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Locking Tool will Save You 80% of Installation Time

Miracle lokring tool and fittings have got more than 20+ patents, with advanced technology, we help to improve the working efficiency of AC installation.

Miracle lokring tool and fittings no need fire, no need gas, no need experienced skills.

This will ensure the operator’s safety and even new people can operate it well with max one-day training, you can save labor costs by connecting methods that anyone can quickly master.

FRK Lokring Tool

FRK lokring tool is a newly designed manual tool used for no welding connection technology, especially for the repair work of refrigerator and freezer, to help you to solve the efficiency and safety for connection work. It applies to copper pipe, aluminum pipe according to your refrigerator and freezer, and you can abandon the welding after using our lokring tool.

30w Lokring Tool

25/30 series lokring tool is designed for bigger sizes of tube connection with no welding connection, commonly used for central air conditioning installation projects, water pipes, to replace traditional welding connection. This series has 5 models looking tools, suitable for your different requirements from tube size 5/16 to 1 1/8 for now.

Electrical Lokring Tool

Hydraulic lokring tool with a straight body design, equipped with a powerful motor, and two high-performance lithium-ion batteries, also has 4 pairs of replaceable slide clamp heads. You can change the lokring tool heads according to your system sizes, from 1/4-1 1/8. Besides our standard head sizes, the clamping chuck can be customized according to the actual application (pipe fitting, material, size, structure, etc).

Hydraulic Assembly Tool

This equipment is used for crimping single rings and is used in refrigerator factory production lines. MRC-HY2 Electric hydraulic clamp system It adopts a fixed movable trolley structure, which is easy to move. The clamp body is connected to the hydraulic station through a long hose and cable, which has a large working range.

Refrigerator Lokring Aluminum Fittings

Aluminum refrigerator lokring fittings are used for after-sales repair of refrigeration appliances because refrigeration appliances are mainly refrigerators. Therefore, it is also called refrigerator lokring fitting. The refrigerator lokring fittings can be connected between copper and aluminum tubes.

Lokring Fittings

The lokring fitting is consists of two single rings and a sleeve. For bigger tubes and better connection, it will also have an inner nesting to support the tubes for high pressure and make sure the connection is perfect and no leaking. Our rigorous design and abundant experiments ensure that the lokring fitting we produce will never leak during use, so please feel free to use it.

Lokring Single Ring

Lokring single ring is specially designed for mass production for refrigerators(fridges), it can greatly improve the efficiency of pipe connections for the refrigeration system. Because of the various sizes for different brands of the refrigerator, we provide customized single rings according to your refrigerator line and ensure good sealing of the single ring. For more info, just contact us.

Lokring Stoppers

Miracle stopper is designed for no welding connection technology for refrigerator production line and maintenance, also popular for air conditioning pressure maintenance. Its main role is to close the process pipe and realize that the whole pipeline of the refrigeration equipment can be connected by the method of fireless connection. Send your inquiry now!

Lokring Sealing Liquid

Miracle sealing liquid is an aerobic liquid, we develop it to help you to use it together with our Lokring tool and connectors, to fill the tiny scratch on the tube surface, to ensure a complete and reliable seal for the no welding connection of your refrigeration system. The sealing liquid has been accepted by almost all industries systems, like gas tubes, drinking water tubes, and refrigerant tubes.

Miracle engineers have been made a lot of tests in our own laboratory and the famous third-party testing agency.

The tests we made included blasting tests, vibration tests, freezing tests, cold and hot alternate tests, etc.

And the following test report shows you the reliability of the Miracle tool.

Read more: Miracle product test.

Welcome you to visit Miracle lokring fitting factory.

The two metal round pipes are inserted into each other, and the gap between the two pipes is filled with a special sealing liquid. The crimping tool pushes the Lokring forward to force the pipe connection part to be elastically deformed and tightly fit.

The sealing liquid will fill small gaps and scratches between the two pipes and be airtight.

The connected outer tube extends out of the Lokring by 2~5mm, and the centripetal force generated by the Lokring locks the connecting parts, so as to achieve a complete sealing and tight connection.

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  • Lokring Fittings and Filter Drier

    Lokring fittings are a perfect match with a filter drier, especially when you repair or replace the copper filter drier in the refrigerator & freezer system. Miracle supply copper filter drier to many famous brand refrigerators, also the matched lokring fittings to make your repair work so easy! Contact us with your requests right now!

