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Mini Condensing Unit

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The features and advantages of Miracle mini condensing unit are obvious:

  • The compressor used on the mini condensing unitis the same size as a can of cola.
  • Adopt high-efficiency plate and tube condenser or fin condenser with flexible cooling method.
  • With temperature controller and control board, installation is simple and convenient, and the reliability is high.
  • It can meet the cooling capacity demand of 500Btu-600Btu.
  • Use a brushless motor.

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12V Mini Condensing Unit

The Miracle 12V mini condensing unit is matched with the 12V mini rotary compressor independently developed by Miracle, and the rotor speed can reach the range of 2000rpm~6000rpm. Miracle 12V mini condensing unit can be applied to refrigerated buffet units, solar air conditioners, and refrigerators, vaccine/medical transportation, small refrigerators with a capacity of less than 350L. Contact us to custom your mini condensing unit now!

24V Mini Condensing Unit

Miracle 24V mini condensing unit is equipped with a DC24V rotary compressor, the condenser structure adopts fin-type, and the condenser heat emission range is 350W-800W. Miracle 24V mini condensing unit is suitable for micro chillers, parking air conditioners, portable air conditioners, electric vehicle air conditioners, small refrigerators, etc. For more details of the 24v mini condensing unit, please contact Miracle technical team now!

48V Mini Condensing Unit

Miracle 48V mini condensing units are available for R134A, R290, and more refrigerants. It is a new product specially designed for outdoor and compact direct refrigeration equipment. Miracle 48V mini condensing unit can provide air-cooled and water-cooled solutions, with the advantages of quietness, high efficiency, and easy integration. Contact directly with your specific demands immediately!

As a professional Miracle mini condensing unit supplier, we are very confident in the quality of our mini condensing unit, so we can provide samples for you to test.

Strict design requirements and mature production technology ensure that Miracle mini condensing unit can 100% meet your requirements. Contact us to design your mini condensing unit or make an appointment to visit our mini condensing unit factory now!

The Miracle mini condensing unit is a solution proposed by its own R&D team, so the integrity and reliability of the mini condensing unit are higher.

In addition, Miracle engineers can develop new mini condensing units according to your project requirements, and provide ODM or OEM services through advanced design procedures.

If you have any needs to design the mini condensing unit or wants to know more about our mini condensing units, contact us right now!

The Miracle R&D team has been actively expanding the application range of the mini condensing unit and has achieved good results.

Miracle mini condensing unit can be applied to wine coolers, portable cooling systems, ice cream cabinets, car refrigerators, miniature air conditioners, personal computers, portable on-site coolers, miniature refrigeration/freezing systems, household portable miniature air conditioners, cabinet air conditioners, etc.

Contact us now to get the latest range of applications, and choose your suitable mini condensing unit!

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