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As a qualified pipe insulation supplier, Miracle has ten foaming lines and adopts CNC automatic beating system to ensure the stability and consistency of the foam pipe insulation and to meet your needs for bulk purchase.

As a pipe insulation supplier with rich experience, Miracle also has the natural geographical advantage of being located in three major ports, namely Shanghai Port, Zhapu Port, and Ningbo Port, which fully saves your logistics costs.

Miracle pipe insulation has been exported to Asia, the Middle East, the European Union, Africa, the Americas, Latin America, Australia, and other regions and countries. We also have rich experience in import and export to help you save more money. Contact us now!

White Polyethylene Pipe Insulation

White pipe insulation is generally Polyethylene as the raw material. white polyethylene pipe insulation has the following advantages: good temperature resistance, good insulation performance, zero formaldehyde non-toxic tasteless, etc. Generally used in central air conditioning connection pipe. White pipe insulation is generally used for central air conditioning connection pipes.

Polyethylene pipe insulation has higher fire resistance and higher safety factor due to its high plasticity and the addition of environmentally friendly M1 flame retardant during production. For more details, please contact us directly now!

Plumbing Pipe Insulation

Plumbing pipe insulation is generally used outdoors to meet the insulation performance, and does not have high requirements for fire resistance.

Plumbing pipe insulation is responsible for color matching in addition to insulation performance. Since most plumbing pipes are exposed outdoors, so there exits the demand for the color of plumbing pipe insulation to match with the building or surround place. Traditional plumbing pipe insulation is generally available in black, but Miracle can also provide you with colored plumbing pipe insulation. Send us your requests now!

Colored Pipe Insulation

Different markets, different customers on the acceptance of pipe insulation color is different, Miracle to provide you with a variety of colors of pipe insulation, to better match your purchasing needs.

Miracle colored pipe insulation is a flexible closed-cell thermal insulation material foamed with butadiene rubber as the main raw material. It does not contain any fiber materials, does not contain chlorofluorocarbons and other ozone-depleting working fluids. Colored pipe insulation can be directly contacted with the air, which is energy-saving, healthy, and environmentally friendly. , Miracle pipe insulation can escort your project very well, now send your order to us!

Refrigerant Pipe Insulation

Refrigerant pipe insulation has higher requirements than plumbing pipe insulation because it is related to the medium flowing in the pipeline. The refrigerant has flammable and explosive characteristics, so refrigerant pipe insulation has higher requirements for flame-retardant properties.

Miracle can provide you with pipe insulation that is most suitable for you based on years of production and sales experience, thereby saving your project expenses and helping you to better enlarge your business in your market. Contact us for good cooperation right now!

Foam Pipe Insulation

Foam pipe insulation is the general term for insulation pipe. Including refrigerant pipe insulation, white pipe insulation, black pipe insulation, etc. Foam pipe insulation has the advantages of good flame retardancy, good flexibility, low thermal conductivity, good shock resistance, easy installation, beautiful appearance, closed cell foaming, and good moisture resistance. Contact us now to pick the suitable foam pipe insulation!

Black Pipe Insulation

Miracle black pipe insulation is mainly in black color, suitable for heat preservation and heat insulation of various pipes and equipment (-40℃-105℃). Miracle black pipe insulation is widely used in central air-conditioning system water pipes and air pipes, hot water pipes, and process pipes in industrial/civil buildings, petrochemical, medical and health and other public places. For more details, please contact us now!

Split AC Pipe Insulation

Split AC pipe insulation can be customized according to your requirements. The conventional lengths are 3m, 4m, 5m, 10m, 15m, etc. Split AC pipe insulation adopts precise mechanical flaring, which has better sealing performance and does not leak fluorine. The brass fittings adopt thickened copper nut, which has a longer service life.

Split AC pipe insulation uses dust plugs to seal the copper pipe ends before delivery to prevent debris from entering the pipeline. For more AC pipe insulation specifications and details, please contact us now!

