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Miracle lokring fitting is a connector that is used for the connection of metal pipes to replace welding.

Miracle lokring fitting is a highly efficient connection method without fire, no dangerous gas, no complicated equipment, no pollution, no experience required, and so on.

lokring fitting is safer than welding. According to our 15+ years’ experience, the leakage rate is much lower than welding.

For more lokring fitting’s application and actual projects, please contact Miracle team right now!

Equal Brass Lokring Fittings

Brass lokring fitting is one of the sales star lokring fittings in Miracle. Because the Miracle brass lokring fitting can bear 30Mpa pressure. It can work during a wide temperature range, the brass lokring fitting has a very wide application. For how to select the suitable sizes of lokring fittings and please contact the Miracle team now!

Reducing Brass Lokring Fitting

Miracle brass lokring fitting is consists of two steel rings, two brass inner support, and a brass sleeve. The inner support size is custom according to the copper pipe thickness of your system, to ensure better sealing and less leak after using our lokring fittings. And this is the special design of Miracle and that’s what we do in small detail to give you more support.


Aluminum Lokring Fitting

Miracle aluminum lokring fitting is a more economic solution for pipes connection where the system pressure is not so big and the temperature is between -40°C and 150°C. Miracle aluminum lokring fitting is widely used for the connection between aluminum pipes, some customer also uses it to connect the copper pipes in a special project.


Reducing Aluminum Lokring Fitting

Miracle reducing aluminum lokring fitting has a similar structure to the brass fitting. It consists of 2 aluminum rings, 2 aluminum inner support, and an aluminum sleeve. If you are interested in Miracle aluminum lokring fitting, please feel free to contact us and get a free quote now!

Stainless Steel Lokring Fittings

Stainless steel lokring fitting is normally used on drinking water systems to connect the stainless steel pipes. Stainless steel has special properties that copper, aluminum do not have which is more suitable for water systems. And stainless steel lokring fittings are normally customized according to the projects. If you have projects on hand, please contact us immediately!

Refrigerator Lokring Aluminum Fittings

Refrigerator lokring fitting is specially designed for the connection of pipe size ≤8mm, such as freezer, water dispense, kimchi cabinet, etc. According to our experience, there are around 100 models of sizes of refrigerator lokring fittings in our history. So Picking the most matched sizes lokring fitting is the key part of a good sealing system.

Refrigerator Lokring Brass Fitting

Refrigerator lokring fittings are also aluminum lokring fittings but have a little difference with the above aluminum lokring fitting. Refrigerator lokring fitting has one shoulder which is easier to crimp during the narrow space of refrigerator repair work.
Miracle technical team is always here for support, please call us right now!

Single Lokring Fittings

Single lokring fittings is a type of connector that designed for mass production line of refrigerator, freezer, water dispense, etc. The single lokring fitting has a different structure of above copper lokring fitting and aluminum lokring fitting. For improving the work efficiency and simplify the operation steps, so the single lokring fitting has a simple design.

Lokring Fitting Tool

The lokring fitting tool is a great helper of various types of lokring fittings. Because only with the lokring fitting tool, you can connect the lokring fittings correctly and safely. Miracle lokring fitting tool includes 25 series manual lokring fitting tool, FRK manual lokring fitting tool, electrical lokring fittings, and hydraulic lokring fitting equipment.

Miracle Lokring Fitting Test

The real facts from customers and markets are better than plenty of words we said to you. Before you try Miracle lokring fittings, you must have some concern, especially for its safety.

We understand all new technology must follow the rule that improves the old way on the basis of safety. So we did some tests to show you what kind of efforts we do to support you.

Blasting test to ensure Miracle lokring fittings can undertake the high pressure of the system, for example, the central air conditioner system;

Vibration test to ensure the good sealing performance of lokring fitting even after a long time’s vibration, so the lokring fitting is suitable for the complicated situation;

Cold and hot alternate test to ensure Miracle lokring fitting works well during the hot and cold environment, so you can use the lokring fitting no matter in a hot or cold place with no worry;

Salt fog test to ensure Miracle lokring fitting has long service life even in a wet environment and has a good corrosion resistance function.

When Miracle Single Ring is used in refrigeration equipment lines, the single ring needs to be customized to fit the refrigeration equipment piping.
Because the single lokring fitting is for the production line, it has to be a 100% match or it will cause problems.

On this ground, every single lokring ring will be custom according to your product line situation and the connection of pipes. Miracle has a complete and careful process for custom the single lokring fitting, contact us now!

Single Ring Used for Production

With 15+ years’ history, Miracle has the strong ability of R&D and manufacturing and custom the perfect lokring fittings for you. The founder has strong technical ability and rich on-site practical project experience.

For the protection of trade secrets and patents, we cannot show you more. But If you are interested in Miracle lokring fittings or still have doubts, welcome to visit our factory and see everything we promised here!

