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Miracle refrigeration can provide 220V-240V AC frequency conversion horizontal HVAC compressor and DC12/24/48/72/312V frequency conversion horizontal rotary compressor for you.

Miracle horizontal rotary compressor can be applied to the fresh-keeping warehouse, freezer warehouse, air conditioners, and car air conditioners, etc., and can meet the needs of R22, R32, R134A, R404A, R407C, R410A, and other refrigerants.

Miracle horizontal rotary compressor has perfect application scenarios and a vibrant innovation team is your strong backing when you are promoting the Miracle horizontal rotary compressor. View more!

R22 Horizontal Rotary Compressor

Miracle R22 horizontal rotary compressor’s other name is the chilled compressor. At present, the market share of R22 refrigerants in the global refrigeration market is still very large. Therefore, in response to the demand for R22 refrigeration, we launched this R22 horizontal rotary compressor.

This horizontal rotary compressor can be applied to common together with R404A refrigerant and can be used instead of scroll compressors. For more details, contact us now!

R32 Horizontal Rotary Compressor

R32 and R410a refrigerants are usually used for air-conditioning equipment, so R32 and R410a refrigerants can also be called air-conditioning refrigerants. R32 horizontal rotary compressor is a solution for this application.

R32 horizontal rotary compressor has a cooling capacity of 0.5HP~3HP, which is widely broadly available in RV air conditioners. Contact us today!

R134A Horizontal Rotary Compressor

R134A refrigerant is a typical automobile refrigerant, so Miracle R134A horizontal high-cost benefit rotary compressor is a special compressor used in vehicle air-conditioning.

Miracle R134A horizontal high-cost benefit rotary compressor is designed with various application modes such as direct current, alternating current, frequency conversion, etc., whether you are a truck air conditioner, a motorhome air conditioner, or a car air conditioner, the R134A horizontal rotary compressor all can easily handle it. View more now!

R404A Horizontal Rotary Compressor

R404A refrigerant is suitable for medium and low-temperature refrigeration equipment and is the mainstream environmentally friendly refrigerant. Miracle R404A horizontal rotary compressor belongs to the category of commercial compressors and can be used in display cabinets, commercial refrigerators, etc. The power supply voltage of the R404A horizontal rotary compressor can be applied to 115V, 220V, 240V, 380V. Contact Miracle today!

R407C Horizontal Rotary Compressor

Currently, HFC R407C is a popular product, it is the first choice to replace R22 refrigerant and R502 refrigerant because the characteristics of R22 refrigerant and R407C refrigerant are very close. Therefore, the R407C horizontal rotary compressor is similar to the R22 horizontal rotary compressor, which can be universal. Miracle horizontal rotary compressor is 100% made of pure copper motor, which has higher reliability. View more

R410A Horizontal Rotary Compressor

R410A refrigerant is a kind of refrigerant that is friendly to humanity. Miracle high-performance horizontal rotary compressor using R410A refrigerant will improve the performance of the HVAC&R equipment. Miracle R410A horizontal rotary compressor uses a voltage range of 220v~240v-50Hz and 115v-60Hz. For more details, contact us now!

In order to meet the individual needs of the market, based on technological innovation, and advocating the idea of nature protection, we focus on product research and development of horizontal rotary compressors, adhere to people-oriented, and vigorously introduce various professional talents.

After years of hard work, we have introduced horizontal rotary compressors such as DC12V, DC24V, DC48V, DC312V, etc., which are applied to RVs, various trucks, refrigerated vehicles, commercial refrigerators, and other fields.

Not only that, but Miracle horizontal rotary compressor can also be applied to R32, R290, R449A, 455A, 407H, and many other low-GWP environmentally friendly refrigerants. Contact us for more details!

Horizontal Rotary Compressor Work Shop

Miracle horizontal rotary compressor manufacturer covers an area of 96,000 square meters, has modern standard workshops, R&D centers, and advanced testing equipment of horizontal rotary compressor, and has obtained the national high-tech enterprise certification, and has passed IATF16949, ISO14001, CCC, CE, UL, ROHS, REACH, etc. Certification. Send your inquiry now!

Horizontal Rotary Compressor Certification

Miracle horizontal rotary compressor can be used for refrigeration and air conditioning, RVs, Hummers, construction machinery, buses, transportation refrigeration, display cabinets, commercial refrigerators, etc.

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