  • Lokring Tool and Manifold Gauge Set

    The manifold gauge set and lokring tool are all the necessary tools used for refrigeration system repair, Miracle provides various types of manifolds for your applications with R22, R134, R404, R600a, etc refrigerants. And the gauge on the manifold has anti-collision protection.

  • Lokring Tool and Vacuum Pump

    We provide you with a one-stop solution for fireless connections. Once you have finished connecting the piping with the lokring tool, you will need a vacuum pump and refrigerant charging scale to test the HVAC&R system. We can match you with professional refrigeration tools. Contact us now.

  • Lokring Tool and Refrigerant Recovery

    Refrigerant recovery machines can be used for air conditioning systems, refrigerator systems, cold storage systems, etc. If you use lokring tool and fitting for installation and repair of refrigeration and air conditioning systems, then Miracle refrigerant recovery machine is your best choice! Contact us now!

  • Lokring Fittings and Pipe Cutter

    Pipe cutter and lokring fittings are the tools used in the link, you need to use a pipe cutter and other HVAC tools to prepare the suitable pipe for installation or repair, then use lokring fittings to connect. Miracle supply many sizes of pipe cutter to meet your demands. Contact us right now for details!

What are Lokring Fittings?

What are Lokring Fittings

The working principle of the lokring tool for connecting pipe is:

The two metal round tubes are inserted inside and outside.

Then drop the special sealing liquid on the pipes.

The sealing liquid will fill the scratches of the pipe surface and the gaps of the two tubes quickly,

The last, press the connectors with lokring tool -manual or an electric one.

To make sure the connection part of the pipeline produces elastic deformation and tightly fit.

The connected outer tube extends out of the snap ring 2 ~ 5mm.

The centripetal force generated by the Lokring locks the connection parts,

Thus achieving the effect of complete sealing and tight connection.

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What is the Working Principle of Lokring Tools and Fittings?

How lokring fitting can replace the welding connection? Here let me make a brief explanation for its working principle:

It needs a lokring fitting, lokring tool, and sealing liquid to complete the whole process.

Two metal round tubes are inserted inside and outside, filled with a special sealing liquid for the lokring fittings between the connection gaps of the two tubes.

The gaps and scratches on the pipes are filled and sealed, and the connected outer tube extends out of the lokring fittings by 2 ~ 5mm.

The centripetal force generated by the lokring fittings locks the connection parts, thus achieving the effect of complete sealing and tight connection.

There are two types of rings for lokring fittings-Complex ring and a single ring, which use for different applications.

Some people may say how lokring fitting can make sure no leaking? Good question, that’s the advantage of our lokring fittings:

The lokring fitting compresses the pipes radially and evenly by the press of the lokring tool, deforms the connected pipes, and tightly forms a metal-to-metal sealing surface with the connecting sleeve.

Coupled with the lokring sealant added on the pipes to fill the gaps and scratches before crimping, it solidifies quickly after crimping and seals all axial leakage channels more thoroughly.

As long as you use the lokring tool and lokring fitting according to its pressure and temperature range, follow all the procedures we told, there won’t cause any leak.

Lokring fittings will have a longer life than your refrigeration system.

What are the Types of Miracle Lokring Fitting?

According to the material, we have a copper-steel lokring fitting, aluminum lokring fittings, stainless steel lokring fittings.

According to the application, we have air conditioner lokring fittings, refrigerator lokring fittings, freezer lokring fittings, drinking water lokring fittings, HVAC lokring fittings, etc.

According to the pipe diameter, we have equal diameter lokring fittings and variable diameter lokring fittings.

Normally copper-steel lokring is used for the Central AC refrigeration system and any system with copper pipes for connection.

Aluminum lokring is normally used for refrigerator repair, because many markets use aluminum pipes for refrigerators, and it also saves cost.

Aluminum lokring fittings are the most economic lokring fittings for refrigeration system connection.

A cheaper price doesn’t mean it has a weak connection, aluminum lokring fittings have the best performance for the matched application.

Stainless steel lokring fittings are used for the water drinking system.

All types of lokring tools and fittings are of high quality because we are a professional provider of piping connection solutions.

