Panasonic Scroll Compressor
Panasonic Scroll Compressor

Panasonic Scroll Compressor Supplier in China.

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Your Trusted Panasonic Scroll Compressor Supplier

We can provide you with a 100% genuine Panasonic scroll compressor.

This is due to our proper purchasing channels and strict inspection process.

You can get more service content here at Miracle, such as video inspection before shipment, third-party testing agency inspection, domestic agent inspection, China office inspection, etc.

We make these promises because we have more experience, contact us now.

Panasonic B Series Scroll Compressor

Panasonic B series scroll compressor can be used in air conditioner fields, heat pump fields, medium and low-temperature units, etc. It can be used for R410A, R407C, R404A, R134A, R449A, R32, and R22 refrigerants. Among them, the heat pump Panasonic scroll compressor has the function of intermediate charge air and high-temperature drying.

Panasonic C Series Scroll Compressor

Panasonic C series scroll compressor has a stronger cooling capacity. Its application range and refrigerant type are the same as the B series scroll compressor. For low-temperature applications, it is available in liquid-injected refrigeration models and INV inverter models. For more details, contact us now.

Panasonic D Series Scroll Compressor

The Panasonic D series scroll compressor can only be used in air conditioning and heat pump applications. It is characterized by high energy efficiency, excellent year-round energy efficiency, smooth load output, and high energy efficiency at different speeds. In addition, this compressor is also used for the parallel design of air conditioning units.

Panasonic E Series Scroll Compressor

Panasonic E series scroll compressor is mainly used in air conditioning systems. The E series scroll compressor adopts flexible axial technology and utilizes a fixed scroll floating seal structure to improve energy efficiency. In addition, this compressor can effectively prevent damage to the compressor from liquid shock and impurities.

Panasonic F Series Scroll Compressor

Panasonic F series scroll compressor can be used in the air conditioners and heat pump fields. This compressor is suitable for R410a refrigerant and has a cooling capacity of 25HP. It is equipped with upper and lower balance block isolation technology, which effectively reduces oil spillage during compressor operation. For more information, contact us now.

Panasonic W Series Scroll Compressor

Panasonic W series scroll compressor has a fully enclosed structure. The W series compressor can be used in electric bus air conditioners and railroad air conditioners and is waterproof up to IP67. For more information, please contact us today.

We have met customers who have bought used or refurbished Panasonic scroll compressors.

We feel sorry every time we hear this news because it is a serious blow to our customers.

We do not want this market to be full of mistrust and we do a lot of work to ensure that our products are reliable.

That’s why the compressor customer relationships with us are so stable because we can give you peace of mind. Contact us now.

Panasonic Scroll Compressor Authenticity Guarantee

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If you need to find a replacement style of Panasonic compressor, you can view more brands of scroll compressors, such as Copeland, Danfoss, and Sanyo.

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