Manifold Gauges
Manifold Gauges

Miracle has Manifold gauges’ experience for more than 8 years.

Miracle provides the single oil gauge, gauge valve, and manifold gauges for professional maintenance tools in the AC field.

Manifold Gauge Video Cover

How Miracle Manifold Gauge Help with Your Business?

What kind of manifold gauge do you need?

Miracle is always here for support. No matter the manifold gauge set, the single manifold gauge, or hose, or even the adaptors, you can find everything you want in Miracle.

Miracle can provide you the full chance to design every part of your manifold gauge, include the dial scale, refrigerant, diameter, type, knob, color, etc. We will exceed your imagination!

MRC 02 Manifold Gauge

MRC02 manifold gauge is suitable for R410A, R404A, R22, R134A, etc. MRC02 manifold gauge is designed with high-quality rubber, which can protect the manifold gauge more fully. The manifold gauge adapter and manifold gauge hose are optional according to the demand, high-quality manifold gauge with high-quality manifold gauge fittings so that the performance of MRC02 manifold gauge can be fully guaranteed.

The MRC S36F manifold gauge valve body is made of high-quality aluminum alloy as raw material and is made of special craftsmanship. The matte material has the advantages of good hand feeling and flexible use.
MRC S36F manifold gauge is suitable for R22 R134a R404A R407C refrigerant. The MRC S36F manifold gauge handwheel and manifold gauge dial are designed with ergonomic structure, making them easier to use. The avant-garde design and international leading manufacturing level make the MRC S36F manifold gauge more accurate and have a longer service life.

MRC 436F Manifold Gauge

The MRC 436F manifold gauge connection adopts two specifications of 3×1/4 SAE & 1×3/8 SAE. The MRC 436F manifold gauge is suitable for a variety of refrigerants such as R22, R134a, R404A, R407C, etc.

The MRC 436F manifold gauge is specially designed with a unique appearance, higher appearance, and easier to sell. The MRC 436F manifold gauge has better customer feedback and higher return orders. Contact us and let Miracle manifold gauge boom your business.

Manifold Gauge with Brass Body

This is a complete manifold gauge set, with high and low oil pressure gauge valve, pressure hoses, etc.

We call it the R22, R410a manifold gauge set because it is suitable for R22, R410 refrigerant, and another common refrigerant. The specific technical data is the following.

How can you find the perfect model for your work?

Choose the length of the pressure hose you need, we have standard 36’’,60’’,72’’.

Choose the refrigerant you will need, normally R12, R22 and R502 can be together, but R410, R134a should be separate because of the different pressure.

Choose the body material you need, brass, or aluminum.

Choose the protective cover or not.

The R22, R134a manifold gauge set has all the good features with a single gauge, like high-quality brass or aluminum alloy body, good design for hand for your easy operation, and durable quality.

Manifold Gauge with Sight Glass

This is a complete R410 R134a manifold gauge set, also includes R12, R22, and R502 refrigerant, along with a pressure hose.

The difference with the above manifold gauge set is this type has a sight glass on the body, to help you check the refrigerant flow during your repair work for Air conditioning.

You can follow the above method to choose the most suitable manifold gauge for yourself. If you have a special request or there is anything not clear about our manifold gauge, just contact us for detail.

Manifold Gauge with Aluminum Body

This is also a complete manifold gauge with a pressure hose but wants you to pay attention to the R410a refrigerant. R410 has a higher pressure than other common refrigerants, so when you order an R410a manifold gauge, please remind us of that.

This type of manifold gauge is similar to the above two types of manifold gauge, the difference is this type has an Aluminum body, with or without sight glass, but the same function. You can pick the major specifications and form your satisfied manifold gauge set.

If you want to buy the parts for the manifold set, maybe for your current set, see the following specs to choose from.

What Our Clients Say About Manifold Gauge?

Tom Pacher

Thanks for Miracle’s support for my manifold gauge business, their sales is very patient and responsible, they provide a very professional service even I provide the complicated demand from the start. With their support for 3 years, now my business is increasing quite a lot. They are a reliable partner.

Albert Bosch

The manifold gauges I purchased from Miracle are really good. Many customers give me feedback to say they have a precise scale, the material of the manifold is good which has a longer life than another brand they used before, besides that their manifold looks beautiful and packed well.