Of course, if you still have questions, you can also contact us now.

We will provide you with a professional solution after knowing your requirements and your business well.

How the Lokring Tool Improve the Efficiency of Refrigerator Repair

If you are in the repair business of refrigerator&freezer.

You may meet the challenge when connecting the copper filter drier and capillary, too small size is really hard to operate with welding;

Even an experienced worker can not guarantee a good connection each time.

And refrigerator repair has another difficulty, it’s the narrow operating space, which requires high demand for the people to repair.

Here Miracle lokring comes out to solve your problems.

No need for complicated and dangerous equipment, no need for fire.

You just need an FRK manual tool, a suitable size fitting, and a sealing liquid.

In a few seconds, you will finish the connection of the copper filter drier and capillary, surely it works perfectly for other parts for connection.

Even you are new to this field, with a little training, you can operate it very well.

Because this lokring connection won’t hurt the pipes, its sealing function is better than welding.

We are using the lokring tool and lokring fittings on Samsung, LG, Gree, Midea, Hisense’s famous brand refrigerators for many years.

All works well and its quality has been accepted by more and more people all over the world.

If you want to make your business simple with a better connection method, contact us right now!

What are the Features of the FRK Lokring Tool?

Manual lokring tool has small sizes, is light, easy to bring, works flexibly in a narrow space.

Patented products, can make up for the defects of traditional products, more labor-saving, quality assurance.

Each product has undergone many times and full experiments, such as a blast test, salt fog test, cold and hot alternate test, Vibration test, etc.

Reasonable mechanical structure design, low failure rate, long warranty.

One manual tool can fit different sizes with heads, FRK even doesn’t need to change heads to fit all the pipes that diameter is not over 8mm.

Lokring tool and lokring fittings are more flexible to match the different applications for pipe connection needs, a tool bag can take everything you need for your work.

More competitive price, more safe working conditions, and simple operating, potential business.

More stable sealing function than welding, much lower leaking rate.

Why Choose Miracle FRK Lokring Tool?

It’s small and light but can stand around 5MPA pressure.

Because we consider the limited space for the refrigerator and freezer.

It applies for tube diameter≤φ8 or 5/16, which includes most of the sizes for many brands of refrigerator and freezer.

For bigger sizes, we have 25W lokring tools to recommend to you.

With more than 15 years of experience in refrigeration installation and repair projects, our engineer knows all the inconveniences of real work.

So he spent around 3 years researching and developing the FRK lokring tool before this lokring tool was presented to you.

So the FRK lokring tool gets the Utility model patent certificate in 2014.

Furthermore, In the Year 2018, we got a patent in the USA also. Contact Miracle.

How Does the Lokring Tool Improve the Efficiency of Air Conditioner Installation?

The video shows our air conditioning installation tools.

This series is available in 5 types to meet the needs of pipe diameters from 5/16 to 1/8.

Different model has different pairs of lokring tool heads to achieve your project demands.

Its size is a little bigger than the FRK lokring tool because of the pressure demand for a bigger system.

The bursting test pressure for the 25/30w/BW lokring tool can reach 30MPA, working pressure can fulfill 5-7MPA.

It perfectly suits your refrigerant system, no matter what refrigerant you use.

You can choose the lokring tool with one hand curved and two hands curved for your project situation.

If the working space is big and flat, you can use lokring tool model 25B,30B.

If there are many corners that have angels, the model 25BW, 30W lokring tool will be better for you.

You can tell us where do you use the lokring tool, our team will suggest the best for you.

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How Does the Electric Lokring Tool Improve the Efficiency of Pipe Connection

After reviewing the manual lokring tool above, here I recommend you an electric lokring tool, Miracle model 42T.

This is also a weldless connection tool for large diameter pipe connections.

It has a more powerful crimping capability and can be used for 1/4 to 1 1/8 pipe diameters.

42t is an electric rechargeable hydraulic tool, you can easily use it for your refrigeration pipe connection system.

Under the action of a hydraulic system, you will feel faster, easier, and safer to finish the installation work.

That’s the main purpose we design this kind of lokring tool and no welding technology because we care about life and safety.

For more detail please contact us now!

How Does the Lokring Tool Improve the Efficiency of  Fridge Factory?

In the video, you can see the Miracle single ring is used in the refrigerator(fridge, freezer) line.

