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Copper Pipe Cutter

Miracle provides different models of pipe cutter from 3mm to 70mm.

Miracle pipe cutter use for copper pile, aluminum pipe, stainless steel pipe, etc.

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Your Best Pipe Cutter Supplier

Miracle supply all sizes tube cutter for your refrigeration system;

Miracle pipe cutter has a better design that makes sure the cutting more precise and not run off;

The excellent blade gives you a very nice cutting effect, gives you more support for the next connection step.

CT127 Mini Pipe Cutter

CT127 mini pipe cutter is suitable for 1/8’’~5/8’’(3-16mm” copper pipe and aluminum pipe cutting. The body is made of Zinc alloy material. For the copper pipe 4-24mm, it doesn’t allow to daw off with a hacksaw, the mini pipe cutter is necessary for the small size copper pipe.

This mini pipe cutter cut the pipe accurately in the same line without breaking the pipe; The mini pipe cutter has a groove on the smooth gear, it can stabilize the bad connector for easy removal; The blade uses 65 Mn steel to cut the pipe sharply and accurately; It has a spare blade; It’s very small and light, easy to carry and use.

CT128 Mini Pipe Cutter

CT128 mini pipe cutter is suitable for 1/8’’~7/8’’(3mm-22mm)copper pipe and aluminum pipe cutting.

It has the same features as CT127, here show you how to use the mini pipe cutter :

Place the copper tube between the roller and the cutting wheel, the sidewall of the copper tube clings to the middle of the two rollers, and the cut of the cutting wheel is clamped perpendicular to the copper tube.

Turn the adjusting handle so that the cutting edge of the cutting knife cuts into the wall of the copper tube, and then rotate the cutting knife around the copper tube uniformly.

After one rotation, turn the adjustment handle to make the cutting edge further cut into the copper tube. The amount of feed should not be too much each time. Just screw in 1/4 turn, and then continue to rotate the cutting knife. Until the copper pipe is cut. The cut copper pipe mouth should be neat and smooth, suitable for expanding the pipe mouth.

CT174 Mini Pipe Cutter

CT-174 mini pipe cutter is designed for cutting 1/8’’~1 1/8’’(3mm-28mm) copper pipe, aluminum, stainless steel pipe, and Titanium pipe.

It has similar features and using instructions with CT126 and CT-127, with good quality 65 Mn steel blade to cut the pipes sharply to make sure the cutting edge smooth and flat.

That mini pipe cutter has the rolling flaring grooves when cutting the damaged flaring connector, the rolling groove can reduce the loss of the metal tube.

Heavy-duty Pipe Cutter

A heavy-duty pipe cutter is the bigger pipe cutter compared with a mini pipe cutter, not just on the size, also for the pipe cutting size. It looks totally different in appearance. It also uses for different metal pipe cutting, including copper pipe, aluminum pipe, stainless steel pipe, and Titanium pipe.

CT-274 designed for pipe size from 1/8’’ to 1 1/8’’(3-28mm)

CT-312 designed for pipe size from 1/4’’ to 1 5/8’’(7-42mm)

CT-105 designed for pipe size from 1/8’’ to 1 3/8’’(7-35mm)

CT-107 designed for pipe size from 1/4’’ to 2’’(7-51mm)

This heavy-duty pipe cutting uses an aluminum-alloy body and a bigger 65 Mn steel blade which is sharper and can stand more pressure, that’s why they can cut bigger size pipes. A changer is placed inside of the cutter to help you cut the big pipes easily and quickly. With a non-slip handle, quite comfortable to use.

Bearing type Big Pipe Cutter

Bearing type pipe cutter is designed for bigger metal pipes’ cutting, max to 2’’(70mm). It has an Aluminum alloy body, alloy steel blade, sharp and durable; With great ball bearing, quite flexible and precise; Aluminum alloy body is light to carry and non-slip handle will make your work energy-saving.

CT-532 designed for pipe size from 3/16’’ to 1 1/4’’(5-32mm)

CT-650 designed for pipe size from 1/4’’ to 2’’(6-50mm)

CT-670 designed for pipe size from 1/4’’ to 2 3/4’’(6-70mm)

Pipe Cutter Blade

The pipe cutter blade is the main part of the pipe cutter. For different types of pipe cutters,we use different size and material for the blade.