Since its inception, Miracle has been constantly innovating and exploring. The FRK lokring fitting tool is a tool that we have independently researched and developed based on market demand. In addition, we have many other invention patents and use new patents for lokring fitting and lokring tools.

In addition to our patents in China, we are also constantly applying for other parts of the world. Currently, the US patent has been obtained. In the future, we will continue to improve our products according to your needs, enhance customer experience, and facilitate your business and life.

Lokring Fitting Patents

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What is Lokring Fitting?

What is Lokring Fitting

The piping connections are varied. You can check the common piping connection methods in this article.

In this section, we discuss two different types of connections.

The first one is welding. It is an old traditional way to connect the pipe with a fire flame.

The second type is press-fitting. It uses the physical properties of metals to connect the lines.

Lokring fitting is a fastener for creating solder-free connection technology.

It can connect nominal pipe size permanently without welding or soldering.

For the best alternative of soldering, lokring fittings are trendy worldwide.

You can see how lokring fitting works in the following sections.

Lokring Fittings and Lokring Tools

Lokring Fittings and Lokring Tools

Different types of lokring fittings need different types of lokring fitting tools to crimp, then they can achieve the best performance.

Lokring tools include manual press tool, electric press tool, FRK press tool.

This is determined by the material of the pipeline, for example, the single ring applied to the production equipment.

When you decide to use a no-weld connection, Miracle team will do detailed technical analysis and testing according to your pipe.

And provide you with the most suitable lokring fittings.

This guarantees the reliability of the Miracle ring!

Miracle has plenty of photos and videos for the above applications in actual projects.

You can also view our project examples to see how the Miracle ring can help you save money.

If you want to use cost-effective lokring fitting and tools in your system but don’t know how to choose.

Please contact the Miracle team, we will guide you to pick the most economic and suitable lokring fitting tool directly!

What is Sealing Liquid?

When you use the lokring tool and lokring fittings, there are other necessary products in the system, it as the special sealant.

The main function of sealant is to fill the gap between two pipes and the small scratches on the pipes to make the seal better.

In the market, some brands use some glue to replace the sealant to do the sealing, which causes some leaks during actual projects.

The sealant is a specially designed product with a special function, not just a simple glue.

So make sure to use a good sealant to ensure the good performance of the lokring fittings.

By the way, the sealant is not dangerous, non-flammable and explosive, non-corrosive, and non-toxic, so you can use it with no worry.

Related product: sealing liquid.

How Does Lokring Fitting Work?

How Does Lokring Fitting Work

The fitting sealing method, using pure metal connection sealing method, not using O-ring, will greatly improve the fitting sealing performance and service life.

In the process of pipeline transportation and connection, there are often pit on the surface of copper pipes, and it is impossible to close the fine scratches if only using O-ring seals.

Miracle lokring fitting engineers have thought of this at the beginning of the design, and a good solution to this problem.

Miracle lokring fitting using sealing liquid to fill the gap.

This way will greatly improve the Miracle lokring fitting sealing performance.

Therefore, the use of Miracle lokring fitting fundamentally eliminates the possibility of Miracle ring leakage.

Read more: How Miracle ring works.

How to Choose Right Miracle Lokring Fitting?

How to Choose Right Miracle Lokring Fitting

International Standardization Organization- ISO and other inspection authorities approve our lokring fittings to use in many applications. Some of them are:

  1. Refrigerator, Air-Conditioner and Freezer Production Pipe Line
  2. After-sales maintenance for refrigeration, freezer, and air-conditioner
  3. While replacing copper filter drier, refill refrigerant
  4. Air-conditioning installation and for Compressed Air
  5. Solar Water Pipe Connection
  6. Water supply pipeline installation
  7. Chilled Water Pipelines
  8. Floor heating pipeline installation
  9. Hydronic heating

As we mentioned, Different material lokring fittings are used on different material pipes’ connections.

Then how to select the most suitable lokring fittings are the most important part of the system.

According to Miracle’s 15+ years’ experience, we have summarized some experiences to help you make some simple choices for lokring fittings in the following:

★Refrigerator production line: copper-aluminum pipe connection, copper-iron pipe connection, copper-copper pipe connection,

Freezer/Showcase production line: copper-aluminum pipe connection, copper-iron pipe connection, copper-copper pipe connection.

Air conditioning production line: copper-copper pipe connection, copper-aluminum pipe connection.

You can choose Miracle single ring.

★After-sales installation of air conditioner: copper-copper pipe connection, copper-aluminum pipe connection.

Seafood machine, chiller, and warmer production line: copper-titanium pipe connection.

Solar water heating system installation: connect copper pipe or aluminum pipe.

After-sales service of seafood machine, chiller, and warmer: copper-titanium pipe connection, copper-copper pipe connection.

You can choose Miracle brass ring or an aluminum ring.

