Mini Cold Storage
Mini Cold Storage

Want to know deeply about the mini cold storage? Want to build mini cold storage to start your own business?

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Mini Cold Storage Strengths

Strong production capacity to save your project time;

Ultra-long compression line, polyurethane foaming is more uniform, and heat insulation effect is better;

Powerful customization ability, you can customize the refrigeration mini cold storage panel according to your needs;

Matching the unit produced in the Miracle factory to ensure the quality and the design of the mini cold storage is more reasonable.

Mini Cold Storage for Fruits and Vegetables

Mini cold storage for fruits and vegetables could be designed as fresh-keeping cold storage, controller atmosphere storage, constant temperature cold storage, double temperature cold storage, and so on.

The fresh-keeping cold storage is used for agricultural products fresh-keeping, to keep the original quality and freshness of the products for a long period of time after it’s cut from the plant.

Controller atmosphere mini cold storage is the most advanced storage method for fruit and vegetable. It adds the gas composition adjustment on the basis of cold storage, which will control the temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, oxygen concentration and ethylene concentration in the mini cold storage environment, then it inhibits the respiration of fruits and vegetable, delay the metabolic process, and greatly prolong the fresh-keeping period.

The main features of constant temperature fresh-keeping mini cold storage are flexible, simple structure, convenient operation, and easy management. constant temperature fresh-keeping mini cold storage is suitable for storing agricultural products.

Dual-temperature mini cold storage is the type that a set of cold storage is divided into two single rooms, but with different temperatures by adding partitions. It will need to design and install two sets of cold storage doors, design the different temperatures for two cold rooms.

Small Cold Storage for Fish

Seafood mini cold storage is low-temperature cold storage created to ensure the quality and freshness of seafood products and aquatic products. The principle for seafood mini cold storage is: under the environment of low temperature or ultra-low temperature, the activity of various bacteria and microorganisms will be greatly reduced, inhibit their reproduction, and then ensure the freshness of various fish and seafood products.

The difference between the seafood mini cold storage and ordinary mini cold storage is that the seafood contains very heavy salt, and the salt corrosive to the cold storage material. If the mini cold storage has no done any treatment, it will rot and penetrate after a long time of corrosion by salt.

The classification of seafood mini cold storage: according to the storage time of the seafood products and aquatic products, it can be divided into seafood cold storage, seafood freezing cold room, and seafood quick-freezing cold room. The seafood mini cold storage is the low-temperature cold storage, so the cold storage boards often choose the thickness with 150mm and 200mm.

Small Cold Storage for Medicines

Medical mini cold storage is mainly used for storing the various medical products that can not be preserved under normal temperature conditions. Under the low-temperature refrigeration conditions, the medicines will not deteriorate and become invalid, so it will extend the life for medicine. The temperature for cold storage is -80℃~+8℃.

The medical cold storage body adopts the rigid polyurethane heat insulation sandwich panel, which is formed by a high-pressure foaming process at one time. The color steel plate is a double lawyer that adopts the advanced eccentric hook and groove hook, and the cold room board is connected in an eccentric manner to achieve a tight connection. The excellent sealing performance will minimize the leakage of the cold air, and enhance the thermal insulation effect. T-shaped board, wallboard, and corner board can be assembled in any space with any combination. Good and reasonable design, very simple and practical,energy-saving, and environmental protection. Miracle’s mini cold room is all in compliance with GMP(Good Manufacturing Practice) and GSP(Good supply practice) certification.

Small Cold Storage for Restaurant

This is a wide application for mini cold storage in our daily life, you may usually see this kind of mini cold storage in a small restaurant that doesn’t have a big space but also have requirements for store the food, no matter for vegetables, meat, or fruits. For restaurant cold storage applications, there are mainly two types of mini cold storage, one is just a single cold storage room, the other one is dual-temperature mini cold storage. The temperature for single mini cold storage is mainly around 0-5℃ for fresh-keeping, but for some restaurants, they have higher requirements, such as the hot pot restaurant, they need the fresh-keeping cold storage, also need freezing cold room for some seafood products. We can design no matter single temperature or dual-temperature mini cold storage for you.

