Miracle China Refrigeration 2021

2021 China Refrigeration Exhibition

China Refrigeration Exhibition 2021

After an epidemic-ridden 2020, we welcome a brand new 2021. Miracle refrigeration equipment Co.,ltd, after many years of precipitation, pushing forward, actively developing new products, to join the refrigeration industry in China, for the Chinese HVAC industry pipeline connection, central air conditioning engineering installation, refrigerator/freezer factory, etc. to provide professional technical services.

The booth number of Miracle refrigeration equipment Co., Ltd is W3G38. The 2021 China Refrigeration Exhibition time lasts for three days (April 7-9).

At the 2021 China Refrigeration exhibition, Miracle refrigeration equipment co.,ltd exhibited many types of solder-free connection products: 25 series manual propress tools, FRK crimping tools, electric propress tools, copper press tool, copper crimping tool, lokring tool, T type copper press fittings, elbow type copper press fittings, propress for single lines, single ring hydraulic equipment, copper Y joint, copper fitting, manifold gauges, HVAC tool, etc.

2021 China Refrigeration Exhibition Propress Tool

The booth of Miracle refrigeration equipment co.,ltd at China Refrigeration Exhibition 2021 was crowded and received rave reviews. Everyone stopped by to learn about this new technology- no welding connection method. In today’s standardized installation in the HVAC industry, simplifying the installation steps and reducing labor costs have become the focus of our customers.

Yes, Miracle no welding connection can effectively solve the efficiency problems that customers care about and standardize your central air-conditioning pipelines. With Miracle propress tool and propress fittings, you can maximize your project income and create a safe and clean construction environment at your project site.

2021 China Refrigeration Exhibition Team

As the first manufacturer in China that produces and sells non-fire connection copper press fittings, we are well aware of the hardships of front-line workers.

Miracle ring was born to change the shortcomings of traditional welding, greatly improve your engineering installation efficiency, and improve front-line workers’ construction environment.

Using copper press fitting to connect the pipeline has the following advantages:

The copper press fitting is connected by a cold connection, no fire welding is used, no hazardous gas is generated, and there is no risk of fire welding gas cylinder explosion.

After the Miracle ring is connected, the inner wall of the pipeline is cleaner, while the traditional welding will produce slag that will block the pipeline. When the inside of the refrigeration system is cleaner, and the failure rate of the unit is reducing, further reducing your maintenance costs.

Miracle ring connection is more efficient and does not require skilled welding workers which will cost you an expensive salary.

Ordinary workers can get started in five minutes of training. This completely solves the instability of pipeline welding caused by the flow of personnel and makes standardized installation possible. Compared with expensive labor, Miracle copper press fitting can further increase your project income.

Under the general trend of standardized installation, if you make a choice one step earlier, you can realize the benefits one step earlier. Opportunities are often left to those who are prepared. Choose Miracle ring, let a large number of successful cases of Miracle refrigeration boost your success!

The lively scene is the best manifestation of the diligence of Chinese laborers. While doing a good job in personal protection, Miracle refrigeration also successfully completed all the matters of the China Refrigeration Exhibition in 2021. Let’s have a few more beautiful pictures and enjoy the magnificent scene at that time!

2021 China Refrigeration Exhibition Entrance

Yesterday is in the past, and the future is full of expectations. At the China Refrigeration Exhibition 2021, Miracle refrigeration equipment Co.,ltd successfully signed two engineering installation projects and sample test invitations from multiple companies.

The affirmation and trust of customers make us dare not to neglect, Miracle refrigeration equipment Co., Ltd will continue to maintain the spirit of overcoming difficulties, never forget the original intention, and move forward.

Miracle refrigeration equipment Co., Ltd is looking forward to cooperating with you and looking forward to seeing you at the China Refrigeration Exhibition in 2022!

2021 China Refrigeration Exhibited Products

ProPress for Refrigeration Lines

2021 China Refrigeration Exhibition Propress for Refrigeration Lines

ProPress Lokring Fitting

2021 China Refrigeration Exhibition ProPress Lokring Fitting

Copper Press Fitting

2021 China Refrigeration Exhibition Copper Press Fitting

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