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When it comes to HVAC adapter products, we will be your most dedicated friend. We use our HVAC adapter as an opportunity to make friends all over the world, and we will do our best to meet your HVAC Adapter needs to the fullest extent.

The small HVAC Adapter contains Miracle’s full sincerity, we pay attention to each product, never treat our customers differently because of the product. Miracle team focus on every small thing, from the moment we receive your HVAC adapter inquiry, we start to operate with care, we will operate every process until you are satisfied with the HVAC adapter and HVAC adapter fittings.

When you choose our HVAC adapters, you are putting your trust in us, and there is no reason why we should not do our best to take care of them. Contact us and Miracle will provide you with the best HVAC adapters.

HVAC Adapter Fittings

Two types of HVAC adapter Fittings are available, 1/4SAE or M14*1.5, suitable for R134a refrigerant. HVAC adapter fittings adopt a high-quality copper valve body, surface plating treatment, and adjustable refrigerant flow.

HVAC Adapter Fittings are more wear-resistant. The joints can be disassembled and replaced with new parts, instead of a complete set of replacements, which saves money and is environmentally friendly. Contact us to get your HVAC adapter fittings now!

MRC12A HVAC Adapter

The MRC12A HVAC adapter uses a 1/4SAE connector, which is suitable for R134a refrigerants, and the MRC12A HVAC adapter uses a high-quality C3771BD copper valve body.

Each HVAC Adapter Fittings factory has been strictly tested, the safety performance is more reliable, and has a longer service life. MRC12A HVAC adapter has excellent airtightness and is more durable.

R1234yf HVAC Adapter

The R1234yf HVAC adapter interface adopts M12x1.5 and is suitable for R1234yf refrigerants. It is made of real materials and has strong product applicability.

R1234yf HVAC Adapter red represents high pressure, blue represents low pressure. The valve body of the R1234yf HVAC adapter is sprayed to make the color more colorful and easier to identify.

The structure of the R1234yf HVAC adapter adopts a fine-tuning structure, which is exquisite in appearance, simple and fashionable, and is suitable for most models such as Land Rover, Porsche Jaguar, and Bentley.

HVAC Ball Valve Adapter

HVAC ball valve adapter connector has 1/4SAE 5/16SAE 3/8SAE 1/2ACME optional, HVAC ball valve adapter adopts pure copper thick connector, double sealing design, wear-resistant and durable, palm contact point, knurled design, anti-skid effect Great.

The HVAC ball valve adapter adopts a spherical structure. The HVAC ball valve adapter can be used only by connecting it to the fluorine pipe. The self-contained switch does not need to be connected to other pipeline accessories. Miracle is waiting for your inquiry now!

MRC115 HVAC Adapter

MRC115 HVAC adapter connector has 1/4SAE 5/16SAE 3/8SAE 1/2ACME to choose from, and the connector can be customized according to your requirements.

MRC115 HVAC Adapter hose adopts multi-layer weaving, adsorption-type glue spreading process, the woven layer does not burst. MRC115 HVAC adapter is suitable for refrigerant charging, recycling, and vacuuming. The applicable scope of the MRC115 HVAC adapter refrigerant is R22, R134a, R404A, R407C, R502, R410A, etc.

R12 to R134a HVAC Adapter

R12 to R134a HVAC adapter is more flexible and can easily cope with the conversion between multiple specifications of refrigerants, and is more practical.

The R12 to R134a HVAC adapter is made of pure copper, and the plastic protective cap protects the R12 to R134a HVAC adapter connector thread, which is convenient for storage after use. Contact Miracle now!

MRC340 HHVAC Adapter Fittings

Miracle MRC340 HVAC adapter fittings is a high-end universal bottle opener, can open most types of small cans of refrigerant. MRC340 HVAC adapter fittings adopt a new locking buckle design, which has a stronger locking ability.

MRC340 HVAC adapter fittings use the internal thread of the refrigerant bottle to connect the test method, which is fast and efficient. MRC340 HVAC adapter fittings can be purchased once and used for many years.

MRC338 HVAC Adapter Fittings

Miracle MRC338 HVAC adapter fittings adopt advanced mechanical structure design, which effectively prevents backflow, is explosion-proof, is made with precision, and is safer to use.

MRC338 HVAC adapter fittings are precision-forged with copper rods and made of precision valve cores, which have better sealing performance. MRC338 HVAC adapter fittings are available in a variety of models.

You are welcome to contact the Miracle HVAC adapter team at any time.


MRC-BMW HVAC adapter is an extended HVAC adapter dedicated to automotive air conditioners. MRC-BMW HVAC adapter connector size is 1/4SAE & M14x1.5, suitable for R134a refrigerant.

The extended HVAC adapter can be more convenient to connect the car air-conditioning pipeline when the car air-conditioning refrigerant is filled, ensuring the accuracy of the HVAC adapter in a narrow space. MRC-BMW HVAC adapter is mostly used in Volvo, Ford, BMW, and other car brands.

Miracle HVAC Adapter, Born for Safe Maintenance!

Miracle all types of HVAC adapters are adopted through strict quality inspection procedures. Self-inspection and mutual inspection systems are implemented during the production process. Every aspect of HVAC adapter production is carefully controlled to strictly control the outflow of defective products and ensure the reliability of the quality of the HVAC adapter.

Miracle HVAC adapter has done a lot of certification and research and development work while doing a good job in the production details of each product. Through unremitting efforts, it has passed ISO9001 certification and a large number of invention patents. And for many years, it has been the most popular HVAC adapter in the market.

The road ahead for Miracle HVAC adapter is still bumpy, and we believe that through unremitting efforts, no matter how difficult it is, it will eventually be overcome. Contact us and set sail with Miracle now!

A good HVAC adapter needs to be equipped with a good manifold gauge for perfect repair work. Miracle also provides the best refrigeration manifold gauges for you.

Refrigeration manifold gauges include single manifold gauge, digital manifold gauges, ac manifold gauge, manifold gauge set, etc. Check the relevant pages now to create greater value for your business.

HVAC Adapter and Manifold Gauge

The refrigerant hose with a four-layer system will have more durable quality and stronger sealing performance. Miracle refrigerant hose is worth having.

Miracle refrigerant hose includes refrigerant hoses with ball valves, refrigerant hoses for r410a, r134a, refrigerant hose set, and best low loss refrigerant hoses. Contact us now for more details.

HVAC Adapter and Refrigerant Hoses

Welcome to visit Miracle refrigerant hose factory at any time! We are looking for your cooperation in the near future!

Forging HVAC adapter products with true heart, creating HVAC adapter quality with love, and creating evergreen HVAC adapters with perfect quality!

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