GREE Landa Compressor Supplier
GREE Landa Compressor Supplier

GREE Landa Compressor Supplier in China.

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Your Trusted GREE Landa Compressor Supplier

GREE Landa Compressor is a Chinese brand, established in 1985, Landa is a wholly-owned subsidiary of GREE. Landa compressor is used in many GREE air conditioners.

Miracle is a provider of fireless connection solutions in China and Miracle ring is used for brazing-free installation of Gree air conditioners.

We work closely with Gree on projects in China, so we have the right access to GREE Landa compressors.

GREE AC Compressor

The GREE AC compressor uses the more environmentally friendly refrigerant R290, R32. It has less vibration and is more reliable than R22 and R410a refrigerant compressors. It has a service life of up to 10 years and a 5%-10% increase in cooling capacity.

GREE Commercial Air Conditioning Compressor

GREE commercial air conditioning compressor adopts R410a refrigerant with high-temperature protection device. The pump body and motor are hollowed out to provide better heat dissipation and ensure long and reliable operation. It has passed more than 200,000 times of the 4.3Mpa oil pulse tests.

GREE Heat Pump Compressor

The GREE heat pump compressor has a maximum discharge temperature of 65°C, design life of 10 years, low vibration and low noise, etc. It can be operated in an ultra-low temperature environment. For more details, contact us now to get more.

GREE Industrial Refrigeration Compressor

GREE industrial refrigeration compressors are available for different industrial voltages, such as 220V/380V, etc. GREE industrial refrigeration compressors also feature dual-frequency, one compressor can meet both 50Hz and 60Hz voltage requirements.

GREE Mini Compressor

The GREE mini compressor has a height of 88.5mm and weighs 0.89KG. it uses R134a refrigerant with a COP value of 2.72. the GREE mini compressor can withstand high temperatures and can be used in residential refrigeration, commercial refrigeration, medical cooling systems, etc.

Miracle has the right channel to purchase a GREE compressor, therefore, we guarantee we can 100% genuine GREE compressor.

In addition, we also support third-party organizations to inspect the goods to protect your interests.

GREE Landa Compressor Authenticity Guarantee

If you are a Gree air conditioner dealer or are involved in refrigeration and air conditioning installation and repair, Miracle recommends you use our Braze-free connection tool, which can greatly improve your efficiency and increase your profitability. Contact us now.

No Welding Connection

You can view the GREE rotary compressor catalog here.

GREE Landa Compressor PDF

If you need to find a replacement style of GREE compressor, you can view more brands of rotary compressors, such as LG, Panasonic, GMCC, and Highly.

Besides, you can also check out the original Chinese brand air conditioner rotary compressor here. Or contact us directly now.

China Original Rotary Compressor

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