LG Air Conditioner Compressor Supplier
LG Air Conditioner Compressor Supplier

LG Air Conditioner Compressor Supplier in China.

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Your Trusted LG Air Conditioner Compressor Supplier

Do you know that the LG Rotary compressor is famous as an ideal air conditioner compressor for unitary and split system air conditioning? It is the right choice for its energy-efficient, easy to install, and state-of-the-art technology. But don’t find a reliable supplier?

We can meet your bulk need for an LG air conditioner rotary compressor.

We can also deliver wholesale LG rotary compressor safety through rail, sea, or air freight within a stable time. We are here to look for any concerns about the product range, types, transport packaging, and so on. For more information, please get in touch with our professionals right now.

LG QJ Series Air Conditioner Compressor

As your one-stop LG AC rotary compressor dealer, We supply many models of QJ Series compressors. It is an air cooling, lubricated and closed structure type rotary compressor with low noise. Many models are available with different cooling capacities and power sources. Such as 1PH, 208-230V, 60Hz, 1PH, 220-240V, 60Hz, or 1PH, 265V, 60Hz. Contact us at our LG air conditioner support center now.

LG QK Series Air Conditioner Compressor

LG Rotary compressor for AC has numerous models in this series with 12750BTU of cooling capacity. This LG rotary compressor can go with R22 refrigerant. You can learn more about its high-efficiency design and low vibration & noise, which makes it more reliable. We have a huge delivery capacity for this LG rotary compressor as an international supplier. Send your inquiry right now.

LG QP Series Air Conditioner Compressor

LG QP series air conditioner compressors can be used in air conditioning, chillers, and drier applications. In addition, its speed is fixed and works under wide voltages. Several models of the QP series are available with a wide range of discharge capacity. Miracle offers a large range of production capacity to fulfill your bulk demand. Contact us right now.

We are your authoritative LG air conditioner compressor and parts supplier in China.

Miracle is the right hub for the original LG rotary compressor, spare parts, and full support.

Miracle support third-party testing organizations to check our LG rotary compressor before we ship it to you.

LG Air Conditioner Compressor Authenticity Guarantee

If you are engaged in LG air conditioning project installation or repair, then you need Miracle air conditioning installation tool.

This tool is designed with no brazing, it saves time and energy for air conditioning pipe installation, you can check more no-soldering connection products here. Or contact us directly.

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No Welding Connection

You can view the LG air conditioning compressor catalog here.

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You can choose from original Chinese brand air conditioner rotary compressors and other brand air conditioner rotary compressors such as GREE, GMCC, Highly, and Panasonic.

For more requirements, please contact us directly.

China Original Rotary Compressor

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