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Mini Rotary Compressor

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Miracle mini rotary compressors are available in DC12V fridge compressor, DC24V freezer compressor, DC48V small rotary compressor, and micro rotary compressors.

The Miracle mini rotary compressor uses a brushless motor for stable and reliable performance and is frequency controlled. The micro compressors can support a wide range of refrigerants such as R410a, R32, R290, R407C, and R22.

Miracle is capable of mass production and guarantees on-time delivery to meet your large OEM orders of the mini rotary compressors at any time!

12V Mini Rotary Compressor

Miracle 12V mini rotary compressor has better performance in weight and volume, It weighs only 720g, has a diameter of about 57mm, and has a height of 78mm. This is a true mini compressor. Although the Miracle mini compressor is small in size, it has powerful energy, and the speed can reach 2000rpm~6000rpm. For more details, please Email the Miracle team, now!

24V Mini Rotary Compressor

The Miracle 24V mini rotary compressor and the 12V mini rotary compressor are the same in terms of dimensions and weight. The difference is the voltage application range. This distinction is mainly based on the compressor controller. Miracle mini rotary compressor is equipped with a drive board, cable, rubber mounting feet, and other accessories when it leaves the factory. After you receive the mini rotary compressor, you can install and use it directly. If this is what you need, just send us your bulk order now!

48V Mini Rotary Compressor

Miracle 48V mini rotary compressor can be applied to R134A, R290, R1234yf, and other refrigerants, and is suitable for electric vehicle air-conditioning compressors, with a rated speed of 3600rpm. Miracle 48V mini rotary compressor can be used in medical imaging equipment, portable cooling systems, beverage cooling, miniature chilled water systems, and other small cooling equipment. For more applications, please contact our technical team to serve you now!

Micro Rotary Compressor

The volume of the Miracle micro rotary compressor is about the size of a Coca-Cola bottle, and its weight is only 0.72kg. The cooling capacity is 130W~455W, and the rotor speed is 2000rpm~6500rpm. Not only that, the evaporation temperature of the Miracle micro rotary compressor can reach -18~24℃, and the condensation temperature can reach 27~71℃. For more parameters of the micro rotary compressors, please contact us directly!

Mini Rotary Inverter Compressor

Miracle mini inverter rotary compressor can meet a variety of voltage requirements, such as DC12V, DC24V, DC48V, etc. Not only that, the output power of this mini rotary inverter compressor can reach 1150W, and the rotor speed can reach 1000rpm~6000rpm, which can easily cope with various application environments. Coupled with a wide range of refrigerant applications, the application range of Miracle mini inverter rotary compressor is further expanded. Contact us to choose the right model of mini rotary compressor for yourself!

Miracle mini rotary compressor has advanced production equipment, mature manufacturing technology, good product consistency, high-cost performance, suitable for various operating conditions, and the protection level can reach IP67.

The Miracle mini rotary compressor factory has a fully automatic production line, which improves the production efficiency of the mini rotary compressor, which can meet the bulk purchase requirements of the mini rotary compressor, also guarantee the delivery time. Send us your firmed order of mini rotary compressors without any hesitation right now!

The Miracle design team uses advanced mini rotary compressor design software, which can help you avoid risks in the design process in advance and improve the reliability of your mini rotary compressor.

Not only that, advanced design tools can help Miracle’s R&D team obtain R&D results faster, increase the speed of mini rotary compressor upgrades, and keep us at the forefront of technology. Contact us to start your design of the mini rotary compressor now!

Miracle mini rotary compressor can be applied to Air Conditioning Vest, Parking Air Conditioner, Solar Refrigerator, Transport Refrigeration, RV, etc. For more applications, please contact us to explore now!

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