In an overall, for mini pipe cutter and some heavy-cutter, we use 65 Mn steel material; Forbearing type pipe cutter, we use alloy steel blade. Normally we send a spare blade for a pipe cutter, if you want to buy them separately, contact us directly.

After Using a Pipe Cutter to Cut Copper Pipes, What’s Next?

You gonna do the test or change new parts for the refrigerator, freezer. How? Welding? Do you want to find a better way of connecting? No fire, no gas, no high temperature, no more experience required, within one minute you can finish one connection, do you want to try? Click here to know more.

Miracle no welding connection is used on the space shuttle fuel line connection in the last 1960s, then it uses on the refrigeration field, especially for central AC and refrigerator, freezer application.

Normally welding is used to connect the copper pipe after you cutting the pipe with Miracle pipe cutter, but with no welding connection, it will save a lot of time and energy, what’s more, it is safer than welding. For details, contact one of our professional sales right now!

Pipe Cutter and No Welding Connection
Pipe Cutter and No Welding Connection

Miracle cooperated with 30 years’ experience factory for pipe cutter.

Miracle not only provides a good pipe cutter but also provides you the best solder-free way to connect the metal pipes after you cut them, no fire, no welding, very safe, and efficient.

Pipe Cutter Manufacturer
Pipe Cutter Manufacturer

Miracle provides manganese steel blades and bearing cutting blades: manganese steel blades are lightweight, compact, strong and durable, stable in performance, and excellent in quality. The manganese steel blade cutter adopts a high-temperature quenching process, high strength, and high wear resistance.

Bearing cutting blade has the advantages of high hardness, good toughness, strong shearing, precision casting of alloy steel, etc.


Copper Wire Cutters

Copper Wire Cutter

The copper wire cutter is suitable for cutting all sizes of capillary tubes but is normally used for ≤3mm capillary for refrigerator and AC repair.

It uses high-strength steel forging, the hole cutter was quenching, so it has good hardness and toughness and is very durable.

V type cutting, adjustable buckle, long and non-slip handle make the cutting work easily.

Capillary Tube Cutter

Capillary Tube Cutter

Capillary tube cut is designed for cutting all sizes of capillary, it can be regarding the advanced edition of copper wire cutters, but with more precision and more function. It designs 4 grooves on the heads,3 for cutting different sizes of pipes, and the top can be used for clamp pliers.

The 3 sizes of heads are the following:

The first groove cuts capillary size for 0.1-1.5mm

The second groove cuts capillary size for 1.5-2.5mm

The third groove cuts capillary size for 2.5-3mm

With the special cutting edge design of the clamp pliers, the copper pipe incision is smooth without deformation.

Stainless steel material, sharp and durable, easy to cut.

High-quality power spring, easy and labor-saving operation.

Metal lock design, close the switch when not in use, safe and convenient.

Copper Pipe Cutter

Some people call a pipe cutter a copper pipe cutter because it’s widely used for copper pipe cutting, especially in the refrigeration field.

Miracle provides different sizes for pipe cutters that you can see in the following, the mini copper pipe cutter for tight spaces, medium size pipe cutter, and a big size pipe cutter, choose them as your application.

In the following, we didn’t show all the types of pipe cutters, just some popular models, if you want other models or sizes, check our specifications or contact us directly.

After all the explanation of pipe cutters, there is also an introduction to how to use a pipe cutter, and our best solder-free technology to connect the metal pipes without fire and high temperature, quite safe and faster than your usual welding.

Tips for Using Pipe Cutter

1. Clamp the pipe cutter to the proper position of the pipe to be partitioned, twist the knife adjustment knob, so that the pipe cutter has a little resistance when turning the pipe, and it can be easily rotated, not too tight, so as not to damage the blade and affect the pipe cutter life.

2. Do not feed the pipe cutter too much at a time, do not use all your energy to turn the pipe cutter or hit the cutter handle with a hammer. Step by step, turn 2-3 times, twist the cutter to adjust, and then rotate until the steel pipe is cut.

3. According to customers’ feedback, cutting the pipe by more than half of the wall thickness, you can break the pipe by hand, which can reduce the size of the pipe shrinkage, just for your reference.

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