methods.

Miracle also makes a small refrigerant system that connected with pipe press fittings in our showroom, we fill the pressure in the system for several years to let you have a good glance at Miracle products. Contact us to know more details right away!

Pipe Press Fittings Blasting Experiment

Except for all the experiments of pipe press fittings we did in Miracle laboratory, Miracle also did some quality tests by a professional third party, this may be more convincing to you.

Miracle did quality testing mainly around the important points in the solder-free connection that customers care about, including blasting test, vibration test, hot and cold alternative test, salt fog test, etc.

You can check the test contents and results in the below test report carefully.

Besides the above quality test in a third party, Miracle’s every project is good proof of our quality. So if you want to see our projects with pipe press fittings, please feel free to contact us immediately!

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After 15+ years of efforts in pipe press fittings’ production, Miracle has built our own R&D team and management system.

As one of the earliest pipe press fittings manufacturers and suppliers in China, Miracle did spend a lot of time and money on developing and improving the pipe press fittings.

And we never stop our energy on research and development, new and perfect technology is on the way.

Miracle factory located in seaport city will ensure you can get the pipe press fittings in fast delivery and cheapest cost. You are always welcome to visit our factory to know every process of production of the pipe press fittings!

Miracle is a company that focuses on research and development.

We spend a lot of time, energy, and money on product research and development, and constantly update with new ones to make your use more convenient.

In order to make the market more formal, to ensure that you can buy our professional pipe press fittings and pipe pres tool, and to protect the hard work of our engineers, many of our products have applied for patents.

In addition to domestic, we have also applied for some patents in the United States, and we will apply for patents in more places in the future to ensure that you can use the highest quality pipe press fittings.

At the same time, our team will continue to work hard to invent more patents, give you the most cost-effective pipe press fittings and pipe pres tool!

Miracle Pipe Press Fittings Patent

Miracle pipe press tool realizes cold connection through interference fit between metal pipes.

The principle of the pipe press fittings is very simple, but if you want pipe press fitting to be your most reliable welding substitute, Miracle needs to select materials in every part and pay attention to every production process.

We will not use plastic or rubber sealing rings that have the risks for a long time to achieve sealing, nor will we directly crimp without paying attention to the leakage risk of nano-scale micro gaps.

When connecting and pipe press fittings and pipe press tools, you also need to use our special sealing liquid. Anaerobic liquid can wrap the tube and isolate the tube from the air, thus achieving a zero leakage seal.

Miracle Pipe Press Fittings Principle


Below are some pics from some of our real projects with various types of pipe press fittings.

You can see that our customers use copper pipe press fittings for central air conditioning installation, that is VRF system.

Also, there are applications for refrigerator repair work with Miracle aluminum refrigerator pipe press fittings.

To guide you well, Miracle made some training videos and user instructions for every application, please contact us to get a more specific service right now!

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