Miracle provides different types of AC manifold gauge sets, include the brass material body, aluminum body, with or without sight glass.

Miracle sells the related parts for manifold gauge sets, like the pressure hose, HVAC adapters, access valves, pipe cutter, HVAC tool kit, no welding connection lokring tool, and lokring fitting, with a one-stop solution, Miracle can be your best AC manifold gauge set supplier in China.

Manifold Gauges Set
Manifold Gauges Set

As the one-stop supplier for manifold gauge, we promise to provide you the best quality, and no doubt the nice price.

Miracle uses our serious and sincere service attitude, hoping that our passionate team can add a sense of security to you, and add more pleasure to your work.

Miracle always believes that good cooperation is based on products that are of high quality and popular in the refrigeration market.

So we focus on improving the product quality, investing in materials, workmanship, and technology at all costs, with more than 10 years’ efforts, and have achieved gratifying results.

In the years since the products were put on the market, praises continued, and customer satisfaction is our driving force.

High-quality and efficient after-sales service is our promise.

We have full-time after-sales personnel to solve problems on the same day without delay and use customer service evaluation as our standard for evaluating after-sales personnel to ensure that we can reply to your questions and solve after-sales as quickly as possible.

We have already won praise from more than 200 customers in more than 30 countries. We believe that you will be the next one. Don’t hesitate to contact us now!

Manifold Gauge Technology Support
Manifold Gauge Technology Support

Clear and precise scale, standard product identification, good explosion-proof, anti-corrosion, and anti-pressure, nylon insulation layer, blocking various refrigerants, excellent sealing effect, no gas out.

Ingenious craftsmanship, durable and wear-resistant, pure copper valve body, equipped with high-quality anti-collision sleeve, red and blue matching, easy to distinguish between low pressure and high-pressure meters, beautiful appearance.

Single Manifold Gauge

MRC466 Manifold Gauge

This brass single manifold gauge has a 1/4 SAE connector,

excellent brass alloy valve body,

special soft rubber protective cover, you can choose to add it or not.

Human hand structure design, it’s quite easy to operate.

Accurate pressure gauge, you can choose high pressure or low pressure.

We can design a suitable refrigerant (R22, R134a, R404a, R410, R12)for your work, just tell us your request well when you place an order.

Durable product quality to help you to make your business simple, packed in a color box.

MRC467 Manifold Gauge

This Aluminum single manifold gauge has a high-quality aluminum alloy body, 1/4 SAE connector, suitable for R22, R134a, R404a, R410, R12 refrigerant.

Special soft rubber protective cover to avoid collision during transportation and application, human hand structure design for comfortable use.

Accurate pressure gauge to provide you right pressure data to check the system situation.

Durable product quality, save your cost, and make your work simple.

MRC468 Manifold Gauge

The diaphragm manifold gauge has a 1/4 SAE connector, a high-quality Aluminum alloy body, with sight glass to see the refrigerant flow clearly.

Strong 100%Teflon diaphragms, no flutter gauge design, suitable refrigerant R22, R134a, R404a, R410, R12 for your reference.

Excellent porting to achieve max refrigerant flow, large knobs for easy operation, and save working time.

This brass single manifold gauge has a 1/4 SAE connector,

excellent brass alloy valve body,

special soft rubber protective cover, you can choose to add it or not.

Human hand structure design, it’s quite easy to operate.

Accurate pressure gauge, you can choose high pressure or low pressure.

We can design a suitable refrigerant (R22, R134a, R404a, R410, R12)for your work, just tell us your request well when you place an order.

Durable product quality to help you to make your business simple, packed in a color box.

MRC-70A Single Manifold Gauge

MRC-70A Single Manifold Gauge Dial

Miracle provides the customized service for your single manifold gauge dial, in this part, you will see the 70A types in the following pics:

MRC-70A single manifold gauge dial uses a diameter of 70mm, and there are two models that differ on the pressure range and the refrigerants application.

70A single manifold gauge dial has the low-pressure range 0~500PSI, 0-250PSI, and be 0-800PSI is the high-pressure range.

What’s more, you can show a manifold gauge dial with BAR as your like.

