Hitachi Central Air Conditioning Installation
Hitachi Central Air Conditioning Installation

Hitachi Central Air Conditioning Installation

The Name of Real Estate Project: Financial Street Rongfu Lot XDG-2019-28

Financial Street – Rongfu is a high-quality residential project developed by Financial Street Holdings, a large state-owned enterprise.

Project Task: Hitachi home central air conditioning Installation

Hitachi Central Air Conditioning Project Aerial View

Project Content:

The construction scope of this project is 7 floors.

The project content is mainly responsible for the deepening of the air conditioning system design program, indoor and outdoor unit lifting, and (excluding the central air conditioning outdoor unit foundation, indoor and outdoor unit power) the whole system installation and commissioning works.

Refrigerant pipe installation, pressure testing and insulation, condensate pipe installation, water testing, and insulation.

138 household types totaling 208 households, with a total of 1,248 units of the indoor unit and 8,986 sets of Miracle copper-steel rings. 119 household types totaling 54 households, with a total of 216 units of indoor units, a total of 1464 indoor units, and 262 outdoor units.

The main manual propress tool, electrical tool, and copper-steel rings we are using on the Hitachi VRF system are in the following:

All the related central air conditioning parts used on this Hitachi VRF system installation, are all selected and tested by many real projects, they are all high quality and with reasonable cost.

If you need any of them, please kindly check the details by clicking the pic at the end of this page.

The total project budget is 538,600RMB, and 25 people are involved in the project(Most of them are women workers).

The project start date is April 5, 2021, and the completion date is August 15, 2021. The whole project was completed well, quickly, and economically.

You have seen that Miracle no welding connection technology has so many advantages above.

So If you are a team of central air conditioning installers, a VRF manufacturer, an accessories wholesaler, an online shop owner, an e-commerce business owner, and would like to learn more about our products and technology, or even training.

You can contact us for a tailor-made solution that will make your work easier and more enjoyable, and allow you to expand and improve your business.

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