★Refrigerator after-sales service: copper-aluminum pipe connection, copper-iron pipe connection, copper-copper pipe connection, More detail, You can check the refrigerator repair tool.

You can choose Miracle refrigerator aluminum ring.

★Water supply pipeline installation: stainless steel-stainless steel pipe connection.

Water supply pipeline installation

You need to install stainless steel lokring fittings for your water supply line.

How to use Lokring Fitting?

If you want to join two pipes together with Miracle lokring fitting, you need a lokring fitting, a lokring tool to press, sealing liquid, and a marker pen.

First, penetrate the two pipes tube inside of lokring fittings.

Then use a marker pen to mark the tube where the fittings cover the pipe.

Then take out the pipe from lokring fittings and see how much it can cover the pipe from outside and mark the position.

Then fill the outside of the two pipes with sealing liquid. Fill the entire part of the pipe, which lokring fittings will cover.

After filling two sides of two pipes, again penetrate the two pipe tubes inside of lokring fittings.

Now set the lokring tool to lokring fittings. Keep one hand stable and compress the tool by the other hand until the two parts of the lokring fittings are attached.

You are all done.

For safety, check the outside mark in the pipe is covered by the lokring fittings. If covered, your connections are entirely safe and secure.

There is video training available on our YouTube channel and Facebook. Watch the video for a better and more practical understanding. Please send us your inquiry now.

Why You Need Miracle Lokring Fittings?

Why Will You Choose Miracle Lokring Fittings as an Intelligent Plumber, Contractor, or Dealer

Miracle lokring fittings are designed to ensure safety. Our quality is more developed than others. For your project, you can ensure more productivity than before.

When you can create more connections within a short time, it saves your time, money, and work efficiency.

You don’t have to invest time and money in training. Miracle lokring fittings are more work-friendly and can be installed in any pipeline.

As a professional, Miracle will satisfy you to become more productive.

Miracle lokring fittings are more reliable. You needn’t worry about repair and rusting.

We also serve you for a lifetime and provide all types of related information.

We provide the guide and documentation for using the lokring fittings.

Miracle Refrigeration has a reputation for serving customers after sales with full support.

We take the lowest time to deliver the product valuing your time.

Our extensive range of stock allows us to give you the best experience. We can become the best choice for you. Contact us now to get your best lokring fittings.

How Can I Make Sure the Lokring Fittings Connection Successfully?

How Can I Make Sure the Lokring Fittings Connection Successfully


While installing the lokring fittings, you will use a marker pen to mark the pipe portion covered by lokring fittings.

After connecting you should check the marker if it is present and visible. This means that the connection is complete.

But if the mark disappears after the connection is made, there is a big gap between the pipes or inside the pipes and you need to check again and connect correctly according to the mark.

For this reason, the inspection marks are essential for safe installing the lokring fittings.

In Miracle lokring fittings installation video training, we’ve mentioned that marking is essential.

After you finish the connection, you can check that the pipe is fittings.

You can understand it by identifying the mark. The mark will notify you that there is no gap or a small gap between them.

Do I Need to Sand the Pipe Before Using Lokring Fittings?

Do I Need to Sand the Pipe Before Using Lokring Fittings

You don’t need to sand the pipe before using Miracle Lokring Tool. But if there is oxidation or dirt in the pipeline that creates a layer in the pipe, you should clean it and remove the dirt to get a strong lokring connection.

If there is a paint or sticker on the pipeline, you must sand it and remove the paint from the pipe.

Other than that, you needn’t do anything to the piping.

We never recommend using a grinder in your pipe before connecting the pipe with lokring fittings.

So, you needn’t use the disc grinder to your pipe to get a better connection.

If you use a pipe grinder, on the contrary, it will affect the efficiency of the connection.

For how to select the suitable sizes of copper lokring fittings and how to use them, please do not hesitate to contact Miracle team now!

Can I Use Lokring Fittings If There is a Part That Welded Before?

Can I Use Lokring Fittings If There is a Part That Welded Before

Yes, you should cut welded part of the pipeline before using it for lokring fittings.

Ensure that the pipe is well polished so that there is no rust or there is no possibility of getting rusted.

Of course, you can also install a welded fitting near the Lokring fitting.

But, we don’t recommend installing soldering or welding, because it has drawbacks.

If you are using lokring fittings already, you already know why lokring fittings are already better than soldering.

Miracle lokring fittings can accept the temperature from minus 50 degrees to 150+ degrees Celsius.

Therefore, the lokring fitting can be perfectly adapted to your needs.

What Types of Miracle Lokring Fitting?