ModelDiaNegative Pressure RangePressure RangeRefrigerant
LHPressure Unit


ø70-30~0 inHg0~5000~800psiR22/R404A/R134a/R410A
 MRC-70A-36ø70-30~0 inHg0~2500~800psiR22/R407C/R410A
-76~0 cmHg0~170~55kg/cm2

MRC-70B Single Manifold Gauge

MRC-70B Single Manifold Gauge Dial

Miracle supply 4 models dial for a single manifold gauge, which we call MRC-70b SERIES.

The appearance and scales you can see the following info:

MRC-70B adopts the gauge body diameter of 70mm, the pointer, color, style of dial all can be customized, for the most popular models, you can find them in our specifications sheet.

All refrigerants combinations are available according to their features.

Pick the satisfied models here or contact one of our engineers to help with your single manifold gauges right now!

ModelDiaNegative Pressure RangePressure RangeRefrigerant
LHPressure Unit
MRC-70B-04ø70-30~0 inHg0~3500~500psiR12/R22/R404A/R134a
-76~0 cmHg0~120~35kg/cm2
 MRC-70B-06ø70-76~0 cmHg0~2000~500psiR22/R12/R134a
-30~0 inHg0~140~35kg/cm2
MRC-70B-13ø70-30~0 inHg0~2200~500psiR22/R12/R502
-76~0 cmHg0~150~35kg/cm2
MRC-70B-16ø70-30~0 inHg0~3000~800psiR410A

MRC-80A Single Manifold Gauge

MRC-80A Single Manifold Gauge Dial

As the one-stop supplier for your manifolds in China, Miracle absolutely provides the bigger size single gauge dial to meet your special demand.

Check the following two types of our standard single gauge dial for detail:

Just like the above 70A and 70B series single gauge, MRC-80A uses 80 diameters for the gauge body.

No doubt, 80A is suitable for all refrigerants, for example, R134A, R404A, R22, and R410A.

We normally use the Mpa or PSI number as the pressure range and show on the dial of a single gauge.

If those are not the suitable design you need, send us your inquiry, our team will design for your own single gauge right away!

ModelDiaNegative Pressure
Pressure RangeRefrigerant
LHPressure Unit

Manifold Gauge Rubber Protective

As your reliable supplier for manifold gauges in China, we consider every detail to ensure you get a high-quality manifold gauge.

To avoid the damage of vibration during long-distance transportation and accidentally using in the actual application during your work, Miracle design many types of rubber protective for your manifold gauge.

In the specification sheet, you can see we have 6 models from F1 to F7 manifold gauge rubber protective as your choice.

They are normally with the color red and blue.

The material of manifold gauge rubber protection is PVC, NBR, or TPE+ABS.

We have popular matches between the material and the manifold gauge models, just for your reference.

If you have any other requests, please call us now!

No.Model No.MaterialColourApplicable Pressure Gauge Model

Manifold Gauge Knob

In Miracle’s culture, providing you the high& reliable quality manifold gauge, but with the lowest cost is our first mission;

Besides that, we also want to provide you with more choices for every part of the manifold gauges, such as the manifold gauge body, the manifold gauge rubber protective, even the small manifold gauge knob.

Even though the manifold gauge is not like the cloth or shoes we can wear every day, but a beautiful appearance and favorite feeling will make our work happier.

We want every one of you can enjoy your work with Miracle manifold gauge.

Here come the more types of manifold gauge knobs.

Now, Miracle has 7 types of manifold gauge knobs, they have different materials, including aluminum, ABS, and Zinc alloy.

With the different features of the manifold gauge knob, they have their own advantages but don’t worry, the price won’t be a big difference.

Contact us right now to get your own designed manifold gauge knob and enjoy your happy work and life!

MRC-GZinc Alloy

Manifold Gauge Hoses

Manifold Gauge Hoses
Manifold Gauge Hoses

Manifold gauge hose is the main part for manifold gauge set, to transfer the refrigerant during the repair work for Air conditioning, refrigerator, car air conditioner, or anywhere need to charge the refrigerant.

Each manifold gauge has 3 hoses with yellow, blue, and red colors for different functions.

When you choose the manifold gauge hoses, just follow these specifications :

Choose the refrigerant, it’s related to the pressure that the hose stand.

Normally for common refrigerant R22, R12, R502, the working pressure is 500psi, bursting pressure is 2500psi.

For R134a, the working pressure is 600psi, bursting pressure is 3000psi.