It does not use fire at all and it is also very efficient.

Miracle Lokring tool is specially designed to use to connect various types of metal pipes, like Copper, brass, aluminum, stainless steel, etc.

Miracle provides you with a better connection way, we call it a “no welding connection” to replace welding.

Although welding is widely used all over the world, it truly has many inconveniences.

Firstly, the Lokring tool has great advantages for the no welding connection between different materials of metal pipes.

For example, copper to aluminum, steel to aluminum, but welding can only connect for the same material, copper to copper, aluminum to aluminum, etc.

Secondly, the lokring tool is much safer than welding, no matter for installation or repair work.

Because we don’t need any dangerous gas to achieve high temperature, just a lokring tool, and connectors to crimp.

Finally, the use of Miracle single ring can effectively control the leakage rate during refrigerator production, reduce rework and improve production efficiency.

How Miracle Lokring Tool Help You To Save Cost Than Welding?

How Miracle Lokring Tool Help You To Save Cost Than Welding

The lokring tool can save your cost and increase your profit.

Lokring tool can save your cost for no need welding equipment, welding rod, and dangerous gas.

lokring tool can save your labor cost, it’s quite easy to operate, a junior worker can use it very well after several minutes of teaching.

Welding requires an experienced worker and a senior worker means high labor costs.

Lokring tool can save your time, it has really high efficiency.

For one connection, from you open the bag to take out the tools to finish the connection, the lokring tool needs around 1 minute 30 seconds, welding needs around 5-6 minutes.

That means you can do much more projects with no welding connection than welding at the same time period.

No to mention, there are some projects that require no fire for your work, like the Library, residential area, fire is an insecurity factor for your projects and human being.

Miracle cares about your safety, care about all the people’s lives, so when you use lokring tool, you can feel our caring.

Why use Lokring Fitting Sealing Liquid

Why use Lokring Fitting Sealing Liquid

Metal pipes of all materials are subject to minor scratches during the machining process.

These scratches can affect the effectiveness of the installation of fireless connections.

Therefore, we use a sealing fluid to fill the scratches.

when you connect the pipes, drop the sealing liquid before you crimp the connectors with the lokring tool, it can quickly fill the scratch and solidify.

After this solidifies, the sealing liquid will have better elasticity and ductility, to give you a 100% sealing connection.

Most importantly, choose the right temperature range sealing liquid according to your system.

How to Choose the Right Lokring Tool and Fittings for Your Projects?

How to Choose the Right Lokring Tool and Fittings for Your Projects

Provide the material, diameter, and thickness of the pipes you are using for your system.

Copper lokring fittings are mostly used for air conditioner systems and refrigeration systems.

But for refrigerators, more use aluminum lokring fittings, because they use aluminum pipes for the system.

For big projects, it’s better you can send us a sample for the pipes, we will design the suitable lokring fittings for you.

If you don’t know which Lokring fittings are right for you, we will recommend you the right sizes for you.

If you have questions about purchasing samples of lokring tools and fittings, please contact us directly now. we will arrange the samples by express.

Why Choose Miracle Lokring Tool

Why Choose Miracle Lokring Tool

Miracle has 15 years of experience with no welding technology, and we are the first manufacturer of propress tools and propress fittings in China.

Miracle provides you with better prices because bulk orders will have advantages for material purchasing, also we have lower labor costs than American and European markets.

Miracle has a professional team, which means we have the ability to design and improve the products according to user feedback from engineers and customers from all over the world.

Miracle has many projects, also cooperates with some famous brands, like LG, Daikin, Gree, Midea, so we can be your professional backup for your projects.

Miracle has a patent and service team in the USA, they can provide better service for North and South American market customers.

Miracle has better after-sales service, make sure you can use the lokring tool in a good way because we have pics, videos, even class.

Our engineers often come to many factories to be the teacher for the class.

Even were invited to be the guider for some international competition of HVAC and refrigeration. Lokring Training.

What are the Advantages of Lokring Tools and Fittings?

What are the Advantages of Lokring Tools and Fittings

For the traditional welding way, workers need to bring many tools for repair work, even including the big equipment, and this equipment can be dangerous gas.

Welding needs high temperature and fire, this requires the worker must be experienced and operate it very well.