Small Cold Storage for Flowers

The mini cold storage for flowers is mainly used for cultivation and fresh-keeping of the flowers, it will prolong the decay time of the flowers and keep them fresh, which can be achieved greater economic benefits. It is mainly applied to flower growers, logistics centers and flower markets, etc. The flowers are very delicate in agricultural products and it is really not easy for storage and transport, so it is necessary to do the fresh-keeping process in time to maintain their freshness and prolong the life of the flowers. This has great significance for improving the economic benefits and ornamental value of the flowers.

The principle of the flower fresh-keeping cold storage is that the flowers are still undergoing photosynthesis after they are picked from the plant, this progress will release a large amount of respiratory heat and change the surrounding temperature, which will accelerate the photosynthesis further. Generally speaking, the stronger the flowers breathe, the more breathing heat generated, the faster the aging. Therefore, inhibiting the breath of the flowers has become an important part of the flowers’ fresh-keeping.

Monoblock Cold Storage

Refrigeration Monoblock unit cold storage is popular because of its stable performance and convenient installation. Miracle provides a high-efficiency refrigeration monoblock unit for mini cold storage. It has two main advantages :

It uses the hot fluorine defrosting system. The hot fluorine defrosting is very fast and high efficiency, it can save half electric energy than electric heating defrosts way. And the electric defrosting has the risk of fire, so hot fluorine defrosting is more reliable and safer.

It uses the automatic defrosting water evaporation and water condensation system. After the defrosting is completed, the mixture at 0℃for for ice and water condensation will greatly improve the heat dissipation effect of the condenser, and the energy efficiency of the condenser will be increased by around 30%. At the same time, a high-temperature condenser copper pipe will evaporate the defrost water, so the mini cold storage does not need to leave the additional defrosting water channel.

Mini Cold Storage Supplier in China

Miracle provides Mini cold storage for high temperature,medium-temperature, and low temperature for different applications, such as cold storage for fruits and vegetables, cold storage for potatoes, cold storage for onion, cold storage for flowers, cold storage for fish, cold storage for medicines, etc.

We have a professional team design and manufacturer mini cold storage for more than 20 years. We do not just provide the panels for mini cold storage, all the necessary parts are supplied, includes condensing unit, evaporator, cold room door, cold room air curtain, etc. When you get the mini cold storage from us, just do the installation work, then you can use it for your business. Our aim is to do more and make your work and business simple.

Miracle provides different types of condensing units to meet your demand for a mini cold room, you can choose an open type condensing unit with Bitzer, Copeland, Frascold, or another brand Semi-hermetic compressor, screw compressor, you can also choose box type condensing unit with Danfoss, Copeland Scroll compressor.

We are not only having the complete cold storage for sale but also have all the parts you will need for the whole refrigeration system of mini cold storage.

As the refrigeration parts supplier, you will see the spare parts we provided in the following, including refrigeration valves (expansion valve, solenoid valve, etc, pressure controllers, sight glass, high and low oil gauge, pressure vessel products filter drier, oil separator, accumulator, liquid receiver, etc) and other parts will be needed for refrigeration system according to your mini cold storage requirements.

Except for the spare parts for the cooling parts, we can also provide the spare parts for mini cold storage, such as cold storage air curtain, mini cold room PVC curtain, mini cold room lights, cold storage balance window, etc.

Miracle has been in the mini cold storage evaporator design and manufacturing field for over 20 years, we have standard mini cold storage evaporators with fin spaces 4.5mm, 6mm, and 9mm that are suitable for temperatures from 10℃ to -25℃ and matched type and sizes dual discharge, small-sized evaporator for different application.

What’s more, Miracle has the ability to design the perfect evaporator according to your project.

Miracle is providing popular types of cold room doors for mini cold rooms, hinged doors, and sliding doors are all available. You can choose a 50mm-200mm thickness polyurethane insulation panel for the doors according to your demand. Varies sizes are available, contact us with your request.