Copper Pipe Insulation

Miracle copper pipe insulation raw material are made of high standard PE and has passed JIS-A9511 certification, French M1 flame-retardant certification, and SGS certification, ensuring the quality of air-conditioning insulation pipes.

Miracle promises that we will provide you with the highest quality copper pipe insulation, and we can supply you with free samples to completely eliminate your worries. Contact us now to get free samples!

Pipe Insulation Tape

Pipe insulation tape is generally used for outdoor pipe insulation. Central air-conditioning white polyethylene pipe insulation generally does not use tape for fastening. The main functions of Pipe insulation tape are as follows.

One is to tighten the insulation pipe and the copper pipe to increase the thermal insulation effect; the other is to increase the aesthetics; the third is to prevent the damage of the insulation pipe and the aging caused by the sun. For more details, please contact us now!

Miracle controls the quality of foam pipe insulation starting from the raw materials. The production process of pipe insulation is a complicated process.

Miracle attaches great importance to the control of the production details of pipe insulation. We have compiled some raw material characteristics of insulation pipes for your reference.

Foaming material A is made of low-density polyethylene as the main raw material.

It has the strengths of wide applicable temperature range, stable performance, noise barrier, easy processing, environmental friendliness, non-toxic, harmless, and other advantages.

Foaming material B is compounded by a catalyst, nucleating agent, blowing agent, and some functional agents.

It has the advantages of environmental friendliness, zero formaldehyde, corrosion resistance, and environmental friendliness.

ECO foam flame retardant is a nano-level flame retardant, which has the strengths of high thermal stability, no dust pollution, and easy processing.

Whether it is black, white, or color pipe insulation, it can meet the standard when leaving the factory, so you don’t have to worry about product quality.

We know that product quality is the life of an enterprise. As a reliable pipe insulation supplier, Miracle will be your solid support. Please send your order now!

Black Pipe Insulation Flame Retardant Test

This part shows you the burning characteristics of white polyethylene pipe insulation. Miracle white polyethylene pipe insulation does not fall off or catches fire as the combustion progresses.

It will automatically extinguish the fire, which fully meets the flame retardant requirements of air-conditioning insulation pipes. For more product testing content, please contact us now!

White Polyethylene Insulated Copper Pipe Flame Retardant Grade

Miracle has a standardized pipe insulation production base and various pipe insulation production equipment, which can produce the following products: foam pipe insulation, refrigerant pipe insulation, ac pipe insulation, copper pipe insulation, etc.

Miracle can provide you with a variety of solutions, including mid-to-high-end thermal insulation cotton and low-end thermal insulation cotton, to support your engineering projects and accessories sales to the greatest extent.

Not only that, but Miracle can also provide you with pipe insulation customization services and OEM services and completely solve your worries.

Miracle is your best partner, and we look forward to working with you. Send your inquiry now!

This part is a video showing the burning characteristics of Miracle pipe insulation. The video display is more intuitive and clear. All the test data provided by Miracle comes from its own laboratory, so you can purchase with confidence!

Except the various types of pipe insulation, Miracle never stops our steps to improve the problems that our customers need during the communication. We can do more for you because we are more professional.

So here comes the new technology for your air conditioning installation business, it is called no welding connection.

Miracle can provide you with more solutions than others. The video shows a non-fire connection tool to connect the air-conditioning copper Y joint.

The Miracle crimping tool does not use fire. The design principle is to apply pressure to the pipeline to cause plastic deformation between the metals to achieve the pipeline lock.

Miracle crimping tools and crimping fitting have the following advantages:

  1. Save labor costs and reduce engineering expenses.
  2. Improve installation efficiency and maximize revenue.
  3. The installation effect is beautiful and the construction environment is safe.
  4. Non-toxic, non-corrosive, zero leakage.
  5. No fire, no welding slag, no impurities in the pipeline.
  6. Without changing the pipe diameter, the flow of the refrigerant is more smooth.
  7. No fire, no high temperature, no damage to foam pipe insulation, safer.

Miracle fire-free connection tool is your best partner for air conditioning engineering installation. Contact us to get your solution for pipe insulation and solderless connection now!

For more case information, please contact us now!

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