Manual Pipe Bender
Manual Pipe Bender

30 years’ experience in R&D, and marketing for different types of pipe benders.

We have many patented tube benders to meet your requirements.

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Your Bset Manual Pipe Bender Supplier

Many types of a pipe bender to meet your demand, individual pipe bender and perfect set are all available;

The pipe bender is designed according to Ergonomics, more comfortable and effort-saving for use;

Strictly inspection procedure, beautiful package, strong support for shipping, and in-time after-sales service.

364 Manual Pipe Bender

364 series copper pipe bender is a lever-type pipe bender. It is suitable for copper pipes, aluminum pipes, iron pipes, and some soft pipes or stainless steel pipes but with thin thickness from 3/8’’ to 1/2’’ O.D tubing. Also, you can choose a metric from 10mm to 12mm.

368 Manual Pipe Bender

MRC-368 pipe bender includes 5/16″, 1/4’’, and 3/8″ O.D tubing. And you can also choose Metric for 6mm,8mm, and 10mm O.D tubing. MRC-368-90°mini pipe bender is made of aluminum alloy material, it’s bend radius can reach 15/16″, in metric is around 24mm. It can bend the angle 90°very accurately without big effort and is easy to use.

369 Manual Pipe Bender

MRC-369HFA-180° is applied to 4 sizes of O.D tubing, including 3/16″, 1/4″, 5/16″, and 3/8″ O.D tubing. This small pipe bender has the advantages of small size, lightweight and flexible use. It can help you to bend the tube to180 degree accurately, please contact us get more detail.

R999 Manual Pipe Bender

MRC-R999 is the best manual pipe bender because it has a wide application for bending pipes of different sizes. For Inch, it is suitable for 5/16’’, 1/4’’, 3/8’’, 1/2’’, 5/8’’, 3/4’’, 7/8 O.D tubing. For Metric, it is suitable for 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 16mm, 19mm, and 22mm O.D tubing.

Aluminum Body Manual Pipe Bender

This bender is made of an aluminum alloy body and can achieve a 180° bend. Aluminum bender is available in three models, single size, double size, and three sizes. For more parameters, please contact us now.

What Our Clients Say About Manual Pipe Bender?

Tony Torres

Miracle is a reliable supplier for manual pipe bender! This is the 3rd year we cooperated, their people are responsible and easy to communicate, and their pipe bender has good sales in our market, people like it. I’m trying to get some new sets recently.

Waris Khan

I like Miracle, they can give me everything I want. With their help, I feel my work becomes easier.

Their pipe bender is really great, more types to meet the different customers’ demand, also have the pipe bender set that is so convenient for pipe cutting.

The factory is founded in the year 1990, with 30 years’ effort, now we are on the top of Chinese manufacturers for refrigeration tools, includes the tube benders.

We spent a lot of time on designing and improving the products, so we have many patents on pile bender’s structure and appearance, also get good reputation from the customers in the domestic market and overseas market, our high-quality pipe bender is very popular in the USA and European market, and we’ve approved by CE, UL, ISO9001:2000 certificates.

We provide pipe bender to copper pipe, aluminum, and Iron pipe from 5/16’’ to 7/8’’.

It can bend the pipe with a thickness of 0.4mm without deformation.

Manual Pipe Bender Manufacturer
Manual Pipe Bender Manufacturer

After you bend the pipe to make the copper pipe meet your request, you need to connect the copper pipe to the system. Most of the time, you may choose to weld because you are familiar with it. Now I want to introduce Miracle’s new technology, we call it no welding connection.

The no welding connection technology does not use fire welding, and the connection is realized by metal extrusion so that no fire is used in the process of pipeline connection and no harmful gas is generated.

With Miracle lokring tool and lokring fittings, also the important sealing liquid, crimp it with just a few seconds, you will get a much better connection with extremely low leakage rate. Contact us right now!

Pipe No Welding Connection
Pipe No Welding Connection

Miracle manual pipe bender uses a hook design, and the locking hook has a fixed elbow to prevent random sliding during operation.

Roller design reduces use resistance and is not easy to damage the pipe wall. Lengthened and thickened handles extend the moment arm.

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Manual Pipe Bender

Miracle starts to research&develop, manufacture, and sales of pipe benders from the Year 1990.

With 30 years’ effort, now our products have a very good market in China and overseas market, especially in North America and European market, cause we devoted ourselves to improve the quality and design to provide customers the most suitable and easy-operated pipe benders, try to make their work simple.

For now, we have many patents for the design, structure, and appearance of a manual pipe bender, so you may find some unique pipe bender for sale here.

Our manual pipe bender is divided into mini pipe bender,10mm pipe bender, and heavy-duty pipe bender according to your application for pipe bender sizes.

It can be used for copper pipe, aluminum pipe, and iron pipes, pipe size from 5/16’’ to 7/8’’ and bends angle from 90 degrees to 180 degrees.

Check the following specifications for different types of pipe benders, if you have any further info, contact us directly.

How to Use a Manual Pipe Bender

Manual pipe bender 90° bending:

Hold the pipe bender forming handle or fix the pipe bender to the vise.

Loosen the hook and raise the slider handle.

Place the pipe in the groove of the forming tray and fix it in the forming tray with a hook.

Lower the slider handle until the “0” mark on the hook is aligned with the 0° position.

Rotate the slider handle around the forming disc until the “0” scale on the slider is aligned with the desired degree on the forming disc.

Manual pipe bender 180° bending:

When the pipe has been bent to 90°, rotate the handle of the manual pipe bender to unlock the steering mechanism

Lift the manual pipe bender handle around the slider and align with the mark on the hook.

Turn the pipe bender handle to adjust the steering mechanism to the locked position.

Operate the manual pipe bender handle to continue pipe bending until the “0” line on the slider is aligned with the desired bending angle.

Heavy Duty Pipe Bender Parameter

364 series pipe bender is very easy to operate because it has an ergonomic handle design, It also has a fixing hook to locate the tube, the handle can be bending from 90 degrees, this will save a lot of effort, you don’t need to put much strength to bend it very well.

We have 4 models to meet your demands, and each pipe bender is suitable for one size pipe bending. It can bend the pipes from 0 degrees to 180 degrees accurately and easily, and won’t cause any scar or deformation on the pipe.

For the 3/8’’(10mm) pipe bender, the bend radius is 23mm, for the 2/1’’(12mm) pipe bender, the bend radius is 35.8mm. If you need a bigger size for tube O.D, please check the following pipe benders.

For 5/8’’(16mm) O.D pipes, the bend radius can be 54.4mm;

For3/4’’(19mm)O.D pipes, the bend radius can be 75.3mm;

For 7/8’’(22mm)O.D pipes, the bend radius can be 82.1mm;

Check the specifications in detail in the following sheet :

Manual Pipe Bender Set

Our R999 manual pipe bender can use for copper pipe, aluminum pipe, and iron pipes.

It combined the forward bending function and reverse bending function to one pipe bender, more flexible for complicated work conditions.

The banding wheel is made of aluminum, the body is made of steel.

We suggest you take the pipe bender kit other than 1 pipe bender, cause the kit has all the parts you will need, includes all the sizes of bending wheels.

When you use the R999 Manual pipe bender, you need to install the fixed bracket block and fixed wheel block, secondly install the matched wheel and support, make sure everything is good for bending, then put the pipe to do the bending work as your requirements.

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