At the same time, we also provide better connection methods for installing the refrigeration equipment, this is a new technology for replacing the welding connection way, we call it solder-free connection, no welding connection, or no fire connection.

The big difference with the traditional welding way is a solder-free connection no need for any welding for the whole installation process, you don’t need to be concerned about the safety risk or high temperature will hurt the tube, even no need for an experienced worker to operate, very efficient. For details, you can check the lokring tool page.

Pipe No Welding Connection

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    Miracle provides open type or box type air-cooled condensing unit with single compressor for mini cold room,also design the parallel refrigeration unit accoding to the project situation.Parallel refrigeration unit is widely used for big cooling capacity that is needed.

  • Mini Cold Storage Water Cooled Condensing Unit

    Miracle is not only professional for providing the air-cooled condensing unit for your mini cold room,also experienced for water-cooled condensing unit design as long as your mini cold room need it.The water-cooled condensing unit can be customized.

  • Mini Cold Storage Panels

    Miracle supply high quality PUR,PIR cold room panels to match your requests for different application mini cold rooms,the thickness of cold rooms is from 50mm-200mm,available for fresh keeping and frozen function of your mini cold room.

Mini Cold Storage Body

In this part, you can see the mini cold storage body, which includes a mini cold storage door, mini cold storage panels, and other parts that haven’t been shown here, such as an air curtain, PVC curtain, LED light for cold storage, a balanced window of cold storage, etc, but you can still contact us for details, we are the complete mini cold storage, solution provider.

Mini Cold Storage Door

Mini Cold Storage Double Open Hinged Doors

The mini cold storage door has many types, such as manual sliding door, electric sliding door, hinged door, vertical lifting cold storage door, and double-opening cold storage door. And the most popular type is a hinged door and sliding door, you can choose as you like. And the door size can be customized according to your cold room requirements.

Mini Cold Storage Panels

Mini Cold Storage Panels

The selection for mini cold storage panel thickness:

100mm thickness of polyurethane cold storage panel will be widely used for fresh-keeping mini cold storage. The temperature of the cold room should be kept around 0℃, which can maintain the original quality and freshness of agricultural products at the most;

120mm/150mm thickness of polyurethane cold storage panel will be widely used for the mini cold storage that requires a temperature at -18℃, it is commonly used for storing food, meat, dairy products, tea, medicine, chemical raw material, aquatic products, etc;

200mm thickness of polyurethane cold storage panel will be widely used for freezing, it requires the temperature at -38℃.

Mini Cold Storage Equipment​

In these parts, you will see the refrigeration equipment that will be used for various types of mini cold storage rooms, generally, it divides into two parts, the indoor unit, which is also called an evaporator, or air cooler, and the outer unit, which is called condensing units.

We can design and provide the mini cold storage Equipment for your special projects, of course, you can also buy this equipment separately.

Check the different types of mini cold storage equipment in the following.

Small Cold Storage Copeland Scroll Compressor Condensing Unit

Small Cold Storage Copeland Scroll Compressor Condensing Unit

Small Cold Storage Copeland Scroll Compressor Condensing Unit is a box-type condensing unit with Emerson Copeland scroll compressor which is a very popular brand worldwide.

For this box type condensing unit, we normally use Copeland ZB series, ZSI series, ZFI series compressor, and the temperature range of the condensing units is +10℃~-40℃, and it is suitable for cold room temperature required for around 15℃~-35℃.

You can choose different refrigerants, such as R22, R404, and R507, and you can also choose the unit type, such as an air-cooled condensing unit or a water-cooled condensing unit.

Of course, you also need to choose the electric specifications right, such as voltage, and frequency.

Normally we have a side blowing and top blowing type box type condensing unit,1-6HP unit will be used side blowing box type, and for 7HP and bigger power, you can use a top blowing type box type condensing unit.

All these box-type unit for small cold storage has low noise, high efficiency, and high reliability.

For more details, check to see the technical chart or contact us directly.