Now Lokring tool provides you with a totally different way to solve all the inconvenience welding causes.

With a lokring tool for a refrigerator, you just need Miracle FRK manual tool, Lokring, and liquid sealing, a small toolbox is enough for you.

The small-sized condensing unit is very compact, so the working space for workers is very limited, with welding, if operates not well, other parts can be burnt by the fire.

But with the Miracle FRK tool, you can easily crimp it.

We have more than one type of propress tool and propress fitting to match your project.

including copper press tool and copper press fittings, copper crimping tool and copper crimping fitting, plumbing press tool, manual propress tool. Contact Miracle Now!

What is the History of No Welding Connection Technology?

Miracle No welding Connection Technology History

In the 1960s, NASA invented the lokring and no welding connection technology, which was used to connect the fuel pipeline of the space shuttle.

A few years later, the German company Falcon bought the patent and established Falcon Rocklin Co., Ltd. to specialize in the production of Vulkan Lokring and apply it to the civilian field.

In 1994, the lokring connection technology began to expand in China’s domestic market.

From 2005, we start to represent Vulkan brands and use the lokring tool for Chinese projects, cooperating with Hisense refrigerator after-sales markets.

From 2008, We start to design our own products with our engineers and work with the Haier company.

From 2008, We began to professionally develop fluid pipe no welding connection technology, overcome technical barriers, and pioneered the launch of our own brand product-Miracle Tool and Miracle Ring.

We obtained the invention patent of the pipeline no welding connection, the invention patent pipeline seal lokring fitting, the manual Propress Tool patent.

Miracle is the first R&D and manufacturer for the Lokring tool in China and it was the first applied to the field of air conditioning installation.

2013, the demand for lokring tools and fitting are increasing rapidly, and the scope of application is also more extensive.

In order to better serve the market and improve production efficiency, we have accelerated the research and development of refrigeration products and achieved gratifying results.

In the year 2014, With the launch of tools on the market, more and more customers have reported that the Lokring Tool-25W is inconvenient to operate during refrigerator repair and freezer maintenance.

It is difficult to quickly repair refrigerator and freezer pipes in some narrow spaces, Miracle began to improve the disadvantages of refrigerator and freezer repair tools. Then Lokring Tool-FRK came into being.

After a large number of launches in the market, Lokring Tool-FRK was found to be more suitable for refrigerator maintenance.

Aftermarket selection with many tests, finally we determined the direction of our products.

Lokring Tool-30W is used in the field of central air conditioning.

Lokring Tool-FRK is used in the maintenance of some small space products such as refrigerators and freezers.

Pursuing high efficiency and saving costs is the mission of Miracle.

By 2019, through continuous improvement and perfection of products, our Miracle Lokring Tool has been widely used in refrigeration, water supply, oil roads, and other fields.

The main products of Miracle are complex ring single rings. , Anaerobic sealing fluid, manual prepress tools, rechargeable electric tools, hydraulic tools, desktop pneumatic crimping tooling, etc.

What is the Service We can Provide of Lokring Tools and Fittings?

Other Issues with Lokring Tools and Fittings

Q: You may ask How Long Time Does the Tool and Fitting Use is?

A: Technically it can use forever, as long as you use it in the right way and with the right pressure.

Q: What is the Max Pressure the Lokring Fittings Stand?

A: We test the lokring fitting with 30MPA pressure, and it works for 5-7MPA. In a word, they have a longer life than your refrigerant system.

Q: How Can I Represent Your Lokring Tool and Lokring Fittings in Our Country?

A: Contact our team, let us know your region and your company very well, then we will talk about how to do that cooperation.

We want to find a few partners in a market and give them full support and build long-life cooperation.

A: If you are interested in our products and treat this as your new career, let’s talk more.

Q: Can You Make Bags or Boxes to Make a Kit for the Lokring Tool and Lokring Fittings?

A: Yes, we can. We have plastic boxes and bags, contact us to choose.

Q: What’s the Difference Between the Miracle Lokring Tool and the Vulkan Lokring Tool?

A: For our 30W/BW series lokring tool, it’s quite similar to Vulkan, with similar quality.

But we improve the size, it could be easier for you to operate, also much cheaper price.

For the FRK lokring tool, that’s our design and patent, Vulkan doesn’t have.

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