Can I Connect the Different Size or Diameter Pipelines With Miracle Lokring Fittings

Miracle Refrigeration Equipment Co, Ltd manufacturer and export all the standard, essential, and popular lokring fittings and products. Some of the lokring fittings are provided below:

Equal Diameter Lokring Fitting
Reduced Diameter Lokring Fitting
Stainless Steel Lokring Fitting
Refrigerator/Freezer Lokring Fitting

Miracle offers double-ring lokring fittings for copper steel, aluminum, and stainless steel.

It is usable for refrigeration pipe connection and maintenance.

This lokring fitting is used in the production line for refrigeration. It also can connect various diameters of refrigeration pipes.

Lokring End Stopper is available for copper-steel and aluminum materials.

It is one of the best lokring fittings for filling and sealing the production pipeline.

We also have reducing lokring fittings that can connect your different kinds of metal pipes. It can connect different diameters pipes.

Lokring tool kits are containing all the products that need to press to fittings. Contact us now to get your best lokring fittings.

Why Miracle Lokring Fittings are the Best Lokring Fittings for You?

Why Miracle Lokring Fittings are the Best Lokring Fittings for You

There are huge advantages and benefits of using a lokring tool instead of soldering. Miracle lokring has outstanding quality are service than other lokring fittings are available in the market. Let’s have a look at the advantage of using miracle lokring fittings at a glance.

  • Miracle Lokring Fittings provides a permanent connection,
  • No risk of fire, fire-hazard, don’t need fire safety,
  • No smoke or other inconvenient that occur for soldering,
  • A safe work environment, Need a lokring tool instead of flame,
  • labor cost saving, labor injuries risk-free,
  • No preparation is required for flame and welding types of equipment,
  • Easy to learn the installation process in a short time,
  • Saves time and energy.
  • No problem whether the pipe is dry or wet, not required to clean,
  • Install in anyplace, working ability in tight spaces,
  • More than 40% faster than traditional welding connection,
  • Improve the efficiency of work,
  • Experience not required, easy and fast installation,

Who We Are?

Who We Are

Miracle Refrigeration Equipment Co, Ltd is a dedicated company that adheres to producing lokring fittings. Starting from the founding of Miracle Refrigeration in 2004.

We worked with a leading and prominent company in Germany and researched and designed a lokring tool as a solder-free technology.

Miracle has a great and successful history and contribution to developing lokring fittings and lokring tools, propress tools, propress fittingcopper crimping tool, pipe press tool, plumbing press tool from that shining starting.

After establishing our research laboratory and manufacturing factory, Miracle Refrigeration started to invent new and innovative lokring fitting and other related equipment. Because of your influential research and development operation, we acquire the patent of more than 20 innovative lokring tools, fittings, and other equipment.

Our product was used in North America, South America, Europe, Africa, and Asian Market with practical success.

Miracle lokring fittings were broadly used for their refrigeration, water supply, and other fields. After a long time of repeatedly growing, miracle refrigeration is a lokring fitting, lokring tool, and other pipe fastener manufacturer and exporter giant in China. Get a quote here. Contact right now to place an order.

How Miracle Lokring Fittings is a Permanent and Leak-Free Connection?

With a Miracle lokring fittings connection system, we use a sealing liquid. Before putting the pipe inside of lokring fittings, it is required to fill with the sealing liquid.

That is why there will be no leak, and it would be a permanent connection because this sealing liquid fills all the gaps the scratches between fittings and two pipes.

So when there is sealing liquid in the middle of the pipe and outer pipe, the connection will be tight, stable, reliable, and permanent. Please send us your inquiry now to get your best lokring fittings.

Where Can the Miracle Lokring Fittings Be Used?

Where Can the Miracle Lokring Fittings Be Used

Especially lokring fitting has a specific use for specific materials, but miracle lokring fitting can be used for different pipe materials.

It has the great advantage that you can use for the Copper pipe to aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, and copper. It also can be used to aluminum pipe to aluminum and stainless steel pipe. Let’s look at a glance.

Copper Pipe – Copper Pipe

Aluminum pipe

Stainless steel pipe

Titanium pipe

Aluminum Pipe – Copper Pipe

Aluminum Pipe

Stainless Steel

-Titanium Pipe

Stainless Steel Pipe – Stainless Steel Pipe

-Aluminum Pipe

-Copper Pipe

-Titanium Pipe

What to Do When the Connection Has Leaks after Using Lokring Fittings?

What to Do When the Connection Has Leaks after Using Lokring Fittings

Miracle lokring fittings have been designed and tested approved for the non-leaks connection. So we can assure you that there will not be any leak while using Miracle lokring fittings if you create it properly.

As you can see in the picture after we installed the lokring fitting, we conducted a pressure test and the line pressure burst the line, but the lokring fitting was still connected intact.

Because we pay more attention to the quality of our products than you do. So you can use lokring fitting without any worries.

But if there is still a leak that occurs after creating the connection, don’t worry.

Lokring Fittings also can be cut out and replaced. And you can repair the leak and create a non-leak connection.

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