Small Cold Storage Danfoss Scroll Compressor Condensing Unit

Small Cold Storage Danfoss Scroll Compressor Condensing Unit

Small Cold Storage Danfoss Scroll Compressor Condensing Unit is a box-type condensing unit with a Danfoss scroll compressor that is a worldwide famous brand.

We usually use the Danfoss MLM series and MLZ series scroll compressor, the temperature range is 5℃~-20℃, and it is suitable for a small cold storage temperature of 13℃~-15℃.

Just like the Copeland scroll condensing unit, you can also choose refrigerants for Danfoss scroll condensing units, R22, R404, and R507 are widely used.

When you need this type of scroll compressor condensing unit, you also need to tell me air-cooled or water-cooled you like, and we will calculate the power and cooling capacity and choose side blowing or top blowing type condensing unit.

Even for the side blowing type box type condensing unit, we also have a different appearance, you can choose the one you like.

For more info, click to check the specific technical data or contact us for professional guidance.

Small Cold Storage Evaporator Unit

Small Cold Storage Evaporator Unit

Small Cold Storage Evaporator Unit is the air cooler or blower that needs to install inside of the small cold storage, it will provide the air blowing and better cooling for the products.

There are many types of evaporators that you can choose from, side blowing type, dual discharge type,small-sized evaporator, and blast freezer that can be used for quick-freezing small cold storage.

For standard sie blowing type evaporator, we have a different appearance for meeting different customers’ requirements, they have DL, DD, and DJ three series that have fin space for 4.5mm,6mm, and 9mm and have a high temperature,medium-temperature, and low temperature.

Our technical team will calculate and design the most suitable evaporator for your mini cold storage, which will be related to your cold storage size, the temperature required, the products stored, etc.

If you want to choose a suitable evaporator unit by yourself, please kindly click it and check more details with technical data, or just contact us for service.

Mini Cold Storage Small-size Evaporator

Mini Cold Storage Small-size Evaporator

A small Cold Storage Condenser is the main part that has to be installed on the condensing unit, no matter for the box type condensing unit or open type condensing unit.

For now, we have L type(standard ceiling-mounted type), V type, and U type for different applications.

Of course, this condenser is only be used for an air-cooled condensing unit, with the fan motor for blowing.

The standard condensing area we produce for the L type is from 2㎡ to 170 ㎡, for the V type is 70㎡~480㎡, and for the U type is 30~150 m².

But this is not the fixed condensing area and condenser type, all need to consider the size and place for installing the condensing unit, we will adjust the design to provide you with the most suitable condenser for you.

If you want to see the detailed info, please kindly click it and check the technical datasheet or contact us for professional advice.

Monoblock Refrigeration Unit

Monoblock Refrigeration Unit

A Monoblock Refrigeration Unit is a type of unit that installs all the refrigeration parts together to form an integrated condensing unit, including the condenser, compressor, evaporator, expansion valve, etc.

The most difference with standard refrigeration equipment for small cold storage is: that the evaporator is also installed on the monoblock unit, not separately like the above evaporator.

The Monoblock refrigeration unit has wall-mounted and ceiling-mounted types on the small cold storage.

Mini Cold Storage Installation Case

Double Temperature Mini Cold Storage

Double Temperature Mini Cold Storage

This is a double temperature cold storage with a fresh-keeping cold room and cold storage room.

The two rooms use 1 set of refrigeration equipment, but two separate evaporators inside of each cold room.

Fruits and Vegetables Mini Cold Storage

Fruits and Vegetables Mini Cold Storage

For example, Cold storage for potatoes. This is fresh-keeping cold storage, the temperature is around 2-4℃ which is perfect cold storage for potatoes.

Restaurant Mini Cold Storage

Restaurant Mini Cold Storage

This is a small cold storage for restaurants, it’s a hot pot restaurant, the workers can also do some preparation for vegetables for a customer in the small cold storage.

Medicine Mini Cold Storage

Medicine Mini Cold Storage

This is a small cold storage for medicine, it is built in the pharmaceutical factory before they are sent out. The temperature is around 2-8℃, we use a side blowing and top blowing condensing unit.

