Hydraulic Assembly Tool

The MRC-HY2 hydraulic assembly tool has a fixed-mobile trolley type construction.

It has the advantages of easy movement and a large working distance.

Miracle HY2 hydraulic assembly tool can realize the connection work of two stations at the same time.

System flow: 2L / min

Motor power: 1.5kW

Fuel tank Capacity: 15L

Equipment weight: 75kG

Working pressure: 250bar

Input power: AC380V / 50Hz

Dimensions: 42 * 52 * 88cm

Working temperature range: 10 ℃ ~ 60 ℃

Miracle HY2 hydraulic assembly tool is used to crimp single rings.

It is mainly used to provide fireless connection solutions for refrigeration appliance manufacturers.

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Hydraulic Assembly Tool Crimping Single Ring

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