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As a professional HVAC supplier, Miracle Refrigeration understands your needs of HVAC parts more, currently in the international community, HVAC wholesale and refrigeration wholesale competition is becoming more and more intense, and the channels for customers to purchase HVAC parts are becoming more and more diverse, I believe there are such problems in your side.

The new era creates new opportunities, the world people’s consumer demand for HVAC parts and for reliable HVAC suppliers is always there, only the traditional business model needs to be updated.

Contact us now and we can do more for you than anyone else, including digitally promoting HVAC&R products in your market!

HVAC Coil Supplier

If you want your HVAC product to sell more hot, product quality is only one part of it, most of the time it is necessary to understand more deeply the purchasing intention of yours, and then match a reasonable marketing model to promote your product. Miracle, as a reliable HVAC coil supplier, we have rich market experience, we can help you better analyze your market and provide the most suitable HVAC&R coil, send your question now!


HVAC Unit Supplier

HVAC unit is an important part of refrigeration system, covering every corner of HVAC&R. Miracle, as a HVAC unit supplier, has rich experience in HVAC unit production and manufacturing, and also has a huge shipment volume, so we can provide you wholesale HVAC units service,  including air-cooled units and water-cooled units, etc. Contact Miracle team to get your HVAC&R unit now!


HVAC Condenser Supplier

In general, an HVAC condenser is used with the unit, in some large refrigeration projects, the HVAC condenser will appear in the form of a cooling water tower, flat plate condenser, but no matter how it is presented,  they are having the same function. Miracle can provide you with an air-cooled condenser and water-cooled condenser, contact us now!


HVAC Evaporator Supplier

HVAC evaporator usually exists as a separate component in the refrigeration system, there is no big difference in the structure of HVAC evaporator and HVAC condenser, both are composed of copper tubes and fins, the main difference is that an HVAC evaporator is mainly installed indoors and HVAC condenser with HVAC unit is installed outdoors together. Contact us today!


HVAC Parts Supply

HVAC parts is a very big range, related to heat pump system, ventilation, air conditioning. The picture shown is PE air conditioning connection pipe. Of course, as a qualified HVAC parts supply, Miracle have the responsibility to support you with right air conditioning parts and central AC parts to realize one-stop service for HVAC parts supply. Contact Miracle today to receive the details of HVAC parts more efficiently!

HVAC Condensate Pump Supplier

A condensate pump is the most commonly used HVAC part for air conditioners, central air conditioners, commercial freezers, commercial refrigerators, display cabinets, and other places that the condensate pump is needed. As your best HVAC condensate pump supplier, Miracle can give you with a mini-split condensate pump, air conditioner condensate pump, hot water condensate pump, and so on. Contact us now!

HVAC Tool Supplier

HVAC tool is mainly sold with HVAC equipment. It is not easy to realize the traditional HVAC tool wholesale in large quantity, because the homogenization of traditional HVAC tools is already serious. The picture shows the new fireless connection HVAC tool of our factory, which can easily solve the problems you met during welding connection of HVAC pipeline. If you are in HVAC tool business, Miracle as a professional HVAC tool supplier, we highly recommend you to learn more about our fireless connection tool, contact us now!


HVAC Vacuum Pump Supplier

The HVAC vacuum pump has a wider range of applications than HVAC tool, Miracle as your preferred HVAC vacuum pump supplier, we can provide you AC vacuum pump, HVAC vacuum kit, 2 stage vacuum pump, mini vacuum pump, and so on. Miracle as a super production capacity HVAC vacuum pump supplier to meet your custom and bulk purchase needs, contact us now!


HVAC Flaring Tool Supplier

HVAC tools are varied and HVAC flaring tool plays an important role in the installation and maintenance of refrigeration products, so this requires higher requirements for the production precision of HVAC tools, while also constantly promoting the improvement of the manufacturing level of each country. As a major manufacturing country, China has a deeper understanding and experience of the production process of HVAC tools. Therefore, as an HVAC flaring tool supplier in China, we are more than capable of meeting your purchasing needs. Contact us now!


HVAC Gauge Supplier

The HVAC gauge is a weathervane for refrigerant charging, a must part for refrigeration system installation and maintenance. Therefore, the HVAC gauge with high accuracy, good sensitivity, durability, and anti-drop will be your first choice. Miracle is a new era HVAC gauge supplier, we understand your needs deeper. Send your inquiry now!


HVAC Valve Supplier

The picture shows the HVAC valve, HVAC valve is mainly used in refrigeration unit systems, which can effectively cut off the refrigeration system circuit when the refrigeration system is repaired or replaced with parts. As a one-stop HVAC valve supplier, we can also provide you with a wider range of HVAC valves, such as reversing valves, shut-off valves, refrigerant sight glass, EVR solenoid valves, etc. For more details, please contact us now!

HVAC Compressor Supplier

HVAC compressor is the heart of the refrigeration system, and after a long development of the refrigeration industry, the development of HVAC compressor is also more mature. Miracle as the top HVAC&R compressor manufacturer and supplier in China can support a wide range of HVAC compressors with broad applications. For example, we can supply HVAC rotary compressor, HVAC scroll compressor, HVAC screw compressor, etc. We can also supply you with compressors of international brands and Chinese brands at different levels. Contact us now!

This section shows the HVAC parts certifications because it is a collection page, so different product certifications are different.

As a reliable HVAC supplier, we can provide you with the certifications you requirements for your country, such as UL certification for products entering the US market, CE certification for entering the EU, etc.

Most of our products are certified, but if the HVAC equipment you purchase is a custom product, then we are also capable of providing you with the certifications you need.

All in all, as a qualified HVAC supplier, our HVAC&R equipment is inspected for quality and you can purchase with confidence!

HVAC Certification

HVAC supplier service includes ODM service, OEM service, shipping, payment methods, product customization, samples, and other services.

Not only those basic services, Miracle, as an ISO 9001 certified HVAC supplier, can also provide you with drawings, video tutorials, text instructions, and other services. This is very beneficial to your procurement and after-sales service.

All in all, Miracle can provide you with more HVAC product services!

HVAC Supplies Service

When it talks about the packaging way for HVAC products, we can supply you with all the packaging ways in your city.

It is positive to provide different packaging methods because consumers in different countries have different requirements for the wrapping method of the HVAC&R equipment.

For example, when HVAC products enter the Japanese market, we will check all the details for our customers to ensure their satisfaction.

For HVAC product supply, we have more experience, and of course, these experiences are gained from selling HVAC products to different countries. Therefore, Miracle is the right HVAC product supplier for you, send your order now!

The pictures show oil separator HVAC, liquid receiver, liquid line filter drier, refrigeration accumulator, receiver valve, etc. All pressure vessels are available in a wide range of sizes.

Miracle HVAC pressure vessels are available for air-cooled units, water-cooled units, commercial condenser units, outdoor ac units, etc. Not only that, but for some custom refrigeration units, we can also provide you with custom pressure vessel service. Contact us now!

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