Monoblock Cold Room

Monoblock Cold Storage

Mini cold storage with Monoblock condensing unit is perfect for mini cold storage, this is a monoblock unit mini cold storage for an event, the temperature required is -5℃, it also can be moved, just use 3 days there.

Mini Cold Storage ServiceMini Cold Storage Service

When you have requirements for building mini cold storage and found us through our website.

You can send an inquiry first, then our international sales will contact you through the contact detail you left, he/she will talk to you to know the situation and your requirements for the mini cold storage.

Includes the place for building the mini cold storage, the size for mini cold storage, what kind of products you want to store, the required temperature, how long time you want to achieve the required temperature, the temperature of the product when entering, ambient temperature, or any requirements for the condensing unit and evaporator unit.

Then the sales will talk with a technical engineer to calculate and design the mini cold storage to provide you with the solution.

Then we will provide the solution to you to confirm after we talk and modify to form the most suitable solution.

When all is confirmed, we will check the delivery time and calculate the volume and weight to see how much it will cost for delivery, when everything is settled, you confirm the order and we start the production.

Before the goods are ready, we will take photos for you to check, and inform you in advance of a booking vessel.

You can choose to use your forwarder who works with you for a long time.

Of course, you can also use our forwarders who have more than 10 years of experience or some even more than 20 years experience, they know how to choose the best shipping line but with the lowest price, no matter you want to deliver the goods by sea, by air or by train, even door to door, they can handle it well.

We will arrange everything well to make sure the goods come to you smoothly, if it’s CIF terms, we will take care of the freight, and try to provide you with an economic solution.

When the goods are on the way, we will provide you the documents for clearance in advance and send them to you, make sure won’t waste time and you can get the goods the first moment when it arrives.

Then during your installation procedure, we provide drawings, and videos for instruction, at the same time, the sales and technical engineers will be always there to support you, until the mini cold room install well and runs well.

The Features​ of Various Types of Small Cold Storage

Small Cold Storage of Fresh Flowers

Small Cold Storage of Fresh Flowers

The feature of fresh flower cold storage is simple preservation. The basis is to use the local natural conditions to create a suitable temperature and humidity for flowers and green plants.

However, the most difficult thing is to control temperature and humidity. In addition, you should pay attention to ventilation.

The controlled atmosphere cold storage can effectively protect the flowers and green plants because the fresh-keeping cold storage for fresh flowers is built with the thermal insulation system, which has a very good insulation function.

You can adjust the cold storage temperature according to the different types of flowers and green plants, and ensure the flower and green plants have the most suitable environment for preservation.

In addition, you can also control the humidity for the mini cold storage, and ventilate the cold storage, so that the flower and green plant can aerobic respiration better, this can make sure the good function for the natural preservation of flowers and green plants in the mini cold storage.

The main material for flower mini cold storage construction is a thermal insulation building material, using the artificial temperature regulation, or mechanical equipment that regulates gas, and artificial lighting.

So that the stored flower can maintain their minimum physiological consumption under artificial regulation conditions, maintain the vitality of flowers and extend their dormant state or fresh appearance.

The temperature for flower mini cold storage should be kept at 0℃ to 5℃, or you can adjust it according to the actual needs.

Mini cold storage is the common equipment in the cultivation of fresh flowers.

For example, when cutting flower bulbs, to meet the annual or multi-season supply-demand of the flower market, the bulbs are often stored in a small cold storage room.

You can take out and plant them in batches, plant continuously, and kept on the market. the bulbs are often stored in the small cold storage room.

You can take out and plant them in batches, plant continuously, and kept on the market.

Or in the production of flowers, the growth and development are too fast, and the flower can not be provided to the market according to plan, so you can place the plant in a suitable low-temperature cold storage to delay their growth and development, to make them bloom promptly.

Or just move the flowers that have been bloomed to the mini cold storage, and extend the flowering period by reducing the temperature.

The small cold storage for the flower is also necessary equipment for the cultivation of fresh-cut flowers, it is used for freshness preservation for the flowers and adjusting the time to the market.

