HVAC and Refrigeration Compressor Trends Analysis

HVAC and Refrigeration Compressor Trends Analysis

In the refrigeration industry compressor brand rich, in the huge market demand, refrigeration and air conditioning compressors still abide by the law of two or eight.

Eighty percent of the market share is controlled by a few refrigeration compressor manufacturers, such as Danfoss, Copeland, and Bitzer.

This has both advantages and disadvantages for the HVAC and refrigeration market.

The advantage is that we have compressors of consistent and reliable quality.

But the disadvantage is that many companies can not afford it.

International brands of HVACR compressors basically monopolize the refrigeration market, so their prices are too high.

HVAC&R Compressor High Brand Concentration

HVAC&R Compressor High Brand Concentration

The compressor manufacturing industry is a high technology industry.

So the threshold of entry is also very high, which largely inhibits the expansion of the number of brands in this industry.

Therefore, whether it is a rotary, scroll, screw, or even a centrifugal compressor, the brand concentration is very high.

In this round of competition, Chinese brands of semi-hermetic reciprocating compressors also gradually to the international market, and there is a growth momentum.

But in the short term is not enough to cause substantial impact and change on international brands.

Especially in the field of centrifugal compressors, this phenomenon is particularly obvious.

We have listed different brands of HVACR compressors here.

For example, Bitzer compressor, Frascold compressor, Copeland compressor, Danfoss compressor, Maneurop compressor, and Carrier Compressor, you can click for more details.

HVAC&R Compressor Industry Chain Diversification

HVAC&R Compressor Industry Chain Diversification

From condensing unit manufacturing to compressor manufacturing, from rotary compressor production to scroll compressor production, etc.

The refrigeration compressor industry is also experiencing vertical and horizontal extensions.

With the gradual expansion of manufacturers’ refrigeration unit production and sales scale.

Many companies began to research and development in the field of compressor manufacturing years ago, the market share is also rising year after year.

And with some of the domestic compressor brands gradually based on the rotary compressor market.

It also gradually began to develop the scroll compressor market.

This is because in the scroll compressor’s wide range of applications, residential applications occupy the largest share, and this demand continues to expand over the last two years.

This has led directly to the development and growth of the scroll compressor market.

This is despite the high concentration of brands in this segment and the stability of their respective market shares and customer bases.

We have listed different brands of scroll compressors and rotary compressors here.

Such as LG compressor, GREE compressor, Panasonic scroll compressor, Panasonic rotary compressor, Daikin scroll compressor, Hitachi compressor, Mitsubishi compressor, and GMCC compressor. You can click for more information.

Special HVAC and Refrigeration Compressor

Special HVAC and Refrigeration Compressor

New special compressor with the rapid growth of the domestic heat pump water heater market and growth.

The former use of the “air conditioning external structure design” model is gradually broken.

In recent years, a number of compressor manufacturers have been invested in the development of heat pump compressors.

For the healthy development of heat pump water heaters to provide core protection.

And for the special conditions of use of heat pump water heaters.

The traditional air conditioning compressor in the use of efficiency above obviously can not meet the future market development needs.

At the same time, with the national policy for environmental protection refrigerants are repeatedly stressed and restrained, as well as the proliferation of alternative products.

New refrigerant compressors have also jumped into the industry in the last two years.

Such as the R32 new refrigerant scroll compressor, R134a refrigerant compressor, R290 special compressor, and so on.

Although refrigerant replacement and the application of new environmentally friendly refrigerant compressors in the technology do not exist too tricky for the compressor manufacturers.

But in front of the market demand and trends, compression manufacturing enterprises for this technology must have a certain reserve.

The value of the compressor is reflected in the value of the enterprise for the attention and attention to market segments, but also the compressor market competition is a performance.

The heat pump and refrigerant are dedicated to only two of the more representative products.

And other market segments of the compressor specialization are also a trend, such as descending membrane spraying special screw compressor.

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