For R410, the working pressure is 800psi, bursting pressure is 4000psi.

Tell us the right refrigerant you will use and get the suitable hoses.

Choose the length you need, we have 36’’, 60’’, and 72’’.

The connector size is 1/4 SAE, if you have a special request, just let us know.

You can also choose the other parts that use together with the manifold gauge like shut-off ball valve, quick adaptors, you can see the specifications in the following.

Manifold Gauge Adapters

Manifold Gauge Adapters
Manifold Gauge Adapters

The quick coupler or you may call it quick adaptor use together with a manifold gauge set to fill the refrigerant during the repair work.

There are several types for your reference, the straight type,90°type, or you can choose the automotive adaptor kit, which would be easier for you.

AC Manifold Gauges Set

Provide the perfect solution for your repair work for different applications, and make your business simple.

Follow us to see the following oil pressure gauge, gauge valve, and manifold gauges, with deep communication and let us be your best AC manifold gauges set supplier, to help to make your AC maintenance work simple.

After you check the above manifold gauge with different refrigerants and the spare parts for the manifold gauge set, here show you the pics of the complete manifold gauge set.

The set does not only have the oil gauge, hose, also has quick adaptors, even has the can valve if you need it.

With the manifold gauge set for different applications, like a refrigerator repair, air conditioning installation, we pack the tools you need together, you take one set, you have all the HVAC tools you need, save time and energy for you.

Talk to us for detailed information, we’ll be always here for you.

What is a Manifold Gauge, and How Does It Work?

What is a Manifold Gauge, and How Does It Work

A manifold gauge is a tool for checking the pressure in HVAC systems.

It allows the technician to check the system pressure at different locations and then determine which components of the system need to be repaired or serviced.

The manifold gauge consists of a collection of valves that allow for branch connections to be made directly into an HVAC line.

The valve assembly is usually fastened together using a union fitting.

A gauge and a handle are attached to the manifold spool so that when the handle is turned, it opens and closes each individual valve in turn.

What Are the Parts of the Manifold Gauge?

A manifold gauge has three main parts. The first is the body which contains the valves and connects to the input and output of the system.

The second part is a pressure gauge that indicates how much pressure is present in the HVAC line.

The third part is a handle, usually located on top or bottom of the manifold spool, which turns the valves on and off.

Which is Better: a 3 or a 4 Port Manifold Gauge?

Pressure gauges are sold with either 3 or 4 ports.

The difference between the two is that a three-port gauge has one more connection point on the side of the head, allowing for another set of readings without disconnecting anything.

A manifold gauge is always used in pairs, so having an extra connection isn’t needed unless you also want to run multiple pressure tests at the same time.

If you are reading pressure in one part of an HVAC system, chances are the rest is fine. So it may be helpful to have two separate manifold gauges.

The 4-port gauge simply reads more accurately because it has a higher number of ports, making it less likely that there will be any errors in reading.

How Do You Use a Mechanical Manifold Gauge Set?

How Do You Use a Mechanical Manifold Gauge Set

Manifold gauge sets are used by selectively opening valves on the head to determine where air leaks are occurring within an HVAC system.

The manifold is hooked up to the airline of an HVAC system which is typically fed from either a large trunk line or directly from the compressor.

The first step in using a mechanical manifold gauge set is to close all of the inlet valves on the manifold head.

These valves are typically closed by screwing in the stem of the valve with a clockwise motion.

Next, open one port at a time, beginning with the port farthest from the pressure gauge—this forces air out of that particular hose and into the system being tested.

Close the valve to check the system pressure.

There are four different pressures typically tested, including low side, high side, suction line, and condensate line.

The low-pressure gauge is typically attached to the discharge of an HVAC unit.

High-pressure measurements are taken by hooking up the port on the manifold set to a point before any power equipment to determine the pressure at that point in the system.

The suction line is usually attached to a fitting on a compressor or an outdoor unit.

Finally, condensate line pressure measurements are taken from a plant room or outdoor unit.

Suction Side Measurements:

When taking low side readings, the valves should be opened while the pressure remains closed.

Finally, close all of the valves on the head.

The final step in using a mechanical manifold gauge set is to check all four lines again for any variation in pressure readings.

By opening and connecting one valve at a time, it can quickly be determined where the air is escaping within an HVAC system.

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