Cold storage can be kept the fresh-cut flowers effectively compared with other ways.

By refrigeration, the respiration of fresh flowers is inhibited and it will delay the decline rate for flowers.

The best cold storage temperature for flowers is 2℃~5℃, and the small cold storage can precisely control the temperature to maximize the freshness of flowers.

The small cold storage is standard equipment for a flower company.

Small Cold Storage for Seafood

Small Cold Storage for Seafood

Seafood is one of the favorite food for people, it can provide us with a lot of nutrition, but with less fat, so it is very popular for people who want to stay in shape or lose weight, normally the seafood we called includes fish, shrimp, and shellfish.

So you can consider this part to introduce the small cold storage for fish, small cold storage for shrimp, and small cold storage for shellfish.

There are 3 types of seafood small cold storage for different applications:

The first type of seafood is small cold storage.

The three types of seafood small cold storage have a short storage period, generally 1 day or 2 days.

The storage temperature is generally around -6℃ to -16℃, which is relatively low.

The seafood products and aquatic products are usually stored in the small cold storage for 1 day as a turnover cycle.

If they are selling on the market within 1or 2 days, you need to move the seafood to the freezer room to extend the preservation period, which ensures the good taste of the seafood.

The second type of seafood is small cold storage-freezing.

The storage period of seafood freezing is the longest time among the three types.

The longest storage time is nearly 180 days. Why the seafood can be cold storage for 180 days in a cold room still can guarantee freshness and taste?

Because only the ultra-low temperature environment can guarantee the freshness and good taste of the seafood.

For cold storage, the temperature is normally around -18℃ to -25℃.

If you want to store the seafood for a long time, you can transfer the seafood and aquatic products from a fresh-keeping small cold storage room to the freezer cold room or quick-freezer cold room directly.

The third type of seafood is small cold storage-quick-freezing.

The quick-freezing small cold room is the shortest storage process among the three types of cold rooms.

The time for quick freezing is generally 5~8 hours, and the storage temperature range is around -26℃ ~ -30℃. The fresh fish and aquatic products need to be quickly frozen in a very short time.

Furthermore, the quick-freezing small cold storage can make sure that there are always having goods for selling, at the same time, the quick-freezing small cold rooms can guarantee the freshness of the goods, provide people with good quality and taste for seafood.

The three types of cold storage are different because of the storage way and cold storage environment, and each type has its characteristics.

It can not only meet the different needs of the market for seafood and aquatic customers.

Small Cold Storage for Medicine

Small Cold Storage for Medicine

Temperature range of medical cold storage:

-5℃~8℃ for storing vaccines, medicines, etc

2℃~8℃ for storing medicines and biological products

1℃~5℃ for storing blood, pharmaceutical biological products, etc

-20℃~-30℃ for storing plasma, biological material, vaccines, reagents, etc.

-30℃~-80℃ for storing placenta,semen,stem cells,plasma,bone marrow,biological samples etc.

The dimension of the Small Cold Storage panel

The thickness of the small cold storage panel is commonly 100mm,150mm, and 200mm with a plastic-coated color steel plate on both sides.

And the color steel plate surface is processed into invisible grooves. It has lightweight, but high hardness, good heat insulation performance, corrosion resistance, and aging resistance.

The cold storage panel is easy and fast to assemble.

Electric control part

The external electric control box of the medical cold storage has an automatic switching function on dual control circuits, we usually call it conventional power supply and emergency power supply.

The medical cold storage design should have the main compressor and auxiliary compressor automatic switching function, it should be also equipped with automatic monitoring and recording functions and temperature upper limit and lower limit alarm function.

Small Cold Storage for Fruits and Vegetables

Small Cold Storage for Fruits and Vegetables

The features for fruits and vegetables are small cold storage:

Wide application: it is suitable for the storage and preservation of various fruits and vegetables, such as cold storage for potatoes, cold storage for onions, and other cold storage for sale.

Long storage period and high economic benefit. For example, the grapes are kept fresh for 7 months, apples are 6 months, and garlic moss is 7 months.

If the grape price from the original place is 1.5RMB/kg, when you store it until the spring festival, the price of sale can be reached 6RMB/kg.

Small cold storage can be used for around 30 years if you use it well, so the economic benefits are very significant, you can see the result the year you invest it.

Simple operation and convenient maintenance.

The refrigeration equipment microcomputer controls the temperature, automatically starts and stops, with no need for special supervision, economical and practical supporting technology.

The temperature changes continuously with the seasons of the year and the time of the day, most agricultural products are grown and harvested during the conventional cultivation and harvesting season, but the temperature is relatively high during that time, which is not suitable for storing fruits and vegetables.

So the good way is to find a place with a low temperature to store the products, some people will find a cave, crypts, or shades, but the temperature is not stable and can not be controlled, so the preservation effect is not so good.

So building a cold storage room is very necessary, it can provide a stable storage temperature and make sure the economic benefit in the long term.

And you can also choose to use a controlled atmosphere cold storage, which can adjust the temperature and humidity, also can control the oxygen, carbon dioxide, and other gases in the small cold storage room, make the fruits and vegetables in a dormant state, so that can keep the original quality and taste of the products.


What kind of small cold storage is for sale?

Miracle is a professional mini cold storage solution provider.

So we can provide many types of mini cold storage, no matter what you want for high temperature small cold storage, medium temperature small cold storage, low temperature small cold storage, even ultra-low temperature small cold storage.

Or you can just follow the application to pick the mini cold storage, we have cold storage for fruits and vegetables, such as Cold storage for potatoes, cold storage for onions; cold storage for flowers, cold storage for fish, and cold storage for medicines, and so on. In a word, no matter what kind of mini cold storage you need, just contact our professional team for a solution.

Can you design the small cold storage according to our project situation and requirements?

Yes, of course. Miracle has a technical team that has more than 20 years of experience in calculating and designing mini cold storage.

We will design the suitable mini cold storage according to your site situation and your special requirements, then send to you our solution to confirm, finally will form a satisfying mini cold storage based on your requirements and the economic benefit aspects.

Can you just produce the refrigeration unit or cold room panel according to our design for my small cold storage?

Yes, absolutely. If you have a professional team for designing the mini cold storage, that’s good. Just send us your specific order, we will double-check if you want, and we will produce and provide you with a high-quality refrigeration unit or cold room panel.

Because our refrigeration unit factory has more than 20 years of experience in R&D, manufacturing, and marketing evaporator and condenser, condensing units, and other related parts.

What kind of cold storage warehouse requirements do I need to provide to you to design the small cold storage?​

This is an important question, normally we need you to provide us with the size of the mini cold storage you want to build, the temperature for the mini cold storage you want, what kind of products you want to store, how long time you want to reach the stored temperature, in and out the temperature of the products, and your requirements for the refrigeration unit, etc.

We have a list for all the info we need, but it doesn’t need so much complicated, if you need mini cold storage, just send us an inquiry on the website or just contact our team, we will have a professional team to service you.

They will get to know your project info and requirements well and provide a suitable solution for you.

Can I see the main parts or the configuration list of my mini cold storage?

Yes, of course. This is our standard service, you have the right to see what kind of main parts you get for the mini cold storage, after confirming all the info, we shall provide you the quotation with all the spare parts on it, even will show you the brand, then you will know you get a high quality mini cold storage with an economic price.

How long time for the production of my small cold storage order?​

It depends on your order. Normally if your order quantity is not so big and there are no special requirements, also not our hot season for production,20-25 days is ok.

If your order quantity is big, and you have special requirements, such as special voltage, and frequency, the time will be a little longer.

But you don’t need to worry about it, we will check the delivery time once you confirm the mini cold storage order.

Can you arrange the container for the delivery of my small cold storage?

Yes, of course. Miracle is the complete solution provider for mini cold storage, complete solution includes all the processes until you get the goods and the mini cold storage runs well.

We have long-term cooperation forwarders which are very professional for shipping by sea, by air, by train or even door to door.

If you use our forwarder, we will make sure you get the goods smoothly at the lowest price.

Do you have an installation guide or any service to support me before the small cold storage runs well?

Yes, no need to worry about this. We will provide the instruction and drawings with the products, and also will provide videos to guide you.

At the same time, the technical and sales will support you all the time, until you finish it and put it into use.

Do you have a guarantee for the small cold storage?​

Yes, we have. Normally we have a 1-year guarantee for the main parts of mini cold storage, but this also depends on the parts you choose, some parts have a longer guarantee, so check with us when you confirm the mini cold storage, and we will give you a specific guarantee.

How long do the flowers stay fresh in the small cold storage?

If the ordinary flowers are stored in a small cold storage, the temperature should be controlled at 1-3 degrees Celsius.

If the tropical flowers are stored, the temperature should be controlled at 10-12 degrees Celsius.

The relative humidity in the small cold storage is generally required to be controlled at 60%-85%.

When flowers are placed in such a cold storage environment, the freshness period can be extended by about one month.

How much does it cost to build a fresh flower with small cold storage?

Many factors affect the construction of fresh flowers preservation cold storage, such as the length, width, and height dimensions of the small cold storage, the temperature of the goods stored in the small cold storage, the cooling method, etc., and then choose the appropriate refrigeration compressor, air cooler, and other equipment according to the temperature and size. Then, our professional small cold storage engineer will issue a detailed cold storage design plan, and then the accurate price can be calculated.

What is the most suitable temperature for small cold storage for flower fresh-keeping?

In addition to controlling the temperature, the fresh-keeping cold storage for fresh flowers must also well control the appropriate environmental humidity and gas composition.

The usual environmental temperature is about 5 degrees Celsius for ordinary flowers and about 10-12 degrees Celsius for tropical flowers.

The specific situation depends on different flower varieties and The maturity is slightly different.

How to reserve the place for ground subsidence in the small cold storage?

When the cold storage is installed, due to the thickness of the ground insulation of the cold storage (generally 100mm~300mm).

There will be a height difference between the inside and the outside of the cold storage after the installation is completed.

One is to install the cold storage insulation board on the ground upward, and the other is to use the basic size that is reserved for cold storage installation because of the ground sink, the reserved thickness is determined by the insulation material selected according to the temperature requirements (generally 100mm~300mm).

Small cold storage carries fewer goods, so the first installation method can be used, and the slope must be used when entering and exiting the goods. Medium cold storage can use the second method.

The reservation problem of the defrosting drainage pipeline of the air cooler of the medical cold storage?

Generally, the medical cold storage room uses air coolers for cooling. The air coolers will discharge condensed water in the defrosting state.

For multiple small cold storage or single small cold storage, it is necessary to consider the nearby drainage control in advance to avoid the occurrence of being unable to drain around the small cold storage.

How to reserve the holes when designing the small cold storage with a monoblock unit?

If you have already got the cold storage panel, just need the Monoblock Refrigeration Unit, we will base on your cold storage volume, refrigerated items, refrigerated volume, in and out for the products in your small cold storage, the temperature of the products in and out of the warehouse, the number of times the door is opened, and other related information.

Miracle’s professional technical team will design the Monoblock Refrigeration unit that is most suitable for you, and then determine the reserved holes on the small cold storage board according to the matching of the unit and the cold storage.

Of course, we also provide complete cold storage design solutions, such as cold storage panels, cold storage doors, Monoblock Refrigeration Unit, etc. Miracle devoted itself to making your business simple.

How to reserve the power supply for your refrigeration equipment in your medical cold storage?

The equipment power supply used in medical cold storage is generally composed of indoor and outdoor refrigeration units, electric door bodies, lighting, dehumidification equipment, exhaust equipment, defrosting power, etc.

The medical storage is generally dual-unit, and generally, one is prepared and one for use.

In special circumstances, the dual machine is turned on and used, so when considering the power supply in the early stage, the total power load of the refrigeration equipment of the medical cold storage should be fully considered.

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