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Miracle HVAC valve manufacturer works closely with experts from Zhejiang University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Xi’an Jiaotong University, and other universities, often discussing technology and colliding ideas with them, and hires technical experts from famous domestic host companies as consultants. It has cultivated a group of strong production, technology, and quality elites for Miracle refrigeration.

Miracle HVAC valve supplier and manufacturer has formed HVAC solenoid valve series, HVAC ball valve series, HVAC sight glass series, HVAC expansion valve series, HVAC shut off valve series, and other products, and gradually developed into an integrated production enterprise.

HVAC Ball Valve

HVAC ball valve has a variety of styles to choose from, including conventional HVAC ball valve, HVAC ball valve with access port, electric ball valve, and non-fire connection HVAC ball valve.

The use of HVAC ball valves is very wide. HVAC Ball valves are more popularly understood as opening and closing parts, rotational movement of the ball valve shaft realizes the opening and closing of the valve. The HVAC ball valve is used to blocking or connect the medium in the pipeline to facilitate the maintenance of refrigeration equipment or replacement of parts.

For more details about the HVAC ball valve, please contact us now!

HVAC Check Valve

The HVAC check valve is mainly used for air conditioner heating and cooling machines that need to be used with four-way valves, and are generally installed on the outer unit of split air conditioners.

The main function of the HVAC check valve is to control the refrigerant to flow only along the liquid inlet, and the medium at the liquid outlet cannot flow back. The HVAC check valve is an automatic valve that opens and closes depending on the pressure of the refrigerant.

Miracle HVAC check valve includes a magnetic check valve, tetrafluoroethylene check valve, NRVH check valve, Y-type check valve and so on. Send your inquiry now!

HVAC Shut Off Valve

HVAC shut-off valve, as the name implies, is used to cut off the circulation of the refrigeration system. HVAC shut-off valve and HVAC ball valve belong to the same product category.

Miracle HVAC shut-off valve includes hand valve, globe shut-off valve, and so on. In addition, Miracle can support you with OEM services. For more information about HVAC shut-off valve services, please contact us now!

HVAC Expansion Valve

The HVAC expansion valve is installed between the liquid receiver and the evaporator, and its main function is to throttle and reduce pressure and regulate flow. The matching of the HVAC expansion valve and refrigeration system directly determines the refrigeration effect of the refrigeration system. Therefore, HVAC expansion valve is a very important accessory.

Miracle HVAC expansion valve includes thermostatic expansion valve, R410 thermostatic expansion valve, electric expansion valve, etc. Send your order of HVAC expansion valve for your next project now!

HVAC Solenoid Valve

The function of the HVAC solenoid valve, in simple terms, is to automatically cut off the circuit of the system when the compressor is stopped and protect the compressor of the refrigeration system. HVAC solenoid valve is a valve controlled by an electromagnet, referred to as an HVAC solenoid valve for short.

HVAC solenoid valve is widely used in automatic control systems and is a key component of control execution. Miracle HVAC solenoid valve includes EVR HVAC solenoid valve, Castel Type solenoid valve, unloading solenoid valve, etc. For more types of HVAC solenoid valves, please contact us directly now!

HVAC Reversing Valve

In areas where summer and winter are obvious, air conditioners are usually required to have two working modes: cooling and heating. While enjoying the convenience, the HVAC reversing valve plays a huge role.

In refrigeration equipment, the HVAC solenoid valve and HVAC reversing valve are matched to realize the mutual conversion between cooling and heating by changing the movement direction of the refrigerant gas in the system line.

Therefore, HVAC reversing valve is usually used for split air conditioners. Call to action now!

HVAC Hot Gas Bypass Valve

It is well known that the birth of a refrigeration equipment requires a combination of many refrigeration parts and HVAC valves. Miracle bypass valve is a compressor fitting, which is a HVAC valve that regulate compressor refrigeration capacity. Reasonable use of HVAC hot gas bypass valve can effectively reduce the energy consumption of refrigeration units and improve economic performance.

The main role of the Miracle bypass valve is to replace the unloading of the compressor cylinder. The adjustable HVAC hot gas bypass valve can automatically bypass the required exhaust gas to the low pressure side to maintain a low evaporation pressure. Contact us to pick the most suitable HVAC valve for your now!

HVAC Service Valve

HVAC service valve, as the name implies, is a valve used in refrigeration system maintenance. Miracle provides you with a full range of HVAC service valves.

HVAC service valve is mostly used for filling refrigerant in refrigeration equipment. Miracle can supply you with customized access valve service. Not only that, but also can provide you with HVAC service valve OEM service. Contact us now!

HVAC Rotalock Valve

HVAC rotalock valve is an HVAC valve installed on the pipeline of the refrigeration system to adjust the flow of the medium and open and close the flow of the medium. The HVAC rotalock valve is generally used in conjunction with the Liquid line receiver.

Miracle HVAC rotalock valve including Tecumseh type HVAC rotalock valve, flare connection HVAC rotalock valve, Maneurope type HVAC rotalock valve, copper connection steel HVAC rotalock valve, HVAC rotalock valve connection, etc. Send your inquiry now!

With superb production capacity and more than 20 years of HVAC valve production experience, Miracle HVAC valve factory guarantees timely delivery and higher cost performance to meet your bulk purchase needs.

Pioneering and enterprising, never satisfied is the persistent pursuit of Miracle HVAC valve developers.

Miracle HVAC valve manufacturer adheres to the development direction of high and new technology and adheres to the sustainable development path of scale efficiency and quality efficiency.

The company covers an area of 50,000 square meters and a professional technical team of more than 20 people. The annual production of HVAC valves is 15 million pieces.

The super production capacity is a side reflection of the best-selling products. Contact us now to get a high-quality HVAC valve!

Miracle HVAC valve manufacturer has always been in a leading position on the road of product research and development.

It has successively passed UL, CQC product certification, ISO9001 quality system certification, ISO14000 environmental system certification, etc., to provide a guarantee for the quality of the HVAC valve.

Miracle HVAC valve manufacturer has always been relying on the brand and quality as the guarantee, increasing investment in research and development, continuously learning advanced technology, and product quality close to the international advanced level.

Our products are sold to well-known domestic and foreign companies, and it is a leader in the refrigeration and air-conditioning valve industry.

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