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Pinza Lokring Supplier

Pinza Lokring was Designed for the Italian Market.

FRK Pinza Lokring

FRK Pinza Lokring

Pinza lokring includes different piping connection tools, of which FRK is one. It is also called mini pinza lokring.

The FRK pinza lokring is used for repairing small refrigeration equipment lines and it enables brazing-free connections in the aftermarket. For more information, contact us now.

Pinza Lokring

The pinza lokring is defined as a no-brazing connection tool with larger dimensions. This is because it enables the brazing-free connection of large pipe diameters.

The Miracle pinza lokring is mainly used for the connection of 5/16″-3/4″ pipes, which usually includes the diameter of pipes for refrigeration and air conditioning.

Therefore, it is also called an air conditioning installation tool.

Pinza Lokring
OEM Pinza Lokring

OEM Pinza Lokring

OEM pinza lokring is used for no-brazing connections of refrigeration equipment lines. For example, manufacturers of commercial refrigerators, kitchen refrigeration equipment, wine coolers, and display cabinets.

When manufacturing refrigeration equipment, there need to connect the condenser, evaporator, and compressor of the refrigeration equipment, etc.

OEM pinza lokring is specially designed to replace these solder joints.

FRK Pinza Lokring (4)

  • FRK Lokring tool

    FRK pinza lokring is characterized by its ease of use, rational structure, and effortless crimping. It can effectively help companies to realize the standard after-sales process.

  • Refrigerator Aluminum Reducing Ring

    Aluminum reducing ring is mainly used to connect the capillary tubes of refrigeration equipment with copper filters.

  • Refrigerator Aluminum Equal Ring

    Aluminum equal ring is mainly used to connect the condenser, evaporator and compressor inlet and outlet of refrigeration equipment.

  • Refrigerator Brass Ring

    Brass ring is mainly used for connecting refrigeration equipment with copper piping systems. For more details, please contact us now.

Pinza Lokring (6)

OEM Pinza Lokring (3)

Miracle Propress for Refrigeration Lines

Pinza Lokring Manufacturer in China

➣Full Series of Pinza Lokring ➣Proven Pinza Lokring Production Process

➣17 Years of Experience in Pinza Lokring Production

Pinza Lokring Kits

FRK Pinza Lokring Kit

Electric Pinza Lokring Kit

Pinza Lokring Kit

How to Ensure Pinza Lokring Quality?

Besides doing a lot of experimental research, we also do a lot of destructive experiments on pinza lokring, such as blasting experiments, pulling experiments, high-pressure experiments, etc.

In addition, we use laser testing and high-frequency testing in the production of Pinza Lokring. These ensure that there are zero outflows of pinza lokring defective products.

How to Use Pinza Lokring?
How Pinza Lokring Works?

Working Principle of Lokring Tools and Fittings

How to Use Pinza Lokring to Connection Copper Pipe and Aluminun Pipe?

When connecting copper and aluminum tubes, consider using copper rings first.

If the internal pressure of the refrigeration system is low, consider using an aluminum ring. Both copper and aluminum rings need to be used with the Miracle Pinza Lokring tool.

For more information, please see the blog “how to join copper pipe and aluminum pipe“.

How to Use Pinza Lokring to Connection Copper Pipe and Aluminun Pipe

How to Use Pinza Lokring to Connection Copper Pipe?

There are many ways to join copper pipes, but most organizations still use soldering.

In this blog on copper pipe joining methods, we elaborate on the advantages and disadvantages of braze-free and fireless joining.

We hope you will find the article more enlightening.  How to Use Pinza Lokring to Connection Copper Pipe

How to Use Pinza Lokring to Join Copper Pipe and Stainless Steel Pipe?

When joining copper pipe to stainless steel pipe, we recommend you use Miracle copper and steel rings with 30w series tools.

You can see more ways to connect copper and stainless steel pipes here.

How to Connect Copper Pipe and Stainless Steel Pipe

How to Use Pinza Lokring to Join Aluminum Pipe and Aluminum Pipe?

How to Connect Aluminum Pipe and Aluminum Pipe

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