GMCC Rotary Compressor Supplier In China
GMCC Compressor Supplier

GMCC Compressor Supplier in China.

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Your Trusted GMCC Compressor Supplier

Are you looking for a trustworthy and authorized GMCC rotary compressor supplier in China? As a leading GMCC Toshiba rotary air conditioner distributor in China, we supply a wide range of compressor and spare accessories kits.

The biggest advantage is our ability to source your bulk quantity of original GMCC compressors at an affordable cost. At the same time, providing you after-sales full tech support. Our huge range of collections covers 1-5 horsepower, 3210 BTU to 44220 BTU, and 110V to 240V.

We can offer various models and types based on your requirements for any residential or commercial air conditioning use. Send us your inquiry now.

GMCC 5T Twin Cylinder DC Rotary Compressor

This is a GMCC DC rotary compressor with a 5T Twin Cylinder with a large cooling capacity, especially for the North American market. It is one of the customers’ top choices for low vibration and noise. This GMCC twin compressor has a wider operating range with a least 9rps operation. We usually prefer this significant energy-saving rotary compressor for multi-refrigerant applications. Send us your project details now.

GMCC Coupling Rotary Compressor with Variable Displacement

This ideal GMCC coupling rotary compressor can achieve a large capacity while avoiding high-frequency noise problems. It has variable displacement & DC Inverter & Gas Injection Technologies. It also has 2 times capacity and half-speed operation mode. We can meet any quantities of this high-performance, fast cooling, and heating GMCC compressor. Place your order today.

GMCC R22 Fix-Speed Rotary Compressor

We have many models with various power supply specifications for this GMCC R22 Fix-Speed Rotary compressor. So you can use this GMCC compressor for different public level needs. It has an 18-slot motor with a 6-pole winding that creates the ultimate ultra-quiet technology. Contact us right now to learn more about it.

GMCC R22 High Efficiency Fix-Speed Rotary Compressor

This is also a GMCC R22 high efficiency fix-speed rotary compressor with 50HZ-220/240V, 18-slot motor, and 6-pole winding. It can create a more reasonable layout space for end products. Besides, it’s also very low noise and low vibration GMCC compressor suitable for household appliances and a quiet home environment. Place your order today.

GMCC R410A T3 Rotary Compressor

The Coefficient of Performance of this R410A GMCC T3 rotary compressor is more than 680, which refers to its higher efficiency. It has ultra-high frequency operation, stable oiling at low-frequency 10HZ, fully lubricated mechanical parts, and fast cooling at 120HZ. We can supply a customized GMCC R410A T3 compressor to meet your requirements. You can even customize it for extremely high-temperature environments. Contact us today.

GMCC T3 Rotary Compressor

This GMCC compressor comes with a brand new motor to ensure a safe operation in any harsh environment with the highest energy efficiency. It has stable performance and wider application ambient temperature. Many series and model covers a wide range of cooling capacity from 12130 to 37669 and model displacement of 19.9 to 61.0. Send us your order now.

GMCC Vapor Injection Inverter Rotary Compressor

GMCC vapor injection inverter compressor has a better COP than the compressor with a conventional cycle. This GMCC compressor covers many series of entire 1 to 5 HP. You can use it in various electrical applications such as air conditioners, water heaters, clothes dryers, etc. We can meet your wholesale needs for this award-winning GMCC rotary compressor. Send your order now.

GMCC Variable Displacement Inverter Air Conditioner Compressor

It is suitable as a low-frequency inverter compressor if there is a low energy efficiency problem. This GMCC compressor is a widely used, award-winning compressor. In addition, its frequency conversion and variable capacity capabilities improve the adjustment range of compressor capacity. Contact us to get this double cylinder and energy-saving GMCC rotary compressor at an affordable price.

GMCC CO₂ Heat Pump Water Heater Rotary Compressor

This CO2 DC Inverter GMCC rotary compressor can be used in household and commercial applications. We provide a large range of cooling capacity to meet your any need. GMCC Heat Pump Dryer Rotary Compressor has voltage and frequency range of 115V, 220V,230V,240V,380V,440-460V;50HZ&60HZ. Send your order today.

As a professional GMCC Rotary compressor manufacturer in China, We are a certified distributor of the GMCC Rotary compressor brand.

So we provide the original GMCC media compressor, Toshiba GMCC compressor, and others. As your trusted GMCC rotary compressor supplier, we hire a third-party testing authority to ensure quality. So you don’t have to worry at all.

GMCC Rotary Compressor Authenticity Guarantee

If you have an HVAC business or need to install or repair your GMCC rotary compressor, you must need air conditioning installation tools.

It can easily connect pipes without brazing as a safe and energy-saving connection. Browse our full scale no soldering connection products to learn more about it. You can find more on Lokring Tools & Fittings, Copper Y Joint, and Insulated Copper Pipe.

No Welding Connection

You can view the GMCC rotary compressor catalog here.

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If you have a need for other brands of air conditioner rotary compressors, we can also provide you with such as LG, GREE, GMCC, Panasonic, and Highly.

In addition, we can also provide you with Chinese brand rotary compressors, which can fully meet your GMCC rotary compressor replacement needs.

China Original Rotary Compressor

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