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Your Most Honest HVACR Parts Supplier

Our main business is braze-free connection products, but when our customers purchase braze-free connection products, they often require us to provide complete refrigeration solutions to reduce their energy and time, and more importantly, reduce the procurement risks.

Therefore, after several years of development, through cooperation with customers and the supply side, we have formed a complete one-stop procurement service system for customers with such needs.

You can read more about how we control the quality and price of our products below!

Braze-free HVAC Fittings

Braze-free HVAC fittings are used for braze-free connections between refrigeration and air conditioner copper, aluminum, or copper-aluminum piping.

Insulated Copper Pipe

Insulated copper pipe includes PE pipe insulation, split AC copper pipe, 15mm-50mm pipe insulation, colored foam pipe insulation, etc.

Copper Y Joint

Miracle copper Y joint with lokring tool for central AC installations. We can also provide you with conventional styles for transitional use.

Air Conditioner Drain Pump

The air conditioner drain pump includes a mini-split condensate pump, commercial condensate pump, central ac condensate pump, and so on.

Air Conditioning Axial Fans

Air conditioner axial fans are also called condenser fans, which include ac axial fans, DC axial fans, and EC axial fans. Click to view more.

Air Conditioning Compressor

Split air conditioners tend to use rotor-type compressors, while central air conditioners tend to use scroll and semi-hermetic compressors. Contact us and know more.

Air Conditioning Unit

The air conditioning units are available in single outlet, dual-outlet, and top outlet designs. Meanwhile, AC units can also be classified according to the compressor type.

Air Conditioning Valve

The air conditioner valves we can provide you include an air conditioner service valve, refrigerant sight glass, split air conditioner valve, etc.

HVAC Vacuum Pump

HVAC vacuum pump types include single-stage vacuum pumps, bipolar vacuum pumps, and mini vacuum pumps. Contact Miracle today.

HVAC Gauge

HVAC gauges with vacuum pumps are used for servicing and installing refrigeration equipment, and our technicians use the MRC 02 manifold gauge.

Refrigerant Scale

This refrigerant scale is our technician’s favorite tool because it is very sensitive and accurate to 0.05%!

HVAC Flaring Tool Kit

The HVAC flaring tool kit is used for air conditioning projects, especially when installing split-type air conditioners. Feedback from our AC installers is that this tool is smooth and burr-free.

Air Curtain

We install air curtains in commercial refrigeration areas, for example, supermarket entrances, clean factory entrances.

Pipe Bender

Benders are available in single-size, multi-size, and kit options, and of course, bending spring styles. Our technicians have mixed reviews on benders, depending on your usage habits.

Pipe Cutter

Our technicians use a heavy-duty pipe cutter for air conditioner installation with a diameter of 7-51mm and CT127 type for refrigerator repair with a diameter of 3-16mm.

Refrigeration Pinch Off Tool

A refrigeration pinch-off tool is used for refrigerator repair, the main function is to close the refrigerator compressor service port. Click to see more types.

How to Control HVACR Parts and Accessories Quality?

We control the quality and price of HVACR parts and accessories from two aspects.

First of all, we undertake air-conditioning installation projects in China, so our purchase volume is very large, the supply chain manufacturers are willing to give us more support, which makes sure you can get wholesale prices from us.

Secondly, all HVACR parts and accessories have been audited by our procurement system, and are actually used in our own projects, most of them have been installed in the project and run well for many years, so the quality of HVACR parts and accessories is reliable, You can use it without any worries.

Finally, due to the needs of our business development, we have a sufficient understanding of brands, quality, and prices of the HVACR parts and accessories in the China market, thus forming our rich refrigeration resource library, and we are willing to share our HVACR parts and accessories resources with you to achieve a win-win